Title: It's not how you start
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 12/3
Location: Vancouver Canada
Show: Wrestleshow #49

A quiet day off and it's being spent watching TV. Today's choice of entertainment is horse racing. No I didn't bet on it. It's an old tape anyway. The bell sounds with a mighty riiinngg!  The horses stampeed out of the gate being ridden by their jockeys. The hooves sound like thunder as the field gallops around the long track. The earth flies up in clots of dirt and debris. There is no audio of announcers telling you this is the greatest event ever. You can't even hear the crowd cheering in the background. 

We reach the first turn and the race suddenly stops. It's paused, everything frozen leaving you to wonder who was going to win.

The camera pans out to reveal Ron Hall, sitting alone in his hotel room in Vancouver. He's sitting on a couch in front of a TV set that's been playing the race. He's dressed in his usual attire. Jeans, a light powder blue t shirt, his eyes hidden behind his glasses. The remote controlling the race in his hands.

He looks at the tv screen and smiles, he turns to the side and looks into the camera, his face and voice showing there is a lesson to be imparted here.  His voice shows his interest in his opponent. The much talked about Jarvis Valentine.

"Jarvis, saw what you did to Duke Dibbins on After Hours tonight.  Very impressed. You've got a lot of people talking. You're drawing some favorable comparisons to some others who started out hot, but in that is a lesson I feel I need to impart to you."

Ron looks casually at the tv screen and the race. He looks back again at the camera.

"Can you tell me who's winning the race right now Jarvis?"  A quick look at the screen should tell you no because there are three tied for first.  "Can you tell me who wins the race at the end?"

Ron takes a moment and allows for this to be processed.  He fast forwards the tape to the middle of the race.  All three are still tied for the lead.  Hall continues speaking.

"Jarvis, you're like these horses. Your fast start has got everyone in the UTA talking. You've even gotten some comparisons to other fast starters. There was one by the name of Dink Doink from the "outlaw" days of the UTA.  He came in like a comet, over took the field. It looked like he would win handily and lap the field... 

The tape fast forwards a little bit more, it's not quite the final turn, one of the lead horses falls back, another less heralded one from the middle of the field is starting to come up.

"Then the pressure got to him and he faded from the pack. He couldn't keep up."

The tape plays a little more, this time another lead horse falls to the ground, obviously injured. The horse in the middle of the pack is making up ground but hasn't caught the leader yet.

"Then there was another by the name of Goliath, he started out fast too. He tried to be too much and tired to do too much and injuries over took him before he could finish."

The tape plays to almost the end. The horse from the middle of the pack has closed in on the leader, they have come neck and neck down the stretch to the end and it appears it's going to be a photo finish. Just before they can cross the line, the tape pauses one more time. They seem to be one blurred image as they close on the finish line.

"Then there was one more, Ms. Alex Beckman. All the talent, all the bravado and all the hype. The race was there for her to take. She was 10 - 0. It was all within her grasp.  Then she folded at the end, she faded at the finish line and lost it all."

Ron cuts the tape off and continues talking.

"Me?  I was the horse from the middle of the pack, I wasn't supposed to be anything. I was never going to achieve squat. I would be in the field but never finish, yet I not only finished the race, I did what a lot of people never thought I was supposed to do. I won the race."

The Hall of Famer stops for a moment to allow this lesson to sink in. He slides on a hoodie and grabs his gym bag but before he leaves, he imparts one final message to the UTA's newest star.

"Am I getting the lesson across Jarvis? I hope so. 4 - 0, 5 - 0 means nothing to me. It doesn't matter how fast you've started. It doesn't matter where you're at after a few try out matches on Proving Grounds or After Hours. What matters is where you finish on Monday night at Wrestleshow here in Vancouver, when you have your first real test in the bright lights and on the big stage."

"Which horse are you? We'll see on Monday night."

Ron cuts the camera off as the scene ends


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