Title: Setting the Tone
Featuring: Yoshii
Date: 12/11/2015
Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Show: Victory XLII

Rust. It can be a pain in the butt. It can be a sore to the eyes. Take your pick.

All things made of iron or steel can rust at some point in their life span. When a massive Japanese sumo made of the same takes a break from a sport, then we'd expect no less.

We see a car pull into a parking lot as it blows by a gigantic sign that reads 'Kellogg's Cereal City" and has it's big red logo on it as well. The car finds a spot right away in the parking lot as it screetches to a stop. Out of the driver seat steps Jed Dye. He stands there scoping out the manufacturing plant as the sunrise beams behind his shoulders. He straightens his tie.

We see the car rise up a good six inches as if to hear the shocks gasp for air. Yoshii is out of the passenger seat now walking over by his mentor, Jed.


"And there it is. Home of the proud hard working factory man. The Kellogg's processing plant. There's nothing better to break your fast than sitting down in the morning eating some of the best cereal in the world."

Yoshii stops and stands right next to Jed while eyeing down the beautiful scenery of Cereal City. What a fun and friendly way to go about learning and admiring tasty food. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for the body on the day to come. For Yoshii and Jed, there may be a new tone to set forth.


"Yoshii can not believe eyes. So much of Yoshii favorites. So much fun ahead!"

Jed grins.


"I guess if you look at it in a KIDS mentality...sure. This is about all this city is good for. Not sure why a place called Battle Creek would settle for something as weak as cereal. You would think they'd endure the name and produce weapons, steel, battle gear, something within that genre. Oh well, I can't think of all ideas."

Jed nods his head towards the entry as Yoshii and him begin to head inside the 'city'.

Talk about an attraction. Statues of Tony the Tiger fulfill your eyes. Cereal boxes as high as the ceiling stand in the room. Truly a place for cereal fandom.


"Don't get too excited big man. I'll let you know it's it's play time. Right now. We're on a mission. We, I mean YOU can't use being rusty as an excuse for failure anymore. That's not an option."

Yoshii frowns. He felt that one.


"But Yoshii not wrestle since year ago. Yoshii try back on track. Yoshii sorry."

Jed puts his hand on the sumo's shoulder, comforting him.


"Look bud, I know. I understand. But that's NOT US. We need to set the tone. We need to get back to where we left off. Set the tone, Yosh."

Jed pats Yoshii's shoulder and tugs just a bit to initiate them moving on to what looks to be a little cafe area. The little shop looks to have every kind of Kellogg's cereal you could think of. YUMMY.

Jed walks up to the worker behind the counter where they're serving up bowls while Yoshii hangs back by the sitting area.


"Yeah, I'll take a bowl of that (points)...bowl of that (points)...OH can't forget that (points)...that right there too (points)...and, hmmm, yes...yes...that one right there (points again)."

The workers raises an eyebrow just a bit, confused and new to a customer ordering five bowls of cereal, however the worker goes about and gets all five cereal bowls and places them on a tray on the counter in front of Jed.


"What kind of milk would you like?"

Jed looks at the worker, then turns back and takes a good glimpse of Yoshii. There stands the five hundred plus beast of a man. Eagerly waiting for his good friend, Jed, to return.

Jed turns back to the worker.


"Heh, yeah...better go with SKIM MILK. Least fattiest, right? Heh."

The worker pours milk into each of the five bowls on the tray. He finishes up as Jed nods his head.


"Thank you my good sir."

He turns with the tray and makes his way to set the tray down on the table that Yoshii is now sitting at. The sumo is using two chairs to prop himself up safely, in fear of breaking a chair at such a fine establishment.

Jed sits down across from Yoshii as the tray sets right in the middle of the table. Yoshii keeps staring with love at the tray, ready to break his HUMONGOUS fast.


"Not just yet pal. Not just yet. You have five choices here. Right in front of you, just sitting there. I want you to look at this in the viewpoint of our current predicament in the UTA. Our current situation which has us pitted against Jeffery Andrews. How are we going to move forward?"

Just motions his hand to bowl one.


"This here is Honey Smacks. Looks like the same color of RUST. Why did I get this one? Simple. To make you see that I WON'T even LET you pick this one."

Jed smacks the bowl of Honey Smacks off the table as the cereal and milk scatters over the table and onto the floor. He motions to bowl two.

Yoshii's eyes widen. Jed means business.


"Here you could choose this kind, Apple Jacks. This would be as simple as just going through the motions and jacking around making us BOTH look like jackasses. Is that what you want to do? Continue making us look like jackasses?"

Yoshii shakes his head from side to side.


"I thought so. Now this third bowl, here is the classic Fruit Loops. Fruit. Flavorful. All the cool kids eat them, right? WHO CARES. We're not here to be COOL kids, Yosh. You know where all the cool kids are now when they're grown ups? Flipping the burgers and cooking the fries you eat at the local fast food joint because they banked on living off of their coolness. WELL, that's not ME and I will NOT let you do that either. You may think Lisil Jackson is a cool dude with cool style, but was it cool to lose to him in our return match?"

Yoshii shakes his head from side to side looking ashamed.


"Exactly. This fourth bowl has the CLASSIC Frosted Flakes, you know, the guy that has his own statue over there..."

Jed motions to the beautiful orange and black Tony the Tiger statue they passed as they walked in. Who doesn't know Tony the Tiger?

Yoshii licks his lips nearly salivating out of his mouth.


"...and in this fifth and last bowl, we have my all time favorite, made with real corn from the farm, Corn Pops."

Yoshii wiggles his nose a bit while looking intrigued by the brand of cereal he's never tried before. Not a real popular choice in Tokyo growing up, that's for sure.

Jed rests his hands in his lap and looks right straight into the eyes of his Japanese friend.


"Are you in the mood to make the CLASSIC choice of Frosted Flakes and just go about our ways the good ol' fashion traditional way that is boring, old, and always ends up the same way in the end.?Failure. Classic and traditional may seem like a logically choice because EVERYONE does it. EVERYONE knows and is familiar with it. Do you want to go into Victory against Jeff Andrews with classic tone of just going in there to win?"

Jed nods his head now into the direction of the Corn Pops.


"Or...Yosh...or are you ready to make a POP? Are you ready to set the tone that WE'RE hear to mean business and that even though you were away from the game for a bit, you have come back different and a changed man? A change for the better. Stronger. More confident. Heck, even FASTER. Are you ready to POP back up to that status we once were? To use this, this Andrews loser a tone setter and get US back the tone WE need to be successful again?"

Yoshii realizes he's down to two. As much as he would thoroughly enjoy all fiv-, I mean FOUR bowls or cereal left, he needs to make a decision. As fond of Lisil Jackson as he is, it's never fun to ANYONE. Especially when you have a friend, a BEST FRIEND that is truly looking out for the best for you and him. Yoshii doesn't want to let Jed down anymore. Should he stick to his CLASSIC Frosted Flake ways that got him to the title back in his glorious championship run...or should he reach for higher prizes and make the POP he never could before?

Frosted Flake. Corn Pops. Which one is the right choice...which one sounds more APPETIZING?

Yoshii put his finger to his mouth as he thinks hard and deep. Jed stares back intensly, hoping his former king of the mountain realizes he knows what best...for 'him'.


"The choice is yours."

Yoshii reaches out for the Frosted Flakes. He stops. His forehead wrinkles. He's thinking hard. He reaches for the Corn Pops. He stops. Still trying to decide. Should he go for the Fruit Loops? No! That's for the cool kids like Perfection.


Jed smirks as Yoshii grabs a bowl and starts chowing down on it.


"Excellllllent choice buddy. I'll be with you the WHOLE way. WE can do this together. Screw the past. Screw Lisil Jackson. It's time for US to set the tone of our future. Enough with the's time to make a POP!"

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