Title: The Bitter Truth
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 12/4/2015
Location: Vancouver Canada
Show: Wrestleshow #49

(British Columbia, a portion of Canada that is known for it’s vast beauty, wild life. On the far west coast is one of Canada’s most important city as far as shipping commerce., Vancouver. This city is well known around the world. Vancouver was the home of the 2010 Olympics, and back in the territory days of wrestling this portion of Canada was controlled by the International Wrestling Association under the NeWA umbrella. So this city like many others Dan Benson is no stranger to.)

(The camera opens up on a beach in Vancouver. The cold choppy water is splashing against the shore. Laying out in a lawn chair bundled up in a sky blue winter clothes is Dan Benson. In his hands under his chin is a cup full of a steamy liquid. The camera moves in for a close up.)


Dan: Here we are in Vancouver, one of Canada’s well known cities. Not as big as my hometown Minneapolis, still a major hub. rich in history, and a location where many great athletes have showcased their talents.


(Dan takes a sip of the hot coca and inhales the aroma. We see a real smile come on his face rather than the evil grin that we have come custom tom over the years.)

Whenever a wrestling match takes place I like to take a moment to take in the location’s culture, get to know the locals, eat the cuisine that is known to that area. Every time I am booked for a show it is like a vacation to me. I have done this for the past 20 years.

I can sit here and tell you about my championship adventures I have had in this city, I can go on about the whores I have picked up, gave them a time of their lives, only for them to awaken in an empty bed the next morning.


(A grin does come on Dan’s face.)


Dan sets his coca down, then makes his way to his feet. As he moved the waves splash hard against the rocks and the water sprays onto the lenses of the camera leaving a few annoying spots.


I am here to focus on my opponent in peace and quiet. Maybe today my opponent is the cold elements of the wind and the waves, in a few days that will change as I walk into the Pacific Coliseum which is about two miles south of there, to face Scott Stevens.


(Dan holds his hands up to his mouth and yells)




(Dan holds a hand up to his hear and listens closely)




(Dan listens again, but only the ocean can he heard.)


Ahh Scott, whats wrong? You all partied out? Those young vixins rode you till you couldn’t take it anymore? Did you forget your little blue pills?


(Dan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bottle holding it up to the camera reviling a bottle of Viagra.)


I never leave home without it.


Come on Scott, why don’t you take a moment and come back to earth. I know damn well you are only two years younger than me and here you are running around with girls young enough to call you Grampy. You are running around chasing women, chasing the Brush Fire championship or whatever the hell they call it, acting like some sort of damn rookie who should be on Victory.


(Camera moves in on a close up on Dan as a serious look fall on him.)


Scott, you don’t have me fooled one bit. You and I are on our downslope. Retirement is knocking on our door.  We have had the women, we have had the championships, the late night parties, exotic trips. I have already been there and done that. And I am bored with it.


(Dan starts to walk toward the water, he starts to take off his winter clothes starting with is outer jacket)


So why do you do it Scott? Does it make you feel younger? Is it a false reality fantasy land that is maintained by the power of alcohol?


(The insulated pants come off, and Dan starts talking faster and shorter words and the bitter wind cuts through him.)


What about your career, why do you care about championship gold? Trying to hold on that last bit of glory? I have grown past that now.


So why do I continue?


(Dan stops short of the water wearing nothing but his underwear. The cold makes him tremble slightly but does his best to fight it.)


Simple, I still enjoy going out there kicking ass. Yeah Scott, I Wrestleshow, I am just going to jump right on in and kick your ass.


(Dan jumps into the bitter cold water.)




(Scene end showing Dan yelling enjoying himself just a couple of days befor Wrestleshow.)

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