Title: I Owe You
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 12/2/15
Location: Athens, Georgia, USA
Show: Victory XLII

The door to Casa De Thrill opens, light shines in. It's the kind of light that you might appreciate more in the winter than the spring or even summer. Today the weather in Athens is unseasonably warm, topping out around sixty degrees. Over the threshold steps the THRILLmaker himself, he's wearing a gray long sleeve t-shirt, an Atlanta Braves snapback - turned backwards on his head. He's dressed comfortably for his trip back from the Great White North.

He sets down his only bag, puts his hands on his hips, surveying the place.

He brings his hands to his mouth.

Haynes: "Hello."

The sound of his echo pings back to him. Haynes shakes his head. He grabs his bag and heads up the flight of stairs directly in front of him, up to his bedroom.

Haynes: "Ya know, I gotta give you credit where it's due, Cayle. Gotta say that ya didn't haffta come out t' that ring on Monday night n' stick your neck out for me. Means a lot that ya did, but ya didn't HAVE t'."

Haynes reaches his bedroom door, turning towards the camera before he opens it.

Haynes: "Don't get it twisted or anythin', it's not that I'm not grateful - cause I am. It's just that what happens t' you, t' any a' us from here on out, ain't anybody's fault but they own. If you're okay with that, if you can agree to them terms, Cayle - everythin' will be gravy."

Haynes opens the door to his bedroom and steps inside. The light from the hallway illuminating his way over to a standing lamp next to his bed. He clicks it on, taking a seat on the side of the bed. The carryall bag, laid on the foot of the massive California King. The camera pauses on it, almost doing an up and down, after the THRILL's latest think piece on "downsizing."

Haynes waves them off.

Haynes: "I didn't downsize everythin', but hey - sleep is important."

"Back on message if ya can - "

Haynes takes his shoes off, opening up a stand alone closet close to his bed. He places the shoes at the bottom of it, there are two pairs of trainers, a pair of boots, slippers, and one pair of Air Jordans.

Haynes: "Had t' get rid a' some a' the flashier numbers, I must admit. Collectors pay top dollar for that kind of thing."

"Cayle, let's be honest with one another, this whole match - well it stinks. It don't make a lick a' sense. You just came down the ring t' save me from an epic beat down. We ain't supposed t' be throwin' punches, duckin' under clotheslines, beatin' the hell outta one another. Nah, that ain't how this gonna play out."

Haynes shakes his head. 

Haynes: "That's takin' nothin' n' I mean nothin' away from your talent, Cayle. I know how hard you're workin' at this. I know how hard you're gonna work every single day for the rest a' your life. N' I ain't talkin' just about the ring."

"The ring is great. The ring is fine. Wrestlin' can be one a' the best outlets in the world. Whatever your problems are. But Cayle, I'm talkin' about them twelve steps."

Haynes nods his head, then quickly shakes it.  Mary Jane's time spent in rehab dances through his head.

Haynes: "Every single day you wake up n' you have t' grind, Cayle. I find that admirable. I respect the hell outta that. Not everyone can do that. That's a cross you gotta carry everyday. N' some days you might not think you can do it. Some days it might be harder than others. But as someone who's been there, who's dealt with addicts, who's LOVED an addict, I can tell you this, Cayle - YOU CAN DO IT."

"You especially."

Haynes nods his head, he believes it.

Haynes: "You're Cayle Murray. You're a fighter. It's what you do best. When someone throws you a lemon you turn them int' lemonade. You impress time n' time again out in that ring because you flat. Out. Bring it."

"What do I do, Cayle? What does the THRILL do when he's handed a lemon? You think he sweetens it up with a little sugar, dilutes that with a little water, n' serves it over some ice?"

Haynes shakes his head. No.

Haynes: "Hell no, Cayle. When the THRILL gets thrown a lemon, he throws it right back."

There's a glimmer in his eye.

Haynes: "I plan on throwin' whatever Dane n' his goons have in store for us right back in their faces. If Bobby Dean wants t' drop that weight, wants it t' stay off, wants to waltz down the ramp n' try t' pull a Mikey Unlikely - that's fine n' dandy but he best realize that payback is gonna be a bitch."

Haynes quickly brings his hands over his mouth.

Haynes: "Whoops, sorry."

He smirks.

Haynes: "You've already taken on, Colton, Cayle. N' you couldn't get it done, that's a damn shame. It's important that you get your head on right, like you've done. What's gonna on between the two a' you isn't gonna boil down t' one match, Cayle. You two are gonna settle this down the road. Hell if ya let me I might just settle it for ya. I'd love nothin' more than t' take these two hands..."

Haynes holds up his hands.

Haynes: "N' strangle that piece a' crap down on the mat for a while. See what a rat looks like when you he doesn't have anymore oxygen."

Suddenly someone occupies a brief space in Haynes' mind.

Haynes: "N' don't even get me started on Madman. I got enough pure hate for that Looney Tune t' circle the globe, twice! Rest assured, Cayle, we stick to our guns n' we'll get our chance t' bring them all down. Brick by boring brick."

Haynes nods his head, confidently.

Haynes: "As for our match, Cayle - if you wanna dance, you know I'm more than willin'. If you wanna use this t' see where you are, test what you've been working on - hell I'll throw the kitchen sink at ya. If you think that takin' me on, live on Victory, will be what you need t' be ready when the time comes t' stare down Dane n' company - than so be it."

"I'll do whatever you need, Cayle. Cause after all, the way that I see it. After Monday Night - I owe you one."

And with that Haynes waves goodbye. 

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