Title: Where's My Celebration?
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: November 26th, 2015
Location: Montreal
Show: Victory XLI

Since arriving in UTA, Amy Harrison has made no friends.She isn’t here to make friends, she’s here to win, and she proved that at International Affair. Despite being put in a ladder match against three other competitors and despite falling off a ladder and nearly getting injured, she was able to get the title unhooked and be proclaimed the new Prodigy Champion. And to put an exclamation point on it, she took out Marie Van Claudio after the match. Amy has finally arrived and she’s in it for herself.


The scenes with a closeup shot of the Prodigy Championship over Amy's shoulder.


Harrison: Hey! HEY! My eyes are up here!


The camera pans up to Amy, with a massive grin on her face.


Harrison: It does look good on me, doesn't it?


Amy smirks as she takes a look at her newly won title.


Harrison: Alright, be honest, how many of you out there actually thought that I was going to leave International Affair with the title, huh?


Amy keeps on looking at her title before bouncing it.


Harrison: If you just put your hand up or said "Oh, I thought that", then STOP LYING!


She puts her title on the side.


Harrison: I could hear all of you talk, and I heard what all of you were saying about the show. I didn't hear one person think that I was going to win. All of you thought that Lew Smith was going to leave champion, or even Ron Hall.


Amy shakes her head


Harrison: I doubt anyone thought that Marie was going to win that title, when was the last time she won anything? I bet she couldn't even catch a cold, if she wanted to.


Amy just keeps shaking her head.


Harrison: Listen, it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, you all witnessed the beginning of something big in the UTA, the beginning of my time to shine here, and the beginning of my time as champion.


Amy shows off her newly won title belt again.


Harrison: Before we get to business, there is something that I have to address regarding that title match.


She goes to grab a chair and sits down in it.


Harrison: You see, there was this one moment in the match that everyone was talking about, and no, it wasn’t me winning the title, because no one wants to mention anything good happen to me, oh no.


She shakes her head “no”


Harrison: What they were all talking about was my spill off of a ladder and landing on the top rope and out of the ring.


Amy shoves the bruise that she managed to get from the match.


Harrison: Before you all ask, yes it did hurt, what do you expect? I fell 15 feet on the ropes and lightly padded concrete. There’s nothing soft about that. Luckily I only got a slight twitch in my back afterwards, that’s all. I am more than just looks, you know, I can take a beating, if need be.


She covers it up.


Harrison: And I did kind of prove that, I did leave as champion after all. Oh, did I mention that yet?


She lets out a giggle at the statement that was made.


Harrison: Alright, so let’s just get something sorted out. There’s been something that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest. And no, it’s not this shirt, so get that thought out of your head.


Amy grabs her title that was sitting and puts it on her lap.


Harrison: So, UTA finally decide to give me a proper chance to prove myself on a big stage, by giving me a title match at International Affair, which is all well and good, but then they had to make it a 4-way ladder match?


Amy starts tapping on the title.


Harrison: That’s not exactly the fairest thing to do to someone like me, but I accepted it and soldiered on, and STILL proved what I’m made of.


She still keeps on tapping.


Harrison: That’s all well and good, but after going through a LADDER match, with three other people in that match, and taking a couple nasty spills, including one that could have BROKEN MY BACK, how come they think that I would be capable of competing in a match straight after that?


She leans forward.


Harrison: No, wait, I got one even better. What makes them think that they can put me in a match, with the title on the line, right after that match?


Amy stands up from the chair and throws it while picking up her title.


Harrison: Does management in UTA just want to see me suffer? Does the people running this place have a vendetta on me for some reason? Are people just jealous because I’m a lot better than what they thought I was?


Amy takes on more look at the title before going back speaking.


Harrison: Let’s face it, no one wants to admit it, but somebody doesn’t want to see someone like me with a title belt, and that is bull………..


Amy stops herself just in the nick of time.


Harrison: You can tell that I’m just a little bit ticked off about this, because this is unfair treatment of someone of my caliber. I should be treated better than this, dammit!


Amy stomps her feet, but stops because that’s childish for her to do.


Harrison: Whatever, I’ve proved them wrong once before, and I’ll have no problem doing it again.


Amy tries to compose herself as she walks out of the shot.

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