Title: jack hunter in a tank!!!!!1
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: SOON
Location: straight outta compton
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

the scene FADES IN!!!!111 and we find the street fighter aka the little bruiser AKA the wrestling GOAT aka THE SUPERBEST jack hunter in a store and he is with his wife jack huntress and it is a store that sells things okay

jack hunter: “word bitch!!!!”

the SUPERBEST does his normal gang signs then a backflip and some parkour off the shelves which have lots of things on them like steel chairs and rats and trash cans and rats

jack Hunter: “HAHAHAHA!!””

a man comes up to jack he works in the story his name is bogger

Bogger: “hi welcome to my store can I help”

Jack Hunter: “yes I need hardcore weapons for my hardcore title defence against the dibbinziz and also tom cruise and also sexy hardon because I am the SUPERBEST and get me weapons now or I will street fight you”

Bogger: “”say no more fam””

Bogger goes away n lookz for weapons and jack does a scary face and this causes your cat to do a pee and then die whoops sorry about that

JACK HUNTER: “so the Utah wrestling decides I must defend my hardcore title again well that is fine I will win again and become 31-0 AKA UNDEFEATIFIED HASH TAG NEW STREAK!!!!” I WILL STREET FIGHT ALL OF THEM AND I WILL WIN AND THEY WILL LOSE BECAUSE I HAVE DEFEATED THEM WHICH MEAN I WIN!!!!!!!!!””””””


Jack HUNTER: “my first opponent is SEXY HARDON well I don’t think you are very sexy and I also don’t think you are hard in fact I think you are soft HAHAHAHAHA so you will not beat me and also your name sounds like a male reproductive organ hahaha SEXY HARDON ur parents gave u a shit name!!!! also I will beat dibbinzez because they cant use English language good like me””””

Bogger comes back with loads of weapons like bazookas and knifes and tanks in fact he is riding on a tank made of bazookas and knives and tanks he jumps out and does a flip in the air but jack street fights him and hits the COW DDT and steals stuff because nobody can stop the superbest

Jack Hunter: “finally TOM CRUISE I have seen your movie top guns it was shit and I was glad when geese died HAHAHAHAHA!¬!!! take that you shitbum”

he piddles on bogger’s corpose n leaves in the tank with his wife n they stop at burger king to get dem whopperz but they accidentally crush da drive through and kill everyone inside lol but it was a good burger so totes worth it

jack hunter: “da da da da da im luvin it”

fuck Ronald mcdonald



OOC: gd luk 2 all my opponenz I was really feelin da thunda in this one fink it is my best work u agree????!

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