Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: today
Show: Victory XLII

Well well well well wrestlingutah dot com it is me jack hunter aka the street fighter aka the little bruiser aka THE SUPERBEST and i am here to do a blogging on the internets because I am not just the toughest man in the world oh no I am the toughest man on the internets too all of them every single internets I am the toughest man on them all HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This is my blog and in it I am going to talk about Brellis who I am going to beat at the victory wrestling okay

Brellis I am coming for you I am going to street fight you so bad that you will never go on another street ever again because you will be so scared of being street fighted!!!!!!!! I am the young john claude van dam mixed with arnie schwarzeenibbles and Vladimir Poontang and I am very strong brellis and very good at the wrestles

U can not beat me brellis u look like a farty fart man hahahaha!!! You have a stupid face that I will cover with little bruises you fartman and when I am fighting you I will smile because you will die



I am going to fill you with pain yes I am going to cover you with pain and put pain on your eyes and in your ears and up your nose but not your ass hole that would be too sexy for tv and also I do not like sexing mens I have a wife jack huntress we are very happy thanks

Have you seen me fight before brellis I have already won against SKYLAR MOUNTGOBLIN ERIC DANE and also I street fighted you in the gauntlet match when I won and became uta number one contender HASH TAg NEW STREAK 27-0!!!!! UNDEFEATED AND UNDISPOOOTED!!! But I don’t just street fight humans I also street fight deadly things like dinosaurs and animals once I even superkicked some penguins in the arctic triangle so don’t mess with me and my COW DDT

Anyway I am busy man now I must go be the SUPERBEST and do raps and gang signs and other cool stuff bye

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