Title: Let de Journey Begin
Featuring: Cormick O Conner
Date: 11/24/2015
Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden - Vancouver, British Columbia
Show: Wrestleshow #49

We all have to start somewhere. Right?

Taking the first steps on a new journey can be nerve racking. It can make you anxious. It can be also be very exhilarating as well. It all depends on how you approach the journey ahead. If you decide to enter upon it trying to look around every corner just so you can be aware of what's to come...that's one can walk right into the journey, grab it by the horns, and jerk and manhandle it to form the journey to fit your desires.

Meet a man who's not afraid to grab a bull by its Cormick O'Conner.


"Dis dwellin' is a tad bit different than me beautiful home lands of Ireland."

O'Conner speaks to himself as he strides through a walking trail that is surrounded by breath taking florae, shrubberies, flowers, and much astonishing landscaping.


"Yeah, it's not too bad of a place dis VanDusen Botanical Garden. Never thought Oi'd see that light of day in Canada. Oi was just fine havin' de deep waters of de Atlantic keepin' us apart. But yer know what, it never hurts ter voyage out."

Spending your whole life in your home country can make you feel really devoted and proud to be where you're from. It can also be a burden. The world is full of wonder. Around every corner can be a gate to a whole new world you never thought you could imagine.


"Ah, de UTA. Dis is quite a journey Oi am lookin' forward ter. Indeed it is."

Cormick picks off a flower stem off of a bush next to him that is nearly as tall as the Irishman. He smells and inhales. Deep breath. He exhales and his mouth bends into a smile.


"Oi'm glad Oi made de choice ter make a change. It wasn't easy leavin' me family and lads behind. But yer know what, sometimes yer need ter do what's right instead of what yer know and are accustom ter. Oi've done me damnest ter rid me country of as much scum as can be. Dare's no place for that nor do Oi have de time or patience for it. That's de thin' that pisses yer off de most though. No matter what yer do, no matter how much yer try, de scum will always come back in some shape or form."

Cormick tosses the flower back into the bush as it floats in the wind and gravity takes over from there. He paces forward down the path.


"It comes from all over de world. Yer can put up your gates, yer can try ter protect from de inside. In de end, yer must take de battle outside de walls. Dare's evil that will come from all angles of physics. It finds its way one way or another. Dare's few in dis world who want ter stand up and make a stance. Oi don't blame de majority though. De filth and sickness in dis world is frightenin' and de worst thin' is, dare's more evil than good in dis world Oi'm afraid."

His fists tighten at the sides of his waist. Too many people in today's world are engulfed by hatred and greed. They fail to see that their actions cause more harm than it does achievement for them. Selfishness at its finest. It's everywhere. Racism. Deception. Bullying. Thieving. Those are only four examples. Hundreds of more could follow.


"Dis journey Oi'm about ter take upon de UTA. It's for de best. De choices yer make can define your future. Me future has a chance ter be great. Yes. Oi'm a purebred Irishman. Yes, Oi love gold. Yes, Oi like me pint. But dare are some No's. No, Oi don't have time for dickheads. No, Oi will not tolerate stupidity. No, Oi will not pretend Oi like yer if yer are scum. Oi will call yer out for that, and that's a fact."

Cormick continues down the path just as he comes to a halt in front of a wooden sign. It reads 'Maze' as we see the opening of twelve foot high solid green bushes with four distinct path ways to enter through the labyrinth.

Cormick snickers and nods his head.


"So many paths one can take in dis short lifetime of ours. Very few elect de right path, while so many take another. Oi for one, don't have time for piles of crap in de way of me path. Me journey in de UTA starts at Wrestleshow #49. Let it be acknowledged that dare's a new Irish Son in town. Somebody ter put asswads back in their rightful place."

O'Conner grins and winks.


"Quinlan me dear boy. Yer appear like a good man. But every good man can take a step down de mistaken path. Unfortunate for me friend, de pathway yer have taken has me in it headin' straight for yer. De best of luck ter yer, and just maybe, MAYBE yer'll get some of de Luck of de Irish. Let me journey begin."

Cormick O'Conner starts walking straight towards the center of the four paths, observing each one, reckoning which one to take heading into his UTA journey. Which one will he take?


"Ah, found ya."

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