Title: Press Conference
Featuring: Jarvis Valentine
Date: 12/04/15
Location: Pacific Coliseum
Show: Wrestleshow #49

The scene starts inside the Pacific Coliseum, home for UTA’s Wrestleshow on Monday night. There is a group of people surrounding a table with a bunch of microphones in the center tied together. Behind the table is a black backdrop with the UTA logo every six inches in either direction with a metal folding chair in between the table and backdrop.

In front of the table are several chairs set up for interviews to set. Behind the group of people are cameras on tripods set up from the local television companies CTV British Columbia, City, and CBC Television along with UTA cameras in the mix.

Lauren Smith: Alright guys, If you would take your seats now, Jarvis is making his way from his car now and we can proceed with this press conference.

Everyone pays attention to Lauren before talking amongst themselves again as they all take a seat.

You can see Jarvis walking up to the front doors to the Pacific Coliseum getting soaked with the rain falling outside. Jarvis reaches for the door and pulls it open to be meet by Lauren.

Lauren Smith: Thanks for coming to this press conference Jarvis. You have been getting a lot of buzz and we at UTA are going to take full advantage of that.

Jarvis smiles as he pushes his wet hair back off his forehead.

Jarvis: Pleasure is all mine Lauren.

Lauren reaches her arm out to the direction of the table.

Lauren Smith: If you would, they are all ready for you.

Jarvis begins walking towards the table.

Jarvis: Let’s do this.

Jarvis walks around the camera’s and the press to make his way to the chair behind the table. He takes off his soaked coat and drapes it over the back of the chair before setting down in it himself.

Jarvis: Hi guys, how is everyone.

Everyone says hi or nods their head for a response as they all get their pens and paper ready to start asking questions.

CBC: Jarvis, everyone here in Vancouver is very excited to see the upcoming UTA event Wrestleshow as well as seeing you for the first time. How have you enjoyed your time in Canada thus far?

Jarvis: My time in Canada has been great. I have never been here in Vancouver before, but I think it is a very beautiful city with a lot of nice people. I am excited to be wrestling in a venue where the 2010 Olympics took place as well.

Jarvis brushes his damp hair back again before crossing his arms and leaning on the table a bit.

CTV: Jarvis,  Ralph Brown with CTV British Columbia.

Jarvis smiles and nods his head.

Ralph: I have been a huge fan of wrestling since I was a kid and every time an event comes here I get the privilege to do the press conferences. But I can't remember the last time there was so much energy around the wrestling community about a new guy in a promotion.

Jarvis nods again

Ralph: Monday night you are taking on UTA’s Hall of Famer, Ron Hall. One big name, versus a man with a lot of buzz around him. How are you going into this match mentally knowing that you have all this attention around you with you facing a former UTA Champion in Ron Hall?

Jarvis: I stay humble. This is going to be my toughest test yet in my young career with UTA.

Jarvis takes a drink of water from a bottle that was set there before he got there.

Jarvis: I also am a huge wrestling fan like you Ralph. I have been watching wrestling since I was a little kid. I remember watching Ron in UTA when I was training to become a pro wrestler. I always thought to myself while training, how awesome would it be to face this guy, this legend! if I ever become anybody in wrestling.

Jarvis: Sure enough, my fourth match in my UTA career I get to face him. I respect this guy. He has done it all! He has done everything from winning the biggest prize in the industry, to being part of the first class of UTA’s Hall of Fame. I am honored to have this chance.

Jarvis takes another sip from the bottle of water before setting up a little bit.

Jamie Sawyers: Hello Jarvis, Jamie Sawyers from UTA. Earlier Ron Hall was heard saying…

"Am I getting the lesson across Jarvis? I hope so. 4 - 0, 5 - 0 means nothing to me. It doesn't matter how fast you've started. It doesn't matter where you're at after a few try out matches on Proving Grounds or After Hours. What matters is where you finish on Monday night at Wrestleshow here in Vancouver, when you have your first real test in the bright lights and on the big stage."

Jamie Sawyers: He goes on to ask.

“Which horse are you?”

Jarvis clears his throat.

Jarvis: Like I said before Jamie, It is a privilege to face Ron Hall, BUT I am not here to shake hands and be buddy buddy with him. I signed a UTA contract to fight, and to entertain my fans. I also came here to achieve my dream! That is to be the World Champion, and if that path takes me through Ron Hall, then so be it.

Jarvis shuffles in his chair before taking another sip of his water.

Jarvis: Rons says this will be my first "real" test. I don't know who he's been watching but if a barbed wire bat isn't a test I don't know what is! Ron needs to know that I take each and every opponent seriously, I am 3-0 and none of those matches were easy! I had to earn each and every one of them, just like I will earn my 4th on Wrestleshow.

Everyone taking notes start writing in their notebook quickly.

Jamie Sawyers: You have any other comments about what Ron Hall had to say?

Jarvis: A matter a fact yes. I loved the fact he asked what horse I will be. That’s simple, I am the young horse that still has a lot to learn and achieve in my career. I have many “races” still left in me. But I have to ask, how many more “races” does Ron have?

Jarvis shrugs his shoulders a couple times.

Jarvis: It may be one, or it could be many, but the scary truth is, his “racing” days are coming to an end just like all great horses. Sad thing though, after all the limelight and success horses have in their racing days, it has to come to an end at some point. Then what happens to the horse after it is all over?

Jarvis cocks his head a little bit and raises an eyebrow.

Jarvis: They get put down. Their legacy will live forever, and people will continue to talk about them and the great “races” they had. While everyone is talking about how great the horse was, there is a young horse still full of energy, and life.

Jarvis strokes his beard a couple times before continuing.

Jarvis: That horse Ron, that still has its full life ahead of its self is me. You had your time to shine, and you will live in UTA forever. The time has come though for a young horse to come from the back of the pack to the front and win “races” and achieve greatness.

Jarvis stands up and steps to the right before reaching down and picking up his coat and swinging it around himself to put it on.

Jarvis: I wish you the best of luck Ron, and I am excited to step in the ring with a legend like yourself, but remember Ron what I said. Your “racing" days are almost over…..

Jarvis smiles a little before thanking the press and stepping out from behind the table. He walks over to Lauren Smith and shakes her hand before stepping around her to walk out of the building as the scene ends.


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