Title: Finishing The Job
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: November 27th, 2015
Location: Montreal
Show: Victory XLI

Amy Harrison is sitting in her hotel room, with her title on her lap, where she is thinking things over and trying to stay calm.


Harrison: Alright, so you may have seen that I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods the last time. I don’t want to sound like some kind of conspiracy artist, but it does seem pretty coincidental that all of this stuff seems to be happen to me, don’t you think?


She pulls her hair back without trying to lose her cool.


Harrison: I bet you that if anyone else was to win that ladder match and become champion, that none of them would be forced into defending the title right away.


Amy takes in a deep breath to maintain her composure


Harrison: But no! I’m pushed right back into the ring to wrestle, and apart from what I’ve already stated, there’s two big problems with this title match.


Amy takes a deep breath again and speaks


Harrison: First off, the show is in Montreal. Honestly, I would like to be ANYWHERE else in the world than being in Montreal. Seriously, I can’t think of one good thing to come out of there. Well, maybe that screwjob, but whatever.


Amy just shrugs.


Harrison: And secondly, I have to go up against someone else that was in that ladder match, someone who happened to lose to me, by the way. And that person happens to be Lew Smith.


Amy rolls her eyes at him. Figures


Harrison: So of all of the people that were in that ladder match, Lew Smith happens to be the one that I have had no past beef with. It doesn’t mean I like the guy, though.


Amy’s right. There's no problem


Harrison: I’ve already gone through the other two, and they don’t deserve any more of my attention, so now I’m just solely focused on you, and I will say, you do have a good background.


She smirks a bit


Harrison: You know what’s it’s like to be champion before. I’ve seen that you’ve been multiple time champion in other promotions, and you’ve done pretty well for yourself, but there’s just one small problem with that.


She grabs her title and holds it up.


Harrison: You’ve never been champion HERE!!!


Amy puts her title back down again.


Harrison: This is where it matters. You can talk about other promotions and where you’ve had success before or anything like that, but let’s be honest here, if you haven’t been champion here, you’re nothing!


She makes a cut throat sound


Harrison: There may have been one time where you did hold onto a title here before the decision was reversed, but the record books say that you’re NOTHING!!!


She taunts again with wiping her hands clean.


Harrison: While on the other hand, I’ve been proving myself that I’m far from nothing. I’ve had one of the quickest climbs, no pun intended, to the top in a very short amount of time. Sure, I may not have had the best of starts, but I wasn’t been fed scrubs here, I took on the big names and took down the big names.


She makes a falling down gesture


Harrison: And now, I can get the recognition that I deserve, people will have no choice but to start taking notice of who I am and what I am capable of. Just look at what I went through in International Affair, that should show you just how tough I am.


She again shows her injuries


Harrison: Oh, and the fact that I have been champion here and you’re not just proves that I am better than you!


Amy grabs the title again and flaunts


Harrison: I can’t be happy with just holding onto this title. It’s all well and good to say that I’m champion, but right now, I’m just holding this belt. I was able to grab this title and walk around holding it, but even I know that I can’t be a true champion until I defend it, and that’s where you come in.


She makes a coming in sign


Harrison: I may not be happy that I have to defend this title so soon after winning it, but seeing as I have to go against you, this can just be another Harrison showcase, for all of those uninitiated people to take notice.


She looks away for a moment, fixes her top and goes back speaking.


Harrison: And now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I came to the conclusion that going up against you would be the best way to show it. You’re someone different, someone that I haven’t faced before, someone that isn’t trying to use me to try to get themselves further.


Amy gets her head in gear


Harrison: You are someone that’s desperate for this win. You can’t be happy until you’ve got a title in your hands. You can try telling your little friend whatever you want to say about it, I can tell that, deep down, you need to beat me for this title.


She takes a good look at her title before going back to speak


Harrison: You need to prove to yourself that you can hang with the big boys, or big girls, or however else you want to spin that saying. You don’t care how you do it, you need vindication that you’re one of the best, and you have to go through little old me to get to what you want.


Amy shakes her head “no”


Harrison: But guess what? I’m not going to let you get it.



Harrison: I’m here to finish what I started at International Affair. You had your chance to be champion there, and you failed. And now you’ve getting another chance to get the gold, but I’m going to make sure that you fail again!


Amy gets that evil smirk on her face


Harrison: At Victory, you’re going to be facing a war tested Amy Harrison, you’re going up against someone that doesn’t give a damn about your story, or what you want to do or what you think of me, or any of that. You’re going up against someone that just won’t be put down!



Harrison: And by the way, if I was able to fall off a 15 foot ladder very badly, get myself off a stretcher and still go on to win that match, what do you think you will have to do to keep me down for a three count?


Harrison: You better bring everything that you’ve got, Mr. Smith, because when Victory rolls around, you’re going to need it all to take this title off of me. And then, I can show Montreal what a true champion really is.


Amy picks up her title and then walks out of shot.


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