Title: Misdiagnosed
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: 12/1/2015
Location: Outside Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital
Show: Wrestleshow #49

There is an elevated shot of a tan and red facility with green grass and tall trees in front of it. Entering the shot is a dark in color Rolls Royce which slowly stops in front of a well known location in Crowthorne, Berkshire in the United Kingdom.

Okay, it was a well known location for Zhalia Fears. But that will be touched upon soon enough.

As the vehicle comes to a stop, a split camera screen shows a sign in plain view bearing the name of the facility....

Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital.

The driver's door quickly opens and out steps a uniformed driver. Without missing a beat, he opens the rear driver's side door where a well dressed Sean Jackson and his attorney Marshall Owens exit.

As they do, the man known as Mr. Ace In The Hole looks up the grassy hill, thru the trees and gives the facility a quick glance before scrunching his face, unimpressed.

Jackson: So that is Broadmoor?

The former World Champion shakes his head in disappointment.

Jackson: No wonder they misdiagnosed you Zhalia.

Marshall places his hands on his hips, clearly just as disgusted.

Owens: If we can prove the hospital was negligent, UTA will be forced to suspend her. She would be barred from the arena and bingo, easy win.

That draws a million dollar smile from the Mental Rapist.

Jackson: You are a ticking time bomb Zhalia. You know it, I know it, and soon the rest of the world will know it. You have fooled a lot of people with the Thelma and Louise act, but after I'm finished exposing you and this hospital, your time in UTA will be over.

Taking an envelope out of his suit pocket, Marshall raises it eye level and he smiles as well.

Owens: Ah the truth. Ms. Fears can run from it all she wants, but it will always seem to find her.

As the driver takes up position next to the Rolls Royce, both Marshall and his client begin walking up the road, seeing how close they can get before finally being stopped.

Jackson: Matter of fact, by the time I'm finished....

The Dallas, Texas native reaches with his hand to take the envelope from Marshall.

Jackson: Everybody is going to know what Broadmoor really is, and the kind of patients it houses behind that wall, monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week...

The camera cuts to a different view, now showing the facility behind a very tall wall with security cameras everywhere.

Jackson: That's right Zhalia, everyone is going to know your secret by the time I leave here today.

Mr. Ace In The Hole gives that million dollar smile.

Jackson: And it won't be that garbage you fed Wingate when you first arrived here.

In getting closer to the wall, the Mental Rapist now notices the razor sharp barbed wire wrapped over the top, as well as the cement wall on the other side, also with barbed wire wrapped over the top.

Jackson: Tell me Zhalia, did you inform Kush and Second Coming on what Broadmoor was really about?

The Dallas native shrugs his shoulders.

Jackson: Or did you lie to them the same manner you did Wingate?

Of course she did. How does someone just check out of Britain's highest security Psychiatric Hospital? At least that is what Sean Jackson would want everyone to believe.

Jackson: Come on Zhalia, you had to know that I would eventually get around to this. That I would investigate the place you called home for five months....

The former Dynasty member again looks up towards both walls, covered with barbed wire, and the security cameras, all put into place for protecting the outside population against the worst criminals in England.

Jackson: Which coincidentally resembles a maximum security prison.

Taking a deep breath, Sean strokes his chin.

Jackson: I wonder why that is Zhalia?

Stepping back from the wall, the Texas native smirks just a bit. He can just imagine the flood of memories this video will cause Ms. Fears.

Jackson: I also wonder why a young lady such as yourself, would check into a facility that houses some of the most dangerous and violent offenders in England?

There are the words, dangerous and violent offenders. It will prove to be the very cornerstone of his argument against Zhalia being in UTA.

Jackson: And then, waltz right on out five months later with a clean bill of health, as if nothing had happened?

No, not in Sean Jackson's world. There was no way in hell he was going to buy into story, there had to be something else.

Jackson: No Zhalia, your girls Kush and Two Cee may have bought into that crap, but I didn't. I knew something wasn't quite right with you, so I took it upon myself to come here and find the truth for myself.

And now the contents of the envelope.

Jackson: And that is exactly what I did. Right there in the very place your lies and deceit started, I found everything I needed from a simple video on youtube. I discovered how you were able to leave Broadmoor without being healthy, without admitting the truth to anyone. Well Zhalia, I wonder how those doctors and psychiatrists will react when I expose the lie, when I expose their part in every relationship you've ruined, in every job you've stolen, and every little boy that you've indirectly sent to the emergency room.

As the Mental Rapist speaks, his attorney nods in agreement. Marshall had worked long and hard, used every resource he could, but finally found everything needed to bring Zhalia Fears down.

Jackson: Yes Zhalia, while I was preparing for you in the ring, Marshall was preparing for you in the court of public opinion. Where Kush and Second Coming seemed to ignore your outlandish ways, Marshall was collecting them for a rainy day.

The video cuts away from Mr. Ace In The Hole. It is replaced with a separate video, a video of a metal gate being opened by a uniformed guard. A sign clearly reads *no pedestrians* as a cobblestone walk way comes into view.

Jackson v/o: Dangerous and violent offenders Zhalia, that is who takes up residence here. The kind of people who wish to hurt others, who wish to destroy what they can't have. Tell me, was it just a coincidence that everytime you gave away free tickets, it was to little girls with their moms?

As the video continues, it is clear that it was made by either the BBC or some other news station located in England, but the only voice you hear comes from the Mental Rapist.

Jackson v/o: Where were the tickets for the little boys and their dads? Oh yeah, that's right...

Now he is getting into the meat of his trip to Broadmoor. There had to be a reason why Zhalia was kind to the women, and hateful to the men. Case in point, exhibit A being a couple named Greg and Amanda.

Jackson v/o: You seemingly couldn't find any of those. But you had no problem finding couples in love, like a couple named Greg and Amanda in Palaeldo, Napoli.

Mr. Ace In The Hole dug down deep for this one.

Jackson v/o: There Greg was, minding his own business, enjoying a date with his beautiful Amanda and poof, there you were. After hitting on him in a sexual manner, Amanda got tired and ended up leaving him. Then, if that wasn't enough, you were instrumental in getting his boss fired.

Okay, so maybe that was a stretch. But in November of 2014, Zhalia did have an interaction with the couple. Whether the rest is true or not, is up for speculation.

Jackson v/o: What's the matter with you?

It might have been a rhetorical question, but no one could deny that client and advocate had their ducks in a row. They came prepared to do mental battle with a possible nutcase, where a possible suspension and easy win was in the balance.

Jackson v/o: If you aren't ruining people's lives, you are going wonder twin mode with some cheap rings from the local flea market.

Even Second Coming and Bechdel Kush thought that was weird. But after spending five months at Broadmoor, it probably came second nature to someone like Fears. As the video continues, someone is screaming in anguish while orderlies run towards an open cell door. After a brief struggle, the aggressive patient is forced in and the door closed.

Jackson v/o: You are a ticking time bomb. It isn't a question of if, but a question of when you explode again? It is a question of which little boy you will hurt next?

The orderlies and security guards are now walking back up the hallway, the defiant patient continues to scream in his cell.

Jackson v/o: Who will be the next Mikel and Jeffery? who will be the next victim hurt after being shown the wrong way to do a wrestling move?

Zhalia was being a role model for the kids, so leave it to the Mental Rapist to pervert it to something evil.

Jackson v/o: Is that why you left them alone? so they could continue horsing around and hurt one another?

Sean shrugs.

Jackson v/o: Well that's exactly what happened. Mikel botched the move because you showed him wrong, and poor Jeffery fell on his shoulder awkwardly, breaking the collar bone.

The camera angle stays on the group coming up the hallway, zeroing in on an orderly with blood coming from his nose, obviously the victim of a violent outburst.

Jackson v/o: That was neglectful on your part because none of those kids should have been shown anything. But you couldn't help yourself, you just had to put them against one other, knowing exactly what would happen.

The video changes to a guard going door to door, checking on the patients.

Jackson v/o: Because of that, you should be suspended indefinitely from UTA. You should be locked up in a place worse than Broadmoor, like an animal, with the key tossed away and forgotten. You don't deserve to walk unchecked in those wrestling arenas, mingling with whomever you want.

Now two guards are transporting one of the violent patients to another part of the facility. They each have control of an arm and as the camera moves behind them, the shadows of several other guards appear. It is obvious that there's enough people to handle the patient if an outburst occurs.

Jackson v/o: Personally, I don't see how UTA can continue to ignore this, because it has to be addressed. UTA can't continue to unleash this criminal on innocent people without expecting to get sued. I can imagine the lawsuits, by the hundreds if she is allowed to run unabated on December 7th in Canada, the very lives she would destroy...

There is that solid brick wall again, the barbed wire glistening in the sunlight. As the camera pans upward and over the wall, the entire complex comes into view. Approximately 40 miles from the center of London, Broadmoor definitely looks like a maximum security prison. Maybe it is to keep those violent and dangerous people away from the innocent. Are you paying attention supreme ruler of UTAH?

Jackson v/o: The worlds she would turn upside down with one episode of schizophrenia where she decides to mutilate everyone in sight.

Mr. Ace In The Hole raises an eyebrow? yeah he is concerned alright, concerned that the person mutilated could be him.

Jackson v/o: I know why you lied Zhalia. You lied because Broadmoor isn't allowed to discuss your history with anyone outside of the facility. They are bound by law to keep everything said and done inside of those walls a secret...

The video shifts back inside, a couple of patients being led single file down the hallway by guards. They were well enough to give consent for their stories to be told, as awful as they were, which was the sole purpose for the camera crew to be inside Broadmoor in the first place. But for legal reasons, Marshall had to edit their faces and any words they said. A quick edited fade occurs and moments later, the video comes goes back to the solid brick wall.

Jackson v/o: Every sick and demented thing those violent murderers have ever said and done. Every rape, every stab wound, every demented thing ever done by the hands of people like yourself.

The camera pans downward and appearing is Mr. Ace In The Hole once again. He is shaking his head for the stage has been set, now the whole world knows what Broadmoor is about, and all those who have ever been inside of it's walls.

Jackson: But that's what you all have in common, isn't that right Ms. Fears? a mental illness followed by a litany of personality disorders where you think people are toys for your amusement. A wink of your eye to ruin a relationship, or the bullying a little boy simply because he pulled his sister's hair. Well Zhalia, that little boy named Billy Joel? he tried to commit suicide by slicing his wrist.

Again, that may or may not be true. But since there was no last name given, it would be difficult to check the accuracy of the story. However, that doesn't stop the former World Champion from continuing.

Jackson: Because of your bully tactics, his family is now ripped to shreds, his parents engulfed in a never ending nightmare. You, an adult with a personality disorder, unleashed on the UTAverse. You knew what you were doing, you knew it was going to have an adverse reaction, and you did it anyway.

The Dallas native points to the camera.

Jackson: You did it because your own parents were six feet under and your brother was in a coma. You saw happiness on the faces of everyone around you, and in a jealous rage, you declared war on them. Face it, everyone who ever mattered in your life has left you, leaving nothing but the voices who have made you miserable. Yes, the voices in your head that has commanded you to make everyone else miserable.

That million dollar smile returns.

Jackson: Well too bad, because the voices in your head will never dictate my life, will never dictate my emotions, and will never dictate who or what I am. Unlike your life, spent in misery day after day. I am a family man who gets to spend every waking moment with those who love me. Especially on the holidays.

Adjusting his sleeve, a solid gold watch is observed on his wrist.

Jackson: This, my wife bought me this simply because she wanted to. It wasn't my birthday, it wasn't Christmas, hell it wasn't even our anniversary. She got it for me just because she wanted to...

The smile gets larger.

Jackson: By the way, what did dear brother get you this year?

Now there is a twinkle in the eye of the Mental Rapist. Without a care in the world, he once again steps across the line of good taste and brings Zhalia's brother into their on again, off again feud.

Jackson: Oh damn, that's don't have a relationship with him anymore do you? But hey, I have an idea...

His face lights up, it appears he has the idea of all ideas floating around in his head.

Jackson: After you watch this, go visit him. When you get to his room, take a few selfies with him and then you can actually say you got something from him. You will have a reason to put up a tree because you can download the pics, put a bow on em, and bingo, Christmas.

Ah nostalgia, you gotta love it. There was Mr. Ace In The Hole, being the great guy he is, giving Ms. Fears tips for the best holiday possible.

Jackson: Or you can do what you always do, slip into depression, blaming your pitiful life on everyone else and check back into this sorry excuse of a hospital...

The Dallas, Texas reaches into the envelope and takes out a glossy picture of Zhalia's brother. It is a picture taken during the last visit Sean made at his hospital, where he showed just how vunerable her brother really was.

Jackson: Whichever comes first.



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