Title: Got him, right where I want him... Or do I?
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 12/02/2015
Location: Undisclosed Location in Europe
Show: Wrestleshow #49

“I may do something to him I will later regret. Even still-”

It was a declaration spoken softly but there was only one person meant to hear. My dear brother who rested in deep slumber.

“Sean Jackson will pay for what he did to you, brother. Soon.”


Sean thought it was cute to come into my brother’s private wing and make a laugh for himself. My feelings aside, my Uncle was furious and upped the security of this place. I know of course that he could very well return and have some more fun or just take it that one step further.

I smiled up to my left, waving at the obvious security camera. Tilting my head slightly back I grinned and focused over towards the barred window. Two cameras in plain sight, two more in the back of the room, several others within the room and the corridors, even the exterior. A few were direct uplinks, others fed to a security room and recorded. My uncle was hardly going to let this invasion go away.

Me? That was the difference in the bloodline. Sean thinks he got under my skin those few months ago while we were on our international tour. He thinks that his mental games will work on me as it has on everyone else.

It won’t.

“Sean just does not understand,” I shoved myself away from the bed and looked back down at my brother. “But he will, bro. He will.”

Family. Friends. They mean more to me than my own life does. Nobody will get just how much that holds true. My focus however should be forward and on our match, and the big night with CBR for the Legacy title. I should not have to be worried for my family’s safety. Not from Sean. Not from anybody in the UTA.

“Bring your work home with you,” I stated with a laugh while walking around the bed and over to the barred window. “Is this what they mean? Is the professional wrestling industry more than the events and wrestling aspect, so much so that your personal lives are brought into the fold?”

Cranking my neck to the left I shot my gaze at the security camera.

“Tell me Sean, what do you know about family? Are yours safe? How would you feel if someone barged into your private space and put them at risk of harm?”

I knew that it was unlikely he would ever see the security footage, but I laughed and turned my attention back out the window. Not much to see other than the open waters of the lake that the patients tend to visit. That however was during the day hours, not this late at night.

Peering back over at my brother I started to recall those horrific images of Sean Jackson carelessly puppeting him about. I knew to expect this, to a degree. You learn every day in this business much like your day to day life is a learning experience. Back when I won my first championship title, ever, at Seasons Beatings, Sean Jackson was taking on that purple-hair Spectre guy.

In hell. Or at least the facsimile of it courtesy of that shock therapy match. Barbaric. I knew back during our match at Wrestleshow’s thirty eighth episode, just what to expect from Sean. I made it clear that night that I do NOT step down. The championship belt got a flesh coating but I got back up. Flying through the announcers table and through Sean, I got back up. Even his cheap shot with the steel chair, I got back up.

That there was a good night! True it smarted for several hours. Woke up in pain all over that next morning. But I won the match. Disqualification of course, but Sean was at the time the UTA’s World Champion. He retained from his cowardly tactics…

“But not for long…” I said with a grin back over my right shoulder. Turning around I started walking out of the room and into the quiet corridor. Visiting hours long over and most of the staff off-shift, it was not that strange to see only a few custodians. One of whom even ol’ Jackson would recognize.

Geoffrey. The very man on janitorial duty that night and accepted the pay off. He raised his head from the trash bin he was cleaning out and gave me a wave as I continued down the hallway. Smiling I passed on by him. I could be angry at Geoffrey. It was after all his clearance that allowed Sean Jackson into my brothers room. Except I hold no ill will towards him. As a single father of two, he has a family to feed and only did what he had to do.

“And that is where we differ, Sean.” I shook my head and continued down the hall, shoving open the double doors connecting into the next hall.

Family. He did it for their own well being, to put food on the table. Even if Geoff had to deal with such a despicable man. Sean Jackson. The man that at one time held it all at the top of the mountain. Kicked off the summit by his ally, his place taken and allies removed. You can always replace your allegiance with new allies, but you never replace your friends with another. Family and friends, it is what keeps me level-headed.

Reaching forward I shoved open the last set of doors, emerging into the waiting area where my long-time friend sat patiently in wait.

“Zhal!” Springing forward from her chair she approached, cautiously. Likely testing the waters to my mood. Was I sad and in need of a shoulder? Was I angry and looking for something to hit or toss? “How’s he?”

“Usual signs,” the remark was soft but April knew what I meant. She always did. “Security’s overhaul looks great. But a bit overkill. It feels like a prison cell in there.” Stone outer walls, barred windows, security cameras, and hardly anything in the room. Yep, jail. “Or worse, one of our lovely ‘private rooms’ back there.”

“I see. Well, you know. Safe and secure.” April commented but as she stood there in front of me I could tell something else was on her mind. Her body fidgeting, her eyes drifting back to the receptionist and avoiding looking into my own.

“Something wrong, April?”

“I… well, er yeah I…” She reached into her back pocket and handed forward her cell phone to me. “My father called.”

“Okay. And?” She was not being that easy to converse with. Something was holding her back. A hint of panic in those eyes? “Is everything okay? Did something happen to him? To your mother?” No it was not that as her pupils responded whereas she remained fidgeting. “April, come on dear. Out with it.”

“He, well, he told me that he had a visitor last night.” Her hands clutching her phone dropped to her lap while I simply stood there confused. “For you Zhal. Asking about you!” She said, aghast.

“Is he alright?” Standard question. Her father’s a good man.

She nodded, “He’s fine. He said he was approached to give a tour of the facility.” All good and well, I suppose. “It was Jackson, Zhalia.”

“Jackson? As in Sean Jackson?” Despite my question she simply nodded her head and pocketed the phone again, her hands no longer visibly shaking. “What did he want? Or better yet what did he get?”

“The usual PR tour around the grounds. The most that he could do without a legal request. He filmed quite a bit. Apparently to expose you to the UTA management and to your fans on the wrestleuta website.”

“I see.”

So Sean wants to bring up the past I am trying to put behind me? Is this one of those mental exercises of his? Is this where I tremble with fear? Where I start to worry about my wellbeing?

“April, call your father back up. I need to ask him a few things.”

“It wasn’t his fault, Zhal.”

“I know. Just call him. I will be back in a moment and we will head out, going to say goodbye.” While she had taken her phone out of her pocket I started walking back across the room and through the first set of double doors.

“So Sean wants to play games.”

Passing through the second set of doors I stopped outside my brother’s room, peering in through the glass before stepping inside. Looking down over him I leaned down and kissed his forehead. Whispering in close that I would return again soon before I turned and headed out of the room. However I ground to a stop at the door frame.

“Sounds like fun.”

With a smirk I looked up at the security camera.

“Let us play, Sean.”


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