Title: Shouldn't have done what you did
Featuring: CBR
Date: 5th December 2015
Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver
Show: Wrestleshow #49

We open to the glare of the Canadian sun piercing through the canopy of green and brown just above.  Giant trees, some centuries old, are dotted masterfully around the bountiful park still vibrant in the midst of winter.  Bare branches threaten to burst into life at any minute whilst the melodic calls of a wide range of birds fills the void of an otherwise silent afternoon, but for the occasional howl of an almost frustrated wind.  

“Times change, people change.”  

The crisp French tinged Canadian voice breaks the din as the camera turns to its culprit.  The new Legacy Champion stands, one hand in his left pocket, the other gripping carefully at the gold placed so finely across his shoulder.  

CBR: But at International Affair, one thing returned to normal...that is me, CBR, wearing the belt I imagined into life over a year ago.  

The black, polished shoes of the Dynasty founder press firmly onto fallen leaves, creating a light crunch as he moves slowly forward.  This is Stanley Park, Vancouver - and of course, he was here for Wrestleshow.   

CBR: I shall give credit where credit is due John, you put up one hell of a fight.  But, at the end of the day, Claude Baptiste Ranier is too much for most competitors on the planet, let alone some piss ant from Chicago whose only claim to fame was defeating a washed up Arab.  

The curl in his lip rises in the corner, Ranier looking to his left and slightly up.  The cool wind quite obviously nips at his cheek, the cuffed pink shirt finely tailored beneath the navy blue pin stripe jacket.  

CBR: And so, mere weeks after the belt has come home, it is only fitting that The Canadian Star comes back home himself.  

The camera circles around the Legacy Champ, stopping at his side as Claude stops his walk.  His wrist adorned with the silver and platinum shine of a vintage Baume Mercier watch.  

CBR: did you wrangle this one kid? 

Claude’s face returns to the camera, the shadows building up beneath his eyes from the sway of branches above.  

CBR: Five minutes into your UTA career and you've won yourself a title shot and as of this Monday will have stepped inside the squared circle with the greatest athlete in the world not once but twice...this time no less on my coronation day in front of my countrymen.  Management has clearly closed up shop and run out of ideas...but I digress.  

Claude takes his second hand out of his pocket to brush a few loose strands of hair distractingly swaying in the wind in front of his eyes.  

CBR: The fact is, this Monday I get you one on one.  No matter how ridiculous it might seem, you find yourself across the ring from a wrestling giant and the last true icon of the UTA.  You, Duke, who committed the most cowardly of acts in your debut match against Jesse and I.  The facts don't lie Dibbins, and the facts say you're in real trouble.  

Ranier walks forward again, passing the camera and raising his arm into the air before turning round to face the camera again whilst gesturing around him.  

CBR: This...all of this, is history.  Western Red Cedar, Bigleaf Maple, Douglas Fir.  Some of these trees have stood for centuries, witnessing history.  Some of these very trees stood here when Napoleon was stirring up the hounds of Europe.  They were here when nations were born and stood here long before the first little white men eagerly boarded their floating vehicles of war to wipe out yet another indigenous species.  

Claude walks slowly over to one such tree, placing his palm onto the bark of the trunk.  

CBR: And these very trees will bear witness on Wrestleshow as Claude Baptiste Ranier begins his second title reign in glorious fashion with the destruction of yet another United Toughness Joke.  

Ranier looks slowly up the tree disappearing into the sky before returning his gaze back down and readjusting the title on his shoulder. 

CBR: You shouldn't have done what you did on Wrestleshow Forty Seven.  You shouldn't have taken the cheap way out Duke, should have accepted the inevitable that we...Kendrix and CBR...are unbeatable on the worst of days.  You shouldn't have Duke, but you did.  And now the Devil wants his due… 

Claude turns to face the camera, stepping a few inches closer to the lens.  

CBR: On Monday night, on Wrestleshow, I will make a statement.  This is a new era, my era...the age of the Canadian Star.  Live with it or die from it, you have one hell of an opportunity to step up on Monday, one hell of an opportunity to gain some recognition, some credibility in this sport you defile with your incomprehensible vocabulary and deformed walrus IQ.  

Ranier lifts the title and motions to the camera with it.  

CBR: But we both know you won't, we both know you can't.  Unlike your brother who had his microsecond in the sun Duke, the image of this title on the other side of your screen is the closest you will ever get to a UTA Title.  You're a thorn Duke, nothing more...and this Monday, I have you removed...permanently.

Claude stops and drops his title back down over his shoulder.  The grin palpable across his face, Ranier glances at the camera as the picture fades 

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