Title: The Words Of Lisil: Faith
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 11/27/2015
Location: Jamaica
Show: Victory XLI

The scene opens in an open field where in a straight line several Jamaican villagers are cultivating the ground with hoes and other assorted farming tools. In the middle of the line is Lisil Jackson dressed in a pair of track pants and his Jamaican flag bandanna. He looks at the camera and smiles. 

"Aight bruddas! We make great progress! Everone take a break! By sun down we shall finish dis field!" 

The workers all nod and set the tools they were using down. Some of them walk off to go grab a bite to eat while some are just content sitting in the dirt. 

"Ma bruddas!!! Open ya ears fo dis is anotha edition o' dee words of Lisil!" 

Lisil smiles clearing his throat as he slings the hoe he was using over his shoulder. 

"Tis a time ta be tankful fo what ya got but ya see in dee United States Tanksgivin be a special day ta celebrate such a ting. But ya see in Jamaica ya can say dat Tanksgivin is every day!" 

The Jamaican walks over to where he set his cooler and pulls out his bottle of Powerade and takes a drink. He pulls out a second bottle and turns to an older farm hand with a long beard. 

"Eyyy Jerome! Catch!" 

Lisil tosses the drink to the man who catches it and takes a drink of the beverage. 

"Don't want ya turnin inta a plantain now mon! Haha!" 

Jackson says before he turns back to the camera. 

"At dis comin Victory I face a very scary brudda named Yoshii... A forma UTA World Champ... A Sumo masta... And ova all one o' dee most destructive forces in UTA history!" 

The Jamaican stand in a state of thought pondering his words. 

"Yoshii ya just don't listen do ya? I told ya dat I don't want help from dee spirits at Victory! Den again I can't really put all dee blame on ya can I? I mean Jed Dye be dee one draggin ya ta church right?" 

Lisil can't help but let out an amusing chuckle thinking about the scenario. 

"But one ting I find intriguing is dee fact ya go on believin... Or I should say Jed Dye believin in ya and about fait... But dee reality is Yoshii I know one ting bout ya.... Ya don't have fait!" 

The expression on Lisil Jackson's face turns much more serious. 

"Lemme tell ya somethin... Fait is not somethin ya just stumble inta from just a single trip ta church! Fait is somethin from witin! Fait is believin in ya ability ta do tings amazin!" 

Lisil walks over to the man named Jerome and puts an arm around him. 

"Ya see people like Jerome here. Laborin out in dee sun cultivatin dee eart fo new life ta sprout! Workin each day o' dee week! Tell me Jerome why do we do what we do mon?" 

Jerome looks at Lisil and smiles through his crooked teeth. 

"Ta make tomorrow a betta day Lisil!" 

Lisil nods his head smiling boldly. 

"Dat is why we all go out ta dee field and grab a hoe, grab a rake, grab whateva else we need and plow dis land fo a betta tomorrow! Ya know what dat is? Dat is fait! Ta live in inhumane conditions but yet continue believin!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration walks back drinking his Powerade before he continues. 

"Yoshii ya may tink dat ya got dee heart and dee fait but ya can't. Ya can't have eitha when ya lost ta Perfection and ya react by walkin outta dee company! Ya walk outta dee UTA! Ya walk out on ya fans! And most o' all ya walk out on ya people!" 

The Jamaican says dropping the hoe in his hand into the dirt with a disgusted look on his face. 

"Ya walked out on ya people Yoshii... Dee people who believed in ya.... Dee people who constantly go out dere and cheer ya on! Dee people who wanted ta see ya ovacome dee hard times!" 

Jackson closes his eyes breathing heavily. 

"Brudda... I neva walk on on Jamaica... Cuz Jamaica be ma family, ma friends, ma bruddas and sistas! Jamaica be united! And when we be united we pull togetha and make ground! We all struggle day ta day! But ya know what mon? We neva quit!" 

Lisil opens his eyes. Pure intensity just burn in his eyes as he speaks. 

"Listen ta me Yoshii and listen good! I coulda walked outta dee UTA long ago! I lost ma debut match! But did I eva stop havin fait or believin in maself? Naw mon! I picked maself up and brushed maself off and kept on fightin!" 

The Jamaican takes a deep breath.

"No one believed in Lisil Jackson when I came ta dee UTA... Dey looked at me and many said dat I wouldn't last... Dey call me funny names like Black Guy Jackson or Lysol... Ya know what I be talkin bout! But I neva stopped believin in maself and now I be openin up dee eyes o' dem people who neva believed in dee Jamaican Inspiration!" 

Jackson lets out a long sigh as the words come out, almost like it's therapeutic. 

"Dat is what ya shoulda done Yoshii... But dee reality is Yoshii... Ya can't believe in yaself when all ya fait is put inta Jed Dye! How can ya believe in yaself when ya really aren't ya own person? Jed does everyting fo ya! He talks fo ya! He handle ya business! In fact he even be takin ya ta church!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior shrugs his shoulders perplexed. 

"In fact I don't know what ya really do fo yaself! It be like ya just be dis giant puppet mon! Betta yet I can't help but wonda why ya really came back ta dee UTA... Was it from Jed Dye's coaxin... Or was it from ya self guilt... Ya just can't fogive yaself fo walkin out on ya people can ya Yoshii?" 

Lisil says with a smile shaking his head.

"Dee question dat ya should be askin is if ya people truly fogive ya! Ya represent Japan but do ya own Sumo bruddas even talk ta ya now? Or are dey disgusted as well?"

Jackson reaches down and grabs the hoe off the ground. 

"Regardless mon... Ya betta be ready cuz I believe in me and I have dee fait dat I will beat ya!" 

Lisil Jackson smiles before he yells out. 

"Aight bruddas! Grab ya tools! Let's finish dis job!" 

The workers step back into the line with the tools they were using and return to tilling the soil. 

"By sun down we be done dis job... Den I hop a plane ta Victory and fight dee fight o' ma career... So I can be one step closa ta bringin gold ta Jamaica!" 

Jackson looks directly into the camera. 

"Fo togetha wit ma people.... I BE JAMAICA STRONG!!!!" 

And with those last words said Lisil Jackson starts to cultivate the soil with the hoe in his hands as the scene fades to black. 

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