Title: Streaks end
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 12/4
Location: Vancouver Canada
Show: Wrestleshow #49

The Pacific Coliseum, home to many sporting events, teams and meetings. It's a quiet team meeting room with one of those giant dry erase message boards at the front we enter into.  There's no press here, no tv cameras, no hype machine.  We see Ron Hall sitting at the front of the room right next to the board. A tape recorder is next to him on the table.  An eraser and red and black markers are attached to the board.

Ron is dressed in a teal green shirt and dark jeans.  His hands are folded and his eyes shut. He appears to be lost in thought. He heard Jarvis Valentine's local press conference today. He heard what was said in an attempt to create hype and generate interest for the UTA's Wrestleshow on Monday night.

Hall's eyes snap open and a loud WHACK! can be heard as Ron's right hand smacks the board. He stands up and grabs the black marker. He writes down six numbers on the board.  21, 173, 237, 10, 21, and 4. He turns and faces the camera.

He picks up the Red marker and holds it in his hand for a moment. He looks at the first two numbers and draws lines through them.  He looks over his shoulder at the camera.

"21 and 173 are two of the most famous streaks in wrestling history, yet they came to an end despite the protest of many."

His glance goes back to the board and to 237, after a moment he looks back at the camera. 

"237, the longest streak, and current championship reign in the current history of the UTA.  That and this, points to 10, belonged to two people who everyone thought could never be beaten, yet... draws a line through both, they both ended."

A quick glancory look at the second 21, almost as if it has no real relevance or importance in this conversation. Then there's a possible streak that could be a figment of someone's own delusions. A line through the second 21 is drawn.  No mention of it is made because it doesn't deserve it.  Ron puts the marker back on the holder and turns to face the camera.

"That brings me to your streak Jarvis. 4 - 0...  I seemed to have hit a nerve haven't I?"

Ron reaches down to the table and hits play on the audio recorder:

Jarvis: Like I said before Jamie, It is a privilege to face Ron Hall, BUT I am not here to shake hands and be buddy buddy with him. 

Ron pauses the tape and smiles. He seems genuinely amused at this reaction. He says nothing and hits play again.

Jarvis: Rons says this will be my first "real" test. I don't know who he's been watching but if a barbed wire bat isn't a test I don't know what is! Ron needs to know that I take each and every opponent seriously, I am 3-0 and none of those matches were easy! I had to earn each and every one of them, just like I will earn my 4th on Wrestleshow.

Ron hits pause again.  "Are you trying to convince me, or yourself Jarvis?  A hardcore match at an empty arena with no one watching doesn't really amount to a lot in this crazy profession of ours.  All it's afforded you is the opportunity to step into a UTA ring on national tv with me. You should know that. A swollen head can be a dangerous thing especially before the biggest match of your very young career."

Ron hits play and the audio continues to fill the room.

Jamie Sawyers: You have any other comments about what Ron Hall had to say?
Jarvis: A matter a fact yes. I loved the fact he asked what horse I will be. That’s simple, I am the young horse that still has a lot to learn and achieve in my career. I have many “races” still left in me. But I have to ask, how many more “races” does Ron have?

Ron hits pause, and the look on the Hall of Famer's face is one of mild distain at the naïveté of his young opponent.

"You commit to your own conceit here Jarvis. I've seen how fast a race can end. I know the tune by which they do.  It isn't the sound of a bugle at the start, it's the sound of Country Chin Music at the end. Don't tempt me or the fates, it's never pretty when one does ."

Click, and more audio plays.

Jarvis: It may be one, or it could be many, but the scary truth is, his “racing” days are coming to an end just like all great horses. Sad thing though, after all the limelight and success horses have in their racing days, it has to come to an end at some point. Then what happens to the horse after it is all over?

Jarvis: They get put down. Their legacy will live forever, and people will continue to talk about them and the great “races” they had. While everyone is talking about how great the horse was, there is a young horse still full of energy, and life.

Click. The audio pauses. Ron shakes his head. He can't even act surprised by all of this anymore. He's seen it out of many people in his lifetime in this sport.

 "Mr. Valentine let me offer you the same advice I've given so many others that have tried to put me down, or put me out to pasture...don't hunt something you can't kill.  Don't talk about putting me out to pasture or me running my last race unless you've figured out a way to guaran damn tee! That will happen.   

When I decided to come back to the UTA, it was my choice. When I run my last race, it will be my choice. Mine. Not yours, Wingate, or whoever's been sending these goons after me!"

Click and tapes continues on. Ron has a look as if to say how boarded he's getting that his opponent seems to be repeating himself again.

Jarvis: That horse Ron, that still has its full life ahead of its self is me. You had your time to shine, and you will live in UTA forever. The time has come though for a young horse to come from the back of the pack to the front and win “races” and achieve greatness.

Click. Another stop. Ron is shaking his head at his opponent's desperate attempts at attention.

"Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis. Presume nothing, assume nothing. Your potential may well end up with you in the UTA Hall of Fame but it will not be the easy walk in the park on Monday night that you're trying to make it out to be."

Click, the tape plays to the end.

Jarvis: I wish you the best of luck Ron, and I am excited to step in the ring with a legend like yourself, but remember Ron what I said. Your “racing" days are almost over…..

Ron hits stop and leaves the tape player down on the table. He grabs the red marker from its holding spot one last time. With a smile he readies himself for one last point.

"Jarvis, you're forgetting some things.  I've been on and around the track for a long time.  I know my way around, and I know how to do all the things that people don't think I can or say that I can.  You want to tell everyone that my racing days are almost over. I'm ready to be put out to pasture.  He pops the cap off and draws a 5 - 0 under the 4.  Be careful how soon you judge, how quickly you make assumptions because as I intend to show you on Monday night, I know how to take this, erases the 5 - 0, and turn it into this... He draws a - 1 next to the 4, really quick.

He puts the marker down on the table.

The camera zooms in on the 4 - 1 on the dry erase board as the scene ends.


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