Title: White Trash Picture Show ll
Featuring: Chance Von Crank
Date: 11/26/2015
Location: Charlies Gas and Grill(Harlan Co.)
Show: Wrestleshow #49

White Trash Picture Show ll

Charlie’s Gas/Grill

6:45 P.M.


The scene opens with Chance stumbling through the darkness. He is headed out of the trailer park and for the gas station across the two lane highway. Thunder rolls as a storm looms. Crank waits patiently on the side of the road for traffic to pass. When it clears he makes a mad dash for the gas station. Charlie’s Gas and Grill is the closest store of any kind to Cranks Trailer Park. The rain begins to come down just as Chance gets to the front door. He pushes it open.


The noise from the bell attached to the door alerts everyone in the gas station of cVc’s arrival. The cashier nods at him but he completely ignores her. The walls of the gas station are covered with Chance Von Crank memorabilia. Chance walks towards the back of the store. He searches for the claw machine he has played off and on his entire life. The owner of the store sits in the corner at a small desk. Charlie is scratching lottery tickets. He has stains from tobacco spit covering his chin. Wrinkles and sadness has left his face lifeless. Harlan residents claim Charlie hasn’t spoken since his wife and daughter died in 1989. cVc has never heard Charlie’s voice even with knowing him half his life.

Winning, Charlie?

Charlie looks up at Chance for a brief moment then he’s right back to his tickets. Charlie sits in the corner to make sure the gas is paid for and the food is all cooked in clean conditions. Crank however, is in the back for one reason and one only, the claw machine. He walks up to it giving Charlie a slight nod in passing.

Let’s see here…

cVc talks to himself as he scans the contents of the claw machine. Various nascar and wrestling keychain trinkets scatter the bottom with other items. Crank has never been the gamer type but he has always loved this particular machine. He notices a cVc dvd in the corner from Death Row Wrestling, Chance also notices other items of his from the past but this particular one is the one he desires.


Crank slides two quarters in, then attempts to nab the hook attached to the top of the dvd. Chance hovers the claw above the dvd… He drops it suddenly just missing the the dvd.


cVc curses at the near miss. He shoves two more quarters quickly into the machine and grabs the joystick once again. He takes his time this time easing the joystick forward to position it just perfect. He hovers the claw over the dvd then drops it. He nabs the hook with the claw then pulls it up.


Three mirrors inside the machine show his prize from every angle. He pulls the dvd closer to the square opening. The claw releases the dvd and it falls, catching the corner of the square opening causing it to tilt slightly. Crank watches as his prize hangs up now covering the hole at an angle. It is stuck. He slumps even further forward resting his forehead up against the glass sulking in failure once more. The heat from his breath fogs up the glass as he looks at his reflection in the mirrors. This latest failure just piles onto the troubles from the trailer park earlier.

Don’t forget who you are…

Chance hears a deep voice directly behind him. He searches the mirrors to locate the mystery man. It’s Charlie. Charlie is now standing behind him and continues on.

You are The Trailer Park Prodigy. You were molded in madness and raised by savages. Your gritty breed of mean is both rare and unique.

Chance continues staring at himself in the mirrors of the claw machine while listening. Charlie walks from side to side behind him. The customers in the store have all turned their attention to the two men. Most are shocked to hear Charlie’s voice for the first time.

When Alice and Sally died, I wanted to spew hatred at every person in sight. I did not. I watched you on tv and let you say all those hateful things I dreamed of spewing at everyone. You have won every match since your return yet here you stand trying to quit. We won’t let you, Shock N’ Rolla. Trebol Jr. doesn’t have what you have. He doesn’t have “it”. Remember who you are...

Chance’s slump begins to fade as he straightens his six foot four frame out. The puzzled and lost expressions begin to leave his face. He begins to swell again with confidence. The dvd is still flat over the square opening of the machine. The back is now exposed, showcasing Chance’s best DRW matches with the likes of Yoshii and Cancer Jiles.

I remember. cVc exclaims.

Memories flood his mind of the violence he perpetrated in DRW and elsewhere. Chance relives his entire career in his mind in an instant. Chance looks away from the mirrors and up towards the cheap drop down ceiling. For the first time in his entire career he realizes he has no ceiling. A scowl crosses his face as he pushes the claw machine suddenly and it rocks backwards then forward. The dvd shifts then falls into the prize compartment. Chance retrieves the dvd then turns to Charlie.

I bet your wife and daughter hated you. All these cVc pictures and items throughout this store will never make you, me. Being gay for cVc won’t bring your family back either. Boo hoo, Bitch.

Charlie’s eyes well up as Chance turns away from him. He then walks past the customers standing tall. The shoulder is still sore but now Chance struts with real renewed purpose. He pushes the doors open using both hands. Chance heads back up the hill towards the two lane highway. He struts across the two lane road without looking either direction. The oncoming cars swerve just missing him. Crank continues towards the trailer park as his phone buzzes from an incoming text in his pocket...

From Joel:

Hank just died. I’m so sorry. They did everything they could but he did not make it. I just got into Harlan, stay at the trailer!

(Received 7:01 p.m.)

Crank smiles briefly at the thought of his father’s demise before tossing the phone. Chance makes it back to his double wide with all his swagger back. He swings the front door open heading straight for his bedroom. Charlene is still on the bed as he charges in. cVc goes right for a stuffed bear on a table facing the bed. She questions him immediately…

What are you doing with my birthday bear, dick?

A wide grin crosses his face.

This is a nanny cam, you dumb bitch. I’m filing for divorce first thing Monday.

Chance’s words turn Charlene pale white. The things she has done in front of that bear will be seen by so many now. Her shame now paints her face a crimson red. She will be completely exposed and get nothing cVc has now. Crank grabs his wrestling gear then snatches his truck keys off the nightstand.

You can have this falling down trailer and that retarded kid.

Chance charges out of the bedroom still holding his gear. He walks down the hallway back to Colt’s room. He pushes the door open as Colt covers himself quickly to hide his private act.


Crank looks at his son with such disdain. He walks over to a big rubbermaid tub and fishes around inside. It is full of UTA action figures that are all still in the box. Colt watches on still wearing his Trebol Jr. mask. cVc finds the action figure he is looking for and stands back up.

This is mine and i’m using it to start over.

cVc is holding the first edition Madman action figure that has Peach with it. It is signed by Madman and worth a fortune now. Chance walks over to Colt and pulls the mask off once more. He rips it down the middle dropping both pieces to the floor. He leans in close to Colt.

I’m going to hurt your hero. He will never be the same.

Tears begin to stream down Colt's face.

I’m leaving you and that whore in there.  I should have ponied up that 500 to pay for that late term abortion. You learn from your mistakes, I guess.”

Colt falls to his bed to cry into his pillow. Crank smiles at the pain he has caused his son, proudly. cVc quickly sticks the action figure into his gear bag.

I never loved you, Colt.

Chance bolts out of the bedroom and into the hallway. He walks towards the back door. He swings it open and jumps out completely missing the steps that caused such damage previously. Joel pulls up in the driveway as Chance heads towards his truck. Joel rolls the window down and Crank doesn’t even break stride.

“You’re fired. he exclaims at his agent

Joel sits in the parked car confused now. A state trooper pulls up at the end of the driveway just out from Chance’s pickup. Joel gets out of his car as Crank tosses his gear into the bed of the chevy. Joel screams at cVc.

Why am I fired?

Crank stops briefly and faces Joel.

You are stupid. I need real men in charge of my brand. It is being cheapened by maggots like you who do not know the business. I’m off to the airport. Piss off.

Chance turns away and grasps the handle of his truck door. Joel suddenly notices the police car and lights.

Why are the police here, Chance?

cVc grins and swells his chest out again. He proudly boasts about his personal escort to the Lexington Airport..

Because I’m Chance Von Crank, That’s why.


The End.





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