Title: A Year Of LewTA
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 13/12/15
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XLII

The scene opens up as the camera fades in from black. The Prodigy Championship, folded nicely, surrounded by tinsel and other various Christmas decorations takes up most of the shot. In a brief moment of classy animation skill, a snowflake flutters by and leaves a swirly white typeface at the top, center of the screen, written with the words: "Dear, Santa."

Momentarily, a voice breaks the silent noises of bells and carol singers.

???: Dear, Santa.

The text starts filling the screen in the fun holiday-themed font, where a voice reads out what turns up on screen.

???: Now, as far as people know and can see. I've already got what I wanted this year. I've been a very good boy about it too!

The text fades and more comes up.

???: But, there is one other thing I've wanted ever since I was given the jolly good news that you were coming to town!

A hand from the black grabs the belt and moves it out of frame.

???: I wanted to make sure that you knew the pain you caused this not so little boy exactly one year ago.

The camera turns on a swivel into the black facing out into a light in the dark. A figure in white can be made out in the distance, it walks forwards and reveals themself to be Lew, new Prodigy Champion.

Lew: I want to make sure Santa gets a bunch of coal in his stocking at upcoming Victory.

The text and voice fade out as Lew stares deep into the camera. His live reaction takes over.

L:'s been an entire year since we last met in the ring. For Seasons Beatings. To which you beat me. Wow, how time flies by...that was at Victory Eighteen! You...were a huge turning point in my career. I got beat, many times, by a guy dressing up as Santa. I was weak, unknowledgable, skill-less. It must've been excrutiatingly hard for me to grasp then that I was getting beat by a fat guy who dresses and acts like Santa. I look back at it now a face palm at the thought. Look where I am now, Santa. I am the Prodiy Champion. You gave me the best gift of all when we last battled and that was unforseen determination for when we cross paths again.

Lew shakes his head and waves his arms about.

L: Sure, I had my ups and downs along the way. Having the biggest loss record of any of the wrestlers to date. But they were well fought losses. I didn't flunk out and lose because I didn't give it my all...I lost because that's how it was meant to be. I climbed ever so slowly starting the new year then dropped back down to an average if not poor level. Then came this golden opportunity. Other than the few others who made this a reality, you were the most iconic for me at important times of the year. It's no secret, I have to defend this beaut a week from now. But I won't have that happen. Never.

Lew pauses for a moment to wrap it around his waist. He looks at it smiling.

L: Fits me nicely, doesn't it? I hope this is evident enough that I'm not some sort of push over no more just because last time I checked you were six hundred pounds in weight. I've UTA matured, the wrestlers here have hardened me to the harshest of the harsh and the easiest of the easy. I've been through every trial and now it comes full circle where I finally get to meet you again.

Lew crossed his arms.

L: You expect the same's going to happen, new champion runs his mouth thinking that he'll take out someone just because he has a bit of gold? Well, that's the point. I snatched this title from a woman who refused to keep her mouth closed and didn't concentrate on what being a champion means. I know what being a champion means and what it requires of me. And I can give that AND MORE. This belt is the fruit of all my labours since I last stepped foot inside the ring with you.

Lew looks into the camera and walks into the darkness.

L: You best ready your holly-jolly butt Santa. Because this is where you fall off your high sleigh of reindeer and finally give good will to me! That's all I want from you! A handshake, a nod, some acknowledgment that I'm no longer a reborn beginner. I'm a hardened UTA wrestler and when I win at Victory, let that prove nothing but my improvement since I came here.

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