Title: Unrequited Respect
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 20/11/15
Location: Plane Enroute To The USA
Show: Victory XLI

The camera fades in after a toilet flush sounds. The camera starts filming after the ameraman comes out of the bathroom, it tracks close to the ground in what looks like a business class part of the plane. Small silent mutters can be heard as the camera reaches its destination. Lew is sat staring out of the window sitting uncomfortably.

CameraMan: Hey, you alright?

Lew turns, nods and smiles.

Lew: Yeah, man.

Lew shuffles and grabs his crotch gently.

L: Landing on that rope from International Affair did a number to my junk.

The cameraman chuckles in an understanding tone.

L: For a moment, when the ladder got pushed over, everything just went in slow motion and it was at that moment it clicked in my head...I knew something bad was going to happen and boom. Right on the grundle.

They both laugh lightly as it fades to silence again.

CM: Hey, sorry about the match anyway.

L: Ah, it's alright. It must've been strange filming me saying some words of determination and inspiration only to see it end like it did.

CM: You gave it your all man, it's all good.

L: To be honest with you, it's not. It felt like it was going to be the one. Back in Japan. Almost felt like a second home. Erm, linking it to my karate of course, it uh...felt like all that history was flowing through me.

CM: Can't imagine.

L: Mmm. To think that someone learned karate there...mastered it and got sent on a quest to spread it's teachings...for a lad in England to pick it up and nearly crack it.

CM: I don't understand?

L: Oh, of course. You don't know. I never reached black belt.

CM: Oh?

L: Yeah. People assume that I'm some sort of master. They mock the moves names when I mention them or even perform them. Nah. I am however one belt away from it.

CM: Why didn't you finish to get it?

L: Well, it was when I was younger. Much younger. Mother thought it would be a good idea to educate me in the martial arts. So she got me into Wado Ryu. I got to the belt that was one before black before they...changed it up a little because I was in the age group. They added an extra belt which was a black stripe rather than a black belt, which is ridiculous.

Lew flutters a hand.

L: But I digress. When I was old enough I didn't need to do that belt. Anyone who was sixteen or over could just go straight to black from the point I was at. Worth the wait I'd say. Then I just lost touch, I ended up doing other things that tore me from it, I just stopped going to lessons. My brother went and joined EWA, the last company I worked for, and so I followed him instead.

CM: Oh, interesting. Never knew that.

L: Indeed, not many people do.

Lew hums for a short while.

L: Maybe...maybe that's why I'm not progressing as much as I'd like? I wanted to bring martial arts to a sports entertainment company. I came here acting like I was some sort of disciple, throwing around a bunch of kicks and punches like I knew what I was doing. Well, I do know what I'm doing it's just...maybe I really don't? Maybe I'm just doing the motions without the emotions. Without the meaning.

CM: I wouldn't look at it that way. You clearly know how to do karate as you've won your fair share of matches, right? And you've changed nothing to your technique have you? Just your attitude.

L: Ah, I guess so.

CM: When recording you and filming the event I had noticed that your heart in winning a loss. You look determined and strong on the outside, your words are fierce yet with it's soft "face" tone. But what you do and say is...half hearted. You want to win, right? Don't say it. Feel it. Your break will come around again.

Lew nods and looks up.

L: I've had a huge loss streak...the biggest loss record in the company so far. Yeah, I'll be that wrestler who's known for having so many losses or winning the UTA World Championship and having it ripped away. But you're right. Maybe I'm not catching my break because I'm not actually wanting it. I need it. Maybe it'll be a repeat of the start of this year where I just came back stronger than ever when the new year starts...maybe that's it. Or...alternatively...

Lew turns to the cameraman and smiles.

L: I can tell myself I really want it. I must have a victory. Many victories.

CM: That's the spirit! So...what's the plan for you when you get back?

L: Well, it's no secret. I'm due my chance to claim what could-

CM: -should!

L: Should've been mine, against Amy Harrison.

CM: What are your thoughts on her?

L: Amy...she intrigues me. Anyone worthy enough of a title deserves respect and lots of it. Although, I do have to say, despite her actions after the match disgustingly taking the title to Marie's face...I do admire her unseen strength and champion potential. She's Prodigy Champion now but who's to say she won't climb to the top in no time? It's...odd.

CM: What is?

L: Just how the gerenal rule is. Like La Flama Blanca, top notch wrestler but douchebag personality. World Champion. Disrespectful lass with no interest for Hall of Famers or friendships, past or present. Prodigy Champion. There needs to be a rule breaker and it's going to be me at up coming Victory.

CM: And the others? Ron Hall and Marie Van Claudio?

L: I hope my chance here that the highers have given me sheds some light on the situation. Marie had a chance at Blanca's title after my shot. It's just a line that we're in and I'm at the front. No doubt I'll cheer Claudio and Hall on from the sidelines when it's their turn.

CM: Right there, you sound like you're not going to win.

L: Ha! Don't worry, I've prepared a victory speech. No doubt, that I'll be seeing Ron Hall and Marie Van Claudio even more when they have a go for my title. Both or loss...I'll definitely be spending a lot more time with them than I will with my other worries. This is my challenge now...all my other impasses will have to wait.

Lew and the cameraman share a quick laugh before a stewardess waltzes over.

Stewardess: Sorry to interupt, gentlemen. But please, no filming on the plane please. Thank you. We'll be landing shortly.

L: Alright, sorry. Thanks.

The camera man picks up the camera and looks into it. The view of the crew's gross nostrils covers the frame.

CM: I didn't even hit record when I came out of the bathroom...

The camera turns and faces the floor.

L: It's recording the whole conversation?

CM: Yeah.

L: Ah...well, make sure in cut out the first bit about me not having a black belt. With that news going around no one will take me seriously.

CM: No worries, man. But hey, don't let a belt's colour define your ability and skill as a martial artist. You've adapted your style for wrestling entertainment. You should be happy with what you've got going on. When you win the UTA Prodigy Championship from Amy...people will take you seriously.

L: Thanks man-

The camera cuts to black.

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