Title: Turkey Day
Featuring: Jarvis Valentine
Date: 11/26/15
Location: Moms house
Show: After Hours ep. 2

The table is set with mashed patatoes, gravy, stuffing, and of course center stage, the turkey. 

Jarvis: The food looks great ma!

Ma: Thanks dear! Everyone dig in!

The sound of silver on glass bowls start filling the room as everyone around the table starts to dish items onto their plate. 

Jocelyn: I saw your match with Sabrina Jar Jar on TV the other day. 

Jarvis looks up while pouring some gravy across his plate. 

Jarvis: Yea? Good deal.

Ma: Seems to me like a lot of people are starting to talk about you as well.

Jarvis: Yea, it is going great. Glad i signed a contract with UTA. Seems as though if things keep going good I should set myself up well.

Jarvis looks down to scoop up a fork full of turkey.

Jocelyn: Who are you facing next?

With a mouth full of food...

Jarvis: I am...

Ma: Hey! Didn't I teach you better then that? No talking with food in your mouth son!

Jarvis looks up at ma, eyebrows raised. He swallows.

Jarvis: Sorry ma..

Ma smiles

Jarvis: I am facing Duke Dibbins on After Hours. 

Jocelyn: Are you head lining the show again Jar Jar?

Jarvis: Yes I am.

Ma takes a drink from her cup before speaking.

Ma: You know son, you probably should start dressing a little bit more confident, and get rid of that nasty hair and beard you have. You look like a bear!

Jarvis sighs.

Jarvis: Ma, You know I have been growing this beard and hair for a long time. Why would I want to chop it off now?:

Ma: Listen, if your dad was alive he would tell you the same thing. 

Ma wipes her mouth with a napkin.

Ma: Dad tought you to respect others, and how to be a man. You have grown up well son and have made your Dad very proud. He would be telling you the same thing son, cut your damn hair!

Jarvis shakes his head a couple times before taking a bite of mashed patatoes.

Jocelyn: So this Duke, you think you will be able to beat him and continue your win streak?

Jarvis smiles after taking a drink to wash down the patatoes.

Jarvis: Do I think I am going to beat him? I will give it my all like I have been since being there. But for me to continue on the way I want to go, I have to have this win. I have to go three and o. 

Jarvis gets a semi series look

Ma: Get that damn look off your face, this is Thanksgiving. Be thankful you have made it this far. 

Jarvis nods.

Jarvis: I am thankful for how far I have come Ma, but most importantly I am thankful for my family and friends who are here.

Jarvis looks at everyone and smiles and raises his glass.

Jarvis: A toast to our family and yours. 

Glass clank together as the scene ends.


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