Title: jack hunter fucks your bitch
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: today
Location: HELL!!!!!!!!
Show: Victory XLII

The scene fades in!!!!! TO HELL!!!1 that is where jack hunter lives sometimes when he is not living in the streets he chose hell because it is for tough strong men like him and you have to be tough to leave in hell like jack!!!!


It is hot in hell and there is fire and demons and flames and lava and volcanoes and nickelback and other things like dead terrorists but jack is not dead even though he is in hell

Jack is looking very serious and tough today and his wife is here jack huntress

Jack hunter: “””well well well it is me again Jack Hunter AKA the SUPERBEST AKA the STREET FIGHTER AKA THE LITTLE BRUISER hash tag the NEW STREAK!!! Last time you saw me I street fighted the blue scorpion and the new streak is now 25-0 HASh TAG!”””

He puts on some heavy metal and does a headbang

Jack hunter: HAHAHAHAAHA!!!”

Suddenly satan comes up to jack

Satan: sup jack a/s/l?

Jack Hunter: “fuck u Stan I am the boss of hell now not you!!!””

Satan: ok

Big stan tries to run away but jack catches him and hits him with the triple backflip judo spinning grassy knoll gnome squasher AKA a headlock and satan falls into lava and dies

Jack hunter: “now that I have street fighted Satan and little bruised him the new HASHTAG STREAK is 24-0 and soon it will be your turn BRELLIS I don’t like you and I am going to street fight the shit out of you when we wrestle okay

He does some gang signs like 2pac actually probably more like biggie jack thinks 2pac’s music is over rated and is greatly overstated due to his cultural impact okay?

Now jack is looking very vampirey

Jack hunter: “”listen BRELLIS I am not just going to win I am going to little bruise you in the face then I am going to street fight you and then I will win but before I win I will destructionate and CONQUERIFY you because you are not good at wrestling!!! I know you are not good because you don’t win matches lol but I do I am undefeated hardcore champion and number one contender to la flammy booby after I won da gauntlet against eric dean and u cant stop me don’t you agree

Jack hunter: ps u look like a pervert lol

Jack hunter fucks your bitch and steals the microwave

Jack: bye bye                                                                                                              4

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