Title: Anything But The Quintessential Sister
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: December 4, 2015
Location: Aboard Dynasty One
Show: Wrestleshow #49

The differences between Zhalia Fears and Sean Jackson was night and day. Where she could only grab the briefcase during the Ring King PPV, Mr. Ace In The Hole was able to win it. Where Zhalia was able to grasp a lower tier championship, the Mental Rapist was able to stand on top of the mountain twice. Where Zhalia had no family to speak of....

The Dallas native was aboard his luxury yacht Dynasty One with a full contingent of family and friends, enjoying the holiday festivities.

On the top deck, a line of people has formed alongside a long dining table filled with every holiday dish imaginable. They are smiling, filling their plates with all the personal favorites while one person is standing off to the side, keeping an eye on everyone.

Jackson: Now that is how a family spends the holidays, eating good food and visiting with friends. Isn't that right Zhalia?

The former world champion smiles. He knows the status of Zhalia's family, but plays it off all the same.

Jackson: I could just imagine how it was at your house for Thanksgiving. All the ham and turkey dear ole mom and dad could cook?

He gives that mmm...mmm expression with his face, his hand circling over his stomach.

Jackson: That's the thing about family Zhalia, they are always there this time of the year, aren't they?

Is there no degree of evil the Mental Rapist won't stoop to win?

Jackson: So you see how WE spend the holidays, how about giving me the run down on the Fears Family Thanksgiving? maybe it will give me an idea on how the family Christmas will go?

No, of course there isn't. The former Dynasty member will stoop to just about anything to get into the head of his opponents.

Jackson: I'm sorry Zhalia, I didn't mean to say those things.

A look of remorse forms on the face of the Dallas native. Could he be having a change of heart during this holiday season?

Jackson: I can just imagine how rough things are for you. I can just see your mom and dad now, joking about the plane crashing as they were boarding, not knowing it was really going to happen. Or how about your bother?

That look of remorse is replaced with the look that usually accompanies a Freudian slip.

Jackson: Uh, I meant your brother.

Sean tries to fight back that million dollar smirk, only slightly succeeding.

Jackson: How silly of me to call him a bother, because Lord knows you love him enough to visit him every day. Don't you?

That last question is dripping with sarcasm. So much for being nice during the holidays. As he reaches into his pocket, a remote control is removed and after pushing a button, Christmas tunes begin to play.

Jackson: You never waste a single opportunity to spend time with him. No matter where you are in the world, you always take time to head home, so you can be there for him.

Now the smirk materializes, no further attempts at hiding it.

Jackson: The quintessential sister at work...

Before the Mental Rapist seemed torn, almost sympathetic. Now he has turned a complete one hundred and eighty degrees, choosing to hammer her mentally in the easiest way possible, by using the dead and decaying memories of her family.

Jackson: Holding his hand, kissing his forehead, telling him everything going on in your life. Tell me Zhalia, do you really visit him? or is it just lip service to satisfy your so-called fans?

It is a rhetorical question because he already knows the answer. The only time Zhalia even brings up her brother, is when Mr. Ace In The Hole forces her to. Sure, she considers herself the quintessential sister, but her own actions screams otherwise.

Jackson: If you were a true sister, you would never be able to let go of him. If you were a true sister, honoring dear ole mom and dad's wishes for your brother would have been more important than pining away at a failing career leading nowhere.

As a uniformed waiter walks by, the former Dynasty member lifts a glass of champagne off the tray and takes a sip.

Jackson: Don't get me wrong Zhalia, you are one helluva competitor. You are one of the top women on the roster, but you will never be world championship material. So instead of wasting your time chasing an un-obtainable dream, why can't you just be there for him?

That seems like a legitimate question. His eyes go towards the family and friends who are now singing carols.

Jackson: Tell me, when was the last time you spoke to your brother? or sang him a Christmas carol?

The former UTA World Champion shrugs, still looking towards his own family and friends.

Jackson: Every year I do this Zhalia, every year. Even though Wrestleshow 49 is taking place in Vancouver, I can still flip the bill to bring everyone here...

He extends out his arms, showing that here meant Dynasty One.

Jackson: Because I understand the importance of family. I understand that there are more important things in this life than being selfish and putting myself above all others.

Yes, he did just say that with a straight face.

Jackson: Which is a lesson you should have learned a long time ago. Face it Zhalia, you are far from being the quintessential sister because you could give a rat's ass about your brother, and you know it.

Taking another sip of his champagne, the Mental Rapist doesn't pull any punches.

Jackson: The only time you seem to give a damn about him is when I force you to do it. Instead of dedicating your life to him out of love, instead of being there for him, during the holidays of your own free will...time and time again you flushed him down the toilet in favor of anyone that would give you the time of day.

He pauses, allowing those words to sink in. Whether it was the truth or not, it was exactly the thing that Zhalia was doing. Especially with this leg of the International Tour, there was no way Zhalia could go to the events and spend time with her brother on a regular basis.

Jackson: So who will you spend Christmas with this year? will it be with your brother out of guilt? or will you replace him once again with another young woman representing that yes person in your life?

The former Dynasty member shakes his head. Of course Zhalia will choose some woman over her brother, hasn't she always?

Jackson: Of course you will choose some random woman over your brother, because Lord knows someone in a coma is a buzz kill, and is no longer worthy of your time. However...

The smirk disappears and for the first time, the Dallas native gets serious.

Jackson: That is where I step in.

Tunnel vision begins to set in as a plan goes into motion. For the first time, Mr. Ace In The Hole reveals his issues with Zhalia Fears, and the plan to correct her mistake.

Jackson: Because Ms. Fears, as a family man, I can no longer sit back and watch as you continue to ignore your own flesh and blood. He didn't ask to be in a coma, no more than your parents asked to die in that plane crash...

With Christmas rapidly approaching, the window for exposing the loose cannon was closing. Their match taking place on December 7th would be the ideal time to cause the former patient of Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital to completely blow a gasket, to cause her own suspension, or worse...a one way trip back to the funny farm.

Jackson: So it is about time you stop acting like a spoiled child and start taking care of your responsibilities. If he was my brother, I wouldn't even show up in Vancouver, I would be there with him instead. But no, you would rather hide your secret sorrows with someone named Amy, or April, or Janice...

Once again, Sean alludes to the favoritism towards woman over men in the life and times of Ms. Fears.

Jackson: As opposed to a man who is in no position to stroke that bruised and fragile ego of yours. But do you know what's sad Ms. Fears?

The rhetorical question lingers in the air for a split second before the former champion continues.

Jackson: The fact you used this so-called psychiatric condition to continue with the Thelma and Louise act. Because you weren't getting the desired attention in Broadmoor, you checked yourself out in favor of the feeble-minded slack jaws who would buy anything you had to say.

Taking a deep breath, Sean still wonders why people continue to buy into the act of Ms. Fears.

Jackson: So here you are, fully invested into Wrestle UTA where your convictions are to a bunch of strangers, while the life assets of your brother is nothing more than a debt, something to be collected when you see fit.

The Mental Rapist cocks his head to one side.

Jackson: Not very noble Ms. Fears, not very noble at all. You turn to strangers because they don't know you, or for the most part, star-struck over your crap, but they still shouldn't replace the love for your brother. Stop being so demanding, stop being so damn selfish, and for the love of God, be the quintessential sister you claim to be.

Mr. Ace In The Hole points towards his own family.

Jackson: We are six days away from Wrestleshow 49, but instead of going to Vancouver, you can do the right thing and simply head home. Be like me Zhalia, understand that nothing is more important than family. Your brother needs you, which has been the case since slipping into his coma. For once in your life, do the right thing...

The eyes begin to narrow, turning cold, heartless.

Jackson: Because if you don't, I will have no choice but to force it on you. If you mistakenly show up in Vancouver, then I will make sure your career crumbles at my hands, with your so-called fan base finally learning of the lies.

He is staring daggers at the camera, at Zhalia.

Jackson: Because anything less, will be a failure on my part. Again Zhalia, you are one of the best female talents on the roster, but you weren't born to be the quintessential female wrestler, you were born to be the quintessential sister to a brother who really needs you...

Confidently, Sean takes another sip of champagne before setting the glass down on the railing.

Jackson: And because of that, I won't let you fail him any longer. No matter what I have to do, you will be there for him, whether you want to be or not.

Winking at the camera, Mr. Ace In The Hole walks over and joins his family and friends before the scenes fades.



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