Title: Purely Fantasy
Featuring: Perfection
Date: 11/25/15
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Show: Victory XLI


We are inside of one of Beverly Hills finest steakhouses, Urasawa. Perfection is alone with the cameraman sitting directly across from him where a date should be. Seemingly everyone in the restaurant is not noticing the camera or James Witherhold who sits there in a black Armani suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. He adjusts his tie more square, looking down at it it as he begins to talk at the camera.

“The doubt in the locker room is humorous, Ungratefuls. The one’s who can’t chew gum and walk at the same time going ‘all in’ on Will Haynes. The ones who don’t even deserve to be lacing their boots all taking their worthless two cents and adding them in as though what they hope will happen...can happen.”

Reaching towards the table Perfection grabs the napkin in front of him that sits on a plate and places it over his lap.

“What a world we live in when idiots like THEM...who are the same roster as ‘Yours Truly’, can’t see the inevitable. They reject the facts...the PROOF that I am the greatest damn thing to come into professional wrestling since that pill popping hack known as Hornet!”

A female server comes by with a drink on the tray. Whiskey on on the rocks for the UTA Champion, belt still missing of course. She places the drink in front of him.

“They refuse to recognize my recent past future undeniable accomplishments! Hell, we can all live in a world of make believe; we can all pretend that I am nothing more than another person on the UTA payroll, that I'm no better than Will Haynes. We can also believe this world is flat, the earth revolves around the sun, and that those predicting my downfall are correct.”

He picks up the drink only to set it down. James adjusts his suit jacket so the napkin falls on the inside of his lap.

“That’s the world you want to believe in, Ungratefuls? A world perspective that is justified by hope? The same kind of hope that the UTA management holds on to? The same line of stupidity that has been proven wrong time and time again by me! That line of thinking that paints ME as the underdog?!”

He begins to shake his head, his hand reaching over to the glass of whiskey and taking a sip from it before setting it back down again.

“The number one contender to the biggest title on the face of our planet. The number two guy on paper...number one wrestler in reality...placed as a loser because...THEY don’t like me? Boy, does hatred cause poor decision making. I was actually in shock when I heard the things leaking from the locker room about my next bout, Ungratefuls.”

Perfections mouth opens a bit as he shakes his head in disbelief.

“I didn’t expect any different though, even as shocking as it is. I have always been painted as the underdog for some bewildering reason. I've always been seen as some stepping stone to a wrestler that wants that big name status, that wants to climb even higher in the UTA. Everyone seemingly wants to wrestle me as a platform to justify their existence here!”

He snuffs as his hands come up and tap the back of both his shoulder blades.

“If ONLY they can put my two shoulders on the canvass will their career have even the slightest possibility of being meaningful! Even Yoshii had to use ME as a platform to become relevant again...because let’s just be frank...there were going to be more eyes on ME than any other superstar that was booked for International Affairs, so, why not ruin my celebration!”

Leaning his body against the table he his points both fingers towards the camera.

“That’s my world, Ungratefuls! It’s not filled with hope, with desire, or even praying that what I want to happen comes to fruition. I MAKE it happen, I didn’t sit around and wish I became the number one contender, I went out and TOOK it! I didn't sit around and wait for Wingate to put the belt around my waist, I went out there and beat two different men in order to be crowned the GREATEST UTA Champion to ever exist!”

One of his hands that was pointing joins his other hand to press against his chest.

“My world is one of PROMISE! It’s one where I do what I say and I say what I mean. It’s a place where the best step up to challenge ME! Think about that, Ungratefuls. The wrestlers that are hailed as some of the best can’t even look at themselves in the same light unless they conquer me!”

Perfection begins to laugh audibly.

“And they rarely’s unless I make some mistake or I depend on others that their hope actually pays off. That’s a sad state of affairs when it’s not their talent that gets the job done but a miscalculation by ME! That’s how much damn better I am than the rest, Ungratefuls! That’s why I AM the number one contender and the RIGHTFUL UTA Champion!”

One hand stays glues to his chest as the other raises a single finger and wags it back and forth.

“I don’t hold out on hope, I don’t sit around and say I am the best only IF I can get the win! There are no ‘ifs’. There is no situation in which I allow myself to believe I am second to ANYONE...mainly because I’m NOT! Will Haynes, he holds on to hope. He hopes the person he beats is at their worst point...then he comes in, only after a man has been broken mentally...and only THEN takes a win!”

Looking away from the table his hands come up, both palms facing the camera and giving a push back look. His hands then clap lightly for a few seconds before they go back to the table. James looks over at the camera again with a smug gaze.

“Sure, Will...I gave you my golf clap of a congratulations to your career thus far. Like I said, you did some things I wanted to do, you did things I would have never imagined you to do. There is some part of me that can recognize when a man has accomplished...something. It may not be something BIG...or something even as somewhat close to my level of accomplishments...but at LEAST it’s something!”

Perfection eyes look away briefly before coming back in contact with the camera lense.

“Yet, a man of reason...has to question those accomplishments, Will. As great as they are...or even seem to be...I’m not the Ungratefuls...I take NOTHING for face value! Let’s be real honest got those big achievements done because when you accomplished them...there were TONS of variables.”

His fingertips begin to tap off the table before he raises his hand to point at the camera again.

“Spectre? AFTER La Flama Blanca beat him to a pulp you came in and sent him packing- his foot was already halfway out the door! He beat himself more than you beat still got the win though, Will. And you’ll hang your hat on that...even I will, everyone will!”

Grabbing the glass of whiskey again he takes another drink. He holds the whiskey glass out towards the camera instead of his finger.

“Oh you climbed so high after that Haynes, high enough that that you secured a win over Jackson. The man lost the UTA World Title and was at the lowest point of his career...only then did you come in like the vulture you are and picked the remains of that carcass. Granted, Sean is no slouch. Even at a point when he can’t muster up the want to get out of bed he isn't but you did it. You beat Sean.”

Perfection begins to laugh a little under his breath.

“That Legacy Belt reign? Lasted only a matter of weeks before the belt you DIDN’T earn was snatched right from your fingers by my former friend La Flama Blanca...the same man who paved the way for your win over The Spectre! Trust me...if I didn’t let Kush pull me over that top would have been the Wildfire Champion.”

A smirk crosses his smile.

“Then a few weeks later...just like the Legacy would have lost it!”

Witherhold’s hands cross planes and then spread apart, giving a ‘no good’ signal before he rolls his eyes to stare at the camera.

“And that’s it. That’s all that I can remember other than you going the distance with Mikey Unlikely...only to NOT get him to say ‘I Quit’! The one job you were meant to probably ran up to Coleslaw...looked him dead in the eyes and said ‘I got him! I’ve got Mikey and in front of thousands I am going to make that bastard say I quit! I’m going to make him pay!’”

James shrugs.

“In all honesty, Will, you’re a goddamn fool! After everything that I just mentioned...everything you didn’t jump on a World Title opportunity, did you? You didn’t look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I’m a former Legacy champion...I beat the UTA Hall of Famer Spectre...I even beat Sean Jackson. I should go for the UTA Championship!’”

One hand comes up with the palm showing towards the camera and begins to wave left to right.

“No, instead you allowed people like Scott Stevens, Quinlan, and Zhalia Fears try for their shot against ME! You wanted Mikey so wanted to prove yourself to HIM more than you wanted to get your ONE shot! It’s only NOW that you face the number one contender and true UTA Champion do you want a taste of greatness!”

The server that served Perfection the drink finally returns with a Ribeye steak cooked to medium-rare. Witherhold nods and says two words we’d never think to hear from him…

“Thank you.”

The server smile and walks away as Perfection picks up his silverware. Steak knife in one hand, fork in the other. His elbows lay on the table as he leans forward, his silverware pointed towards us.

“Well, it’s going to be a very sour taste in your mouth, let me tell you that, Will. People like you, the ones who just show up and demand their time, demand their chance without EARNING it...or even not caring about it until it suits them...they fade out. People like me, Will? Who always want the belt...who always want the win...who doesn’t let others get in the way of their goals...THEY STRIVE!”

He takes his fork and plants it into the meat, his knife beginning to cut.

“I could have ran up that ramp at International Affairs, Will. I could have beat Yoshii back into retirement...again. I could have went up to Yoshii and cracked his skull open in Tokyo. You know where that would have taken me, Will? In matches with Yoshii…making Wingate millions because he gets another Yoshii and Perfection match. However, I have no time for that Jap waste...that insignificant shit!”

The fork points towards the camera, the piece of meat dangling at the end of the spokes.

“I have the UTA World Championship in my sights, so Yoshii is nothing more than a person to push to the side until I get what is MINE! You however, you allow people like Unlikely to stand in your way. You aren’t focused on what the bigger goal don’t really want the big prize...and if you did you would have made the push months ago!”

He pulls to the fork to his mouth and takes a bite following it up with a little bit of whiskey. Swallowing he smirks at the camera. 

“You’re a victim of it’s a not enough now and not only’re about three months too late, Will. I’m the number contender, I’M the best! Maybe if I would have rejected my contract and then you grew some balls by taking Greer out of the game you would be in the position I’m in. But you’re not…and you won’t be as long as I’m a part of this company, Thrill.”

Perfection sets his silverware down.

“I know you want that UTA Championship, I’m sure you probably have wet dreams about it.”

His hands fold on the table in front of him as he sits back smiling.

“But that’s all it is, Will...pure fantasy. A fantasy of holding the belt and being great enough to beat 'Perfection'.”

Taking his hands off the table, he wipes them on the napkin that's on his lap before rubbing the lapels on his suit jacket.

“Yet for me, that UTA World Championship and winning against you is reality...beating exactly what you do nightly, Will...purely fantasy.”


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