Title: Prodigy: Noun
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 24/11/15
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XLI

Lew's hotel door knocks, Lew raises from his seat and answers it.

Lew: Nice for you to finally join me again.

Lew smiles at Jordan as he walks on through the door.

Jordan: Yeah, yeah. I know. Sorry about the delay. Hayley said she'd be on her way as soon as her passport comes through.

L: She told me. It's nice to have you back. I can finally get my head back into the game with outside opinion.

J: Good, as that's what this discussion is about. Starting now.

Jordan grabs a bottle of water from the fridge and starts to sip it.

L: Alright, go for it.

J: What happened at International Affair, we can understand. You didn't have your usual morale support the days building up to the match, seeings as myself and Hayley weren't there. But, nevertheless, it was sloppy.

L: Couldn't be more true. Although in person it felt like a good few accomplished shots and chances were made, they could have been executed better.

J: Indeed they could have. Otherwise we'd be having champagne rather than a talk down speech.

Lew nods and falls back into a chair and gestures Jordan to sit.

J: Now that I'm here and your chance has occured to fight back for the title, we have another shot at this. We can now assess the situation better. I know it has been some time since International Affair already but we need to get you regulated again.

L: Right.

J: For example, you seem to have missed the point that Blanca is no longer the UTA World Champion.

Lew sits back and chuckles.

L: Oh, I knew. I just had to make a comparison to something when I was talking about saw the chat with the cameraman on the plane?

Lew shakes his head.

L: Anyway, old news! Dynasty is a point that has been frozen for me. Once this ordeal is dealt with I can concentrate on what matters to me. Develop some better friendships with some of the other wrestlers that I feel like I need to put some effort into, deal with old rivalries, put to sleep some worries. For now, Blanca and his cronies are not my problem. It's Dane's.

J: Whilst I admire your written out plan of action I do have a few things to add.

L: Go on?

J: Amy Harrison is not your biggest problem here.

L: What do you mean?

J: What I'm saying is you still got to watch out for the other competition.

L: Hall and Claudio? It's understandable, I've developed a good relationship with certain members here over the times. It's...uncomfortable going against someone you have something good with. But hey, a show is a show at the end of the day. Why you say that?

J: Much like what Marie did to Amy. She tried to congratulate her, on professional terms, despite friendship history and got butted for it. Whether or not Marie was only wanting to get close to Amy after the match is debatable can never know someones motives...Amy got pretty banged up from that ladder fall and for someone to get right up in your grill just to say "well done" is a bit suspicious.

Jordan pauses for a moment, sips from his drink and dives into his memory.

J: I guess the best way to describe it is like an anti-Kush Wildfire title win when she apologised for winning against Second Coming and hugged it out. What I'm saying is, don't let your guard down...for anyone. People will do anything for a bit of gold. When someone tries to show their happiness for your is necessary to always be on the look out. Obviously don't be a bizznitch like Amy was that night but just keep a close eye on your competitors.

L: Absolutely. I mean, I can't be like that. It's not who I am. I can't push people away. But if I see it I'll definitely keep my defence at an all time high.

Lew rests his head in his hands, giving of a sigh of thought.

L: Ron Hall I can't imagine would cane me for a title but he'll put up a fight for it. He's a Hall of Famer for a reason. Marie is determined, she just needs that chance to crack into it and the title will be hers. Amy was the odd one out in that match and she won it. I think it's because Hall, Claudio and myself went too easy on each other that the easieness rubbed off onto Harrison too.

J: She also suffered a fall from a ladder which ended on a stretcher and in a neck brace.

L: She had a fire in her that screamed want for the title and she burned us all. Let's just hope that when I meet her in the ring again at upcoming Victory that we'll see what really should have happened at International Affair if it were just us two.

J: Yeah! That's the spirit!

L: It's always harder when you have more talent around you. It dilutes your chances. I'm not just talking about myself, it's equally spread across the board. Everyone has a chance, a fair chance. It's just up to who wants it more and does it better than the others. Amy had her fill of boasting after beating us three. Now that it's just one of us...she'll have to focus on just me rather than others with a slight chance that they may be occupied. We'll see how much of a mouth she has on her when I win the title from her.

J: You got it bud!

L: I said a few weeks ago for International Affair was I worthy enough for this title? Or any title at least?

J: Well, yeah.

L: No, I'm not worthy. Not yet anyway.

Lew gets up from his chair.

L: My worth for the title shall be proven in the ring this upcoming Monday...I'll be worthy enough once that bell rings for my name. But I do bloody well deserve it. Maybe not more than Ron or Marie...but damn I do deserve something. And if's this!

Lew smiles as Jordan rises from his seat.

J: Excellent! Let's chat with Hayley now and we'll get a training session started up before we grab our things and head to Canada.

Jordan finishes off his drink and walks out the door. Lew pauses for a while.

L: ...and if I don't win?

Lew looks out the window.

L: I'll just have to fight even harder to get what I deserve...Amy Harrison...your title reign is going to be short lived. You may run your mouth saying you're the title's true owner...but when I have the time to think about what I need to do in order to conquer a champion...I'll topple you from that ladder you climbed and bury you into the dirt. Much like I did for Blanca when I "claimed" the UTA World Championship...I'll do to you...ten fold...the Prodigy Championship title will be mine...


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