Title: After Dinner
Featuring: Jarvis Valentine
Date: 11/26/15
Location: Ma's House/Driving
Show: After Hours ep. 2

Jocylen: That was a great dinner Ma made for us Jar Jar!

Jarvis turns around from unlocking his car door. Snow flakes fill the air as far as the eye can see. Trees becoming more white by the passing minutes.

Jarvis: Yes it was Jocylen.

Jarvis tilts his head and smiles quick.

Jarvis: I just wanted to say thank you for talking to me last week before my match with Sabrina. It helped tremendously sis.

Jocylen smiles as they both lean into each other and give each other a hug and a kiss on the cheeks. They smile again as Jarvis turns and slides into his car and turns on the engine. 

White back up lights come on as Jarvis backs up to his left, break lights light up then go out as the car pulls away with Jocylen waving. Jarvis waves back in the mirror. 

Jarvis starts to talk to himself.

Jarvis: What a great day with the family! Love Ma so much!

Jarvis turns on his blinker, looks both ways, turns.

Jarvis: Of to After Hours now. How lucky am I, I mean I get to headline Proving Grounds, and a few days later get to head line another UTA show. 

Jarvis reaches in his center consel and pulls out a chillum with green substance in the bowl. He looks around, puts it up to his mouth and lights it. 

Jarvis: Duke Dibbins, former "Hardcore Tag Champ". Huge fan!

Smoke roles out of his mouth as he talks to himself. Turns the turn signal on again and turns once again.

Jarvis: Going to be fun locking up with him. I wonder what he is going to bring to the table. 

Jarvis lifts up his chillum with a already red tip and takes another drag...a long exhale follows.

Jarvis: Either way I am excited for this match to happen. Put on a hardcore match everyone will remember. Fans love extreme, and I want to give the fans what they deserve. 

Jarvis continues driving, while looking around at the scenery that he is use to. Growing up in the same house that he just ate turkey at earlier in the day. 

Jarvis: This is great stuff. Love my Ma, she always hooks me up!

Jarvis takes another drag of the chillum before letting out the smoke again and putting it back into the center consel. 

Jarvis: Hate these lights though....they take forever!

Jarvis sets there a moment before a car pulls up to his left with a young kid in the passenger seat. The kid looks over and waves and smiles knowing who he just saw. 

Jarvis smiles and waves back.

Jarvis: Love kids!

Jarvis then turns his head to the right and looks at the count down to the cross walk.





Jarvis then hums a tune before saying...

Jarvis: "It's the final count down"


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