Title: A mall and a Fluffy
Featuring: Xander Hayes
Date: 12/11/2015
Location: Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The camera fades up on X, who’s hair is swept back and gelled into a perfect pompadour and his normal black hoodie and cargo pants have been exchanged for a nice purple suit with green trim. He smiles to the camera as he nods and opens his arms wide and spins as the camera follows him in the circle as we see a mall in some town with people milling about. X is seen next to an escalator. X then looks around and laughs a bit as he regains some composure.

X: Dan Benson I see you’ve returned to the Alliance as have I, how quant, but what’s funny is how over a year has come full circle. I’m not sure if you remember our match or not? Perhaps you do, I mean you won and moved forward on the Ring King tournament, while I went down to face Sean Jackson.

X nods a bit as he looks at the escalator and smiles sheepishly.

X: So Dan maybe you don’t remember our match which is fine, I mean you wrestled the joke of the UTA. I wouldn’t remember crap either if I were you but sadly I remember stuff I shouldn’t. but I’m not here about that match. Well maybe I am heh.

X walks to the escalator and looks at it as he smiles and places a hand on it and starts to slide up as he falls and stands up quickly and looks around.

X: So Dan hehe what level are you on? I mean you posed this question to me in some place in North Carolina, oh the Bank of America Corporate Center, that’s right, now I remember. See Dan you think I care about the so called corporate ladder? I think not, see since you’ve returned into the UTA I’m still the fun loving idiot abroad that..

X realizes he’s starting to ramble as he looks at his suit and takes off the tie.

X: OK that’s a bit better. Dan you think you should be on the top floor; do you remember that? You seem to be under the thought that I’m in the middle and you were on top. But let’s look at something here, maybe this will help you answer that question of long ago. Well here’s something funny. You are currently three and ten with two no contests. While I’m eight and six with a draw. So how could you be on the top floor? You couldn’t wrestle yourself out of a wet paper bag let alone fight a noodle hehehe.

X shakes his head and takes off the jacket and set’s it on the escalator and shakes himself a bit..

X: Ahh getting better. Now Dan you’ve had your heyday in other promotions, but it seems you came here to the UTA and well you’ve hit a road block. Maybe with your return you should have returned to the other promotions? You should have it all shouldn’t you? But yet, how did you leave UTA? Wasn’t that something that we could dive into?

X smiles and looks around, he nods as he then takes off his shirt and a black T shirt is seen with a green X on the front with an image of a headless Teddy bear underneath it. X tries not to laugh but a grin is now big and bright.

X: Dan you were crushed by one David Hightower then you faded away back into nothingness? What happen Dan? Couldn’t handle a man to kick your butt into nothingness? Or was it you wanted his dog on the side… Er sorry..

X regains some thoughts as he shakes his head..

X: Sorry folks I can’t do this anymore.. I thought I could come out here and be all business like and just do something that’s not me.

X screams as the people on the mall look at X and shake their heads X then walks to where the camera is and grabs it and turns it we see Fluffy with cue cards all over the place with what X has said and X screams at the Bottle as he starts to rip the cards in half.

X: Why can’t you be like Teddy? Why can’t you let me have my fun? Sean Jackson has Teddy and I want him back, that’s all I’m here for is my manager and that’s it. See Sean What you’ve done isn’t going to go over well. You gave a voice to Teddy which isn’t his own.. You’ve made a bad choice Sean and I will get Teddy back, one way or another. And mark my words Sean I will do anything to get Teddy back, and if I have to maim you I will.

X Then looks at Fluffy and shakes his head and walks back to the escalator and starts to laugh.

X: Now back to the matter at hand. Dan I honestly don’t care about you or where you are from. You made choices as I’ve made choices. I left after my loss to Sean and the night he stole Teddy. I’ve come back to get my manager back. You sir are a road block in my way to get Teddy back. Your past, Present, and future don’t matter to me. You could have been the world’s best whatever and it doesn’t matter. All that matters to me is getting my beloved manager back.

X starts to pace a bit and hitting himself in the head a few times.

X: Dan you know the feeling of having something taken from you. You are a loser like me. You are an idiot like me. You keep fooling yourself with these delusions of grandeur. You think you have everything but yet Sean Jackson has eluded you hasn’t he? You keep following him and trying to gain the upper hand, and yet you’ve failed. Yet I haven’t failed in all reality or have I?

X ponders that a moment and we see yet another grin appears.

X: Dan you’re a washed up old hack. You’ve made your mark in other places and you can’t even get above .500 in your stay here. Why is that Dan? I know I’m beating the dead horse but… heheh think about it. What’s the problem Dan can’t get over being in the big boy’s room heh?

X starts to glare at Fluffy.

X: You shut up. Just shut your cake hole and stay shut. I’ll deal with you later.. I have an idea for you to do but for now just sit there and be like a child, seen but not heard hahahaha.

X stops laughing and looks serious.

X: Dan it’s time for you to choose your fate and turn the crank. Let’s see if I will allow you to get past me, cause right now you are Sean Jackson in my eyes and I just want to make you feel the pain I have right now, there is nothing else to live by right now Dan. You’ve come back at the wrong time and you will understand I’m not the same goofball I was over a year ago. What I want it one thing and if you try to stop me you’ll feel the love in my heart hehe. The love of a man who’s lost everything.

X starts to nod.

X: Dan you pulled my hair out on our first match and you got a small hand of what I’m really like, you want to say you are better then everyone and yet on the books your worse than I. Get your head out of that black hole and wise up. Cause I will unleash full insanity on you. If I have to cheat to win I will, If I have to bring the whole fridge and empty the entire thing on you I will. Cause it’s time to allow the insanity to grow and as of right now I’m focused on one thing and sadly you are blocking it at the moment. Enjoy the quiet time and think about retirement again cause if I have to go David Hightower on you I will and we all know how that ended hahahahaha..

X then grabs fluffy and makes his way to the escalator and hops on as he waves leaving a mess on the floor from the cards.

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