Title: A Sit Down Interview With Lance Mikes
Featuring: Lance Mikes
Date: 07/12/2015
Location: A hotel room in Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

||Scene One||

It’s been a rough couple of years for this superstar; the ups and downs haven’t really bothered him that much as it happens to everyone in life but the passing of his best friend recently has affected him more than he lets out. They weren’t just friends, they were family. Family isn’t just blood relations, family are those who are there for you through thick and thin. The two were friends for over 20 years, close to 25. He suddenly passed away, leaving behind four sisters, a brother, a wife and three beautiful children.

The passing happened so suddenly and came out of the blue and has affected the whole community in a small town where they grew up together.

The scene opens with Lance Mikes is sat in his hotel room. He hasn’t really paid for an expensive room like he usually does. He isn’t too bothered about money but he just wants to be left alone, so he has got a cheap room in a cheap hotel. He’s sat alone with the lights off; the curtains are drawn to stop any form or light coming in. He’s on a chair in the corner of the room lost in his own thoughts.

“Am I still good enough to be in a wrestling ring? Should I even lace up a pair of boots and attempted to make a come back or should I just walk away from it all now and save myself the embarassment of failure? I’m 30 years old and getting closer and closer to 31. I’m not getting any younger. My body has been through countless battles over the years, pyhsically and mentally.”

Lance stands up and walks over to the curtains and opens them. The sudden burst of light hurts his eyes as he covers his eyes with his hands for a few seconds as his eyes adjust to the brightness from outside. He stands looking out of the window into the streets. He can see cars driving past and he can also hear people as they talk amongst each other as they walk, whiles thinking to himself.

"Should I stop this whole come back now, should I just up and leave UTA and never look back? What would he think of me if I did? He'd call me a loser, he'd call me a quitter and i'm neither of them and neither was he but it just seems the easiest thing to do right now. It seems the only option I have in front of me, but ya see it isn't the only option for me. No - No! You see I could pick myself up, dust myself off, get back in the gym and start training my ass off for my return to this business. This business has always been there for me when I needed it, hell I more or less grew up in his industry. I learn how life really was through the countless backstabbings, the betrayals, the heartaches and such that I had through my long successful career. Me coming back could ruin my legacy that I once had, It could ruin the image that I build of myself over the years. Heck! in one short come back all the hard work, all the effort I put in throughout my career would have all been a waste but I'm not going to let it happen! I'm not going to disgrace my legacy because of my god damn fucking stupidity! I've done some stupid things in my career but I'll be damned if I ruin my whole career by just not performing, by just not being all there. I refuse to let this depression over come me, I refuse to let this heartache and pain get the better of me because I know if he was still here he'd want me to get up off my ass and go out there and show the whole world just who the hell Lance Mikes is and by God I will do just that!"

Lance walks over to a small table set with a few of his belongings and a mirror. He puts his hands down on to the table and looks at himself in the mirror. You can see the long beard that is beginning to grow and the bags under his eyes. He looks like he's hung over but Lance hasn't touched a drink since his friend passed away - He just looks that rough! He shakes his head and begins to think again. 

"Look at you, look at what you have become? You say WHY? JUST LOOK AT ME! Hell I don't think anyone wants to fucking look at you in the state you are in. Dust yourself off, fix yourself up and get ready for the interview that you have scheduled soon. You really want your first interview in UTA to be done when you are in this state, fuck! You really need to take a long look in the mirror and think about what is you actually want from this return, this come back in wrestling, in UTA. Do you want to disgrace your legacy you worked so hard to get or do you want to carry on your legacy and prove to the world that you are exactly who you say you are? You see the only person who can decide what path to take is yourself. No one is going to come in here and help you dust off the ring rust and all your problems. No one is going to come here and click there fingers to make all this bullshit disappear. The only person who can fix all this, the only person who can determine the outcome for you, is YOU yourself."

Lance covers his face with his hands and then begins to hit himself in the face whiles shouting.

"Your Lance FUCKING Mikes!"

He hits himself, over and over again. At least seven or eight times whiles shouting this louder and louder each time. After he stops he shakes his head and heads off to the bathroom. As the door closes behind him the scene begins to fade out to black. 

||Scene Two||

The scene opens about a hour after we last saw Lance Mikes. Did you see the state he was in? Do you think this guy is fit to wrestle? Hell I don't even think he thinks he is fit to wrestle. We hear a knock on the door. 

Lance Mikes: Hold on, I'm on my way!

A few seconds later the camera turns to face Lance Mikes. Well damn! This is NOT the same person we saw about an hour or so ago. The beard is gone, clean shaven! The hair isn't a mess. He looks a lot fresher than he did before. Heck, it looks like he has even taken a shower and decide to make a go of this. Lance walks over to the door, dressed in a pair of black paints with a dark maroon shirt on. He looks well dressed and to finish off he has on a pair of nice black boots. He opens the door and on the other side of the door is the interviewer from Sports Direct Magazine. 

Lance Mikes: Hey, sorry about that. I was just... Well you don't wanna know. Just come on in.

The interviewer: Thank you Mr Mikes.

The interviewer walks in and Lance closes the door. The interviewer walks towards a small table set to the side near the window. It has two seats and two bottles of water. The interview takes a seat, to the left of the camera, and Lance takes the other.

The interviewer: Sorry Mr Mikes, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm John, John Higgins. I'm fairly new to all this.

Lance Mikes: No worries John. Have you ever done any interviewers before?

John Higgins: I've done interviewers but none with such a huge name such as yourself. 

Lance Mikes: Well, I appreciate you saying that but honestly I'm not a huge name. I haven't been in this industry for around a decade. After looking in from the outside this game has changed so much I feel like I'm new here. 

John takes out a tape recorder and sets it up on the middle of the table, between the two bottles of water. John seems nervous so he takes the bottle of water closest to himself and opens it up and takes a gulp and screws the lid back and sets the bottle back on the table. 

John Higgins: I'm ready when you are Mr Mikes.

Lance Mikes: You aren't going to be calling me Mr Mikes throughout this interview are you kid? Just call me Lance, it'll be easier for us both. 

John Higgins: No problem Mr.. Mi- I mean Lance.

Lance Mikes: I'm ready kid. Lets do this!

John Higgins leans over and hits the record button. He leans back in his chair and begins to speak.

John Higgins: Ladies and gentlemen this is John Higgins with Sports Direct Magazine. I'm sat here with none other than UTA's newest wrestler. The man that we have come to know as Lance Mikes. 

Lance Mikes: Thank you John!

John Higgins: Firstly, I would like to just say it's a huge honour to be able to sit here and do this interview with you Lance. I'm a huge wrestling fan and I've been a fan of yours for a long time. I'm excited to say the least that you are making a come back. With saying that how did this come back happen?

Lance Mikes: Well John, it's pretty simple. I've kept in touch with a few old friends from the wrestling world and I've been keeping my eye on a few of the promotions. An old friend who joined UTA not so long ago, Jarvis Valentine, called me up and we began talking about UTA and how excited he was with it. Then we began talking about the old days, back when I use to wrestle alongside Jarvis in different promotions and all the memories came back. We spoke back and forth for a couple of days, maybe a week? Then the next thing I know I was flying over to UTA Headquarters to see if we could agree on terms and honestly we agreed pretty quickly.

John Higgins: Now, we've all come to know Lance Mikes as some what of a controversial figure where ever he goes. What I mean is we are use to seeing controversy around you in any federation you become a part of, whether in a wrestling capacity or none wrestling. Are we to expect the same from you here in UTA or is all that just a distant memory?

Lance Mikes: They don't call me Mr Controversy for no reason John. Am I going to go be the same old asshole I was back in the days? Am I going to go around doing anything and everything I want to? The simple answer is no John. I'm not the same person I was ten years ago, I'm not that same brash, cocky, in your face, egotistical maniac I once was known to be. Over the years, I've had off from wrestling. The near long decade I've been away, I've had a chance to think about what I've done, who I've done it to and to realise that my actions not only affect me and the person involved but also the people around us, the fans and also the federation. So I've come to realise that most of the things I did back then were kind of stupid. Did those people deserve what happened to them? Some maybe but some not as much. 

John Higgins: Saying that it seems you regret what you did in the past and maybe who you did it to. Do you plan on addressing these issues with those people at any point?

Lance Mikes: John, I don't regret anything I did. I don't regret my shoot interview I did against the owner of a federation that I won't name cause I don't want to give them the exposure. I don't regret ending my own brothers wrestling career. I don't regret turning on my own flesh and blood, my brother Ray Mikes. I don't regret any of it one bit. You see if I didn't do the things I did in the past I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't this man you see before you. I wouldn't be Lance FUCKING Mikes! I wouldn't be The Man The World Envies, The Worlds Greatest Athlete, The Human Hype! 

With his final word Lance begins to smile. He feels better about himself now than he did hours ago when we saw him. He seems to have found himself a little and you can tell this in the words he speaks.

John Higgins: We saw you debut on Wrestleshow 49 in UTA. However, we've yet to see you wrestle in UTA. We expect to see your in ring debut at Wrestleshow 50. Your first opponent is Cormick O Conner. A Fellow man from Britian. Firstly, do you feel you are ready to wrestle again after so much time out of the business?

Lance grabs the bottle on the table and unscrews the lid. He takes a few big gulps to help quench his thirst after all the talking he has done. By now he should be use to it but after the ten years away it might take a while for him to get his mouth back. He puts the bottle back down on the table and puts the lid next to it. 

Lance Mikes: Do I feel like I'm ready? Honestly, only time will tell if I am actually ready to wrestle again after so many years away from it all. I've been in and out of the gym over the years and since I signed with UTA I've been spending a lot of time in the gym to help get my fitness back but I've yet to train in a wrestling ring since I signed. Maybe I'm putting it off way too much because my first match is set for 21 December 2015. That's about two weeks away right? You must be thinking how can I get myself ring ready in just over two weeks? It probably isn't possible John but I'm taking each day as it comes, when I'm ready to get in that ring and train I'll know the moment I wake up. It could be today, it could be tomorrow. Heck! It might the morning of the 21 December. Honestly I've never really heard of Cormick O Conner before, I saw him wrestle at Wrestleshow 49 but I was really that impressed with him. I've seen plenty of guys like him come and go in this industry. None stand close to me, Lance Mikes, in that ring. Yeah I've been away for a decade but I've still got all the talent, all the in ring ability I had before. WHY?! JUST LOOK AT ME!

John Higgins: Well that about wraps up this interview. Thank you once again Lance.

Lance Mikes: No problem John anytime!

With that being side, John leans over the table and shakes hands with Lance Mikes. He turns off the recording and picks up his belongings. Lance gets up and walks over to the door with John and opens the door as John then walks out. Lance closes the door as the scene begins to fade to black.

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