Title: A year in the making
Featuring: Santa Claus
Date: 12/11/2015
Location: Santa's Cottage
Show: Victory XLII

The scene opens inside the "cottage home" of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The view is familiar, as it has been the same location that all of the previous filming has taken place. There are dark, clean hardwood floors that stretch across the entire room, the only thing on the floor is a white polar bear skin rug resting right in front of the fireplace. The room is also filled with two rocking chairs, each adjusted slightly towards the fireplace, so the Mr. and Mrs. can watch the fire crackle away.


Santa is seen rocking away in one of the chairs, wearing a pair of red overalls and a white undershirt. His hands are holding a large, overflowing plate of cookies, and resting next to him on a small table is a large cup of hot chocolate with multi-colored marshmallows. Mrs. Claus is seen sitting in the other chair, her hands busy too, but crocheting something, probably for one of the elves.


Santa looks over at his wife and smiles.


Santa: Well Mary, we are only two weeks away from Christmas, can you believe it?


Mary looks up from her crochet needles and shakes her head, her massive bosoms shake just as mightily.


Mrs. Claus: I can't. It just seems like a little while ago we were planning for the New Year, and now it's already nearing the end of it. I sure hope all of those naughty folks last year have been nice this year.


Santa nods his head in agreement with his much too-young wife.


Santa: I know some have taken a better path and been good all year, while a few have done nothing of the sort. In fact, I was just looking at the Naughty and Nice List this year, and you wouldn't believe who has actually been a far nicer young man than I expected.


Mrs. Claus: Who would that be, dear?


Santa leans forwards and smirks as he responds.


Santa: Lew Smith.


Mrs. Claus looks shocked, so shocked that she almost drops her crochet needles.


Mrs. Claus: You're joking?


Now it's Santa's turn to shake his head.


Santa: No ma'am, it's true. He's made a real change for the better, and while he may like to pretend that he's a tough whippersnapper, I know that he's a changed man.


Mrs. Claus: That's nice to hear. I was so worried for him after the terrible things he did to you last year.


Santa: As was I. But luckily, it appears he has turned a new leaf. Now the only problem is hoping that he doesn't try to aim for a repeat this year when we face off against one another again this coming week.


Mrs. Claus arcs up an eyebrow at her husband.


Mrs. Claus: Are you sure you want to go through that again? Don't you remember the last time you and he wrestled against each other? You were left hurting for months. You could barely walk!


The sharpness of her tone makes no doubt that she's concerned about the jolly old guy sitting in the chair. He knows it, and pauses for a minute before speaking up.


Santa: Don't you worry a single hair on that beautiful head of yours. I won't let him get away with that, this year. I think it's going to be my time to get a win against him.


Mrs. Claus: But if it isn't?


Santa leans back in his chair, sighs, and rubs his forehead with two fingers.

Santa: Well then, love, it may be time that I made a change in the way I do things.


The friendly, upbeat persona returns as he beams a bright smile over at his wife.


Santa: But let's not worry about that. I'll be there handing out gifts to some of the nice kids at the arena, all of our fans will be there, and lastly, I will get to see all of my favorite wrestlers. Things are going to be looking up for us, my dear, just you wait and see.


Santa now grabs his hot chocolate and raises it up, tipping it ever so slightly towards his wife and takes a long drink as the scene fades out to black.

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