Title: The Words Of Lisil: Underestimating Your Opponent
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 12/11/2015
Location: Jamaica
Show: Victory XLII

The scene opens on a bright sunny beach where. The camera pans around showing the waves crashing into the ocean. The camera turns to show The Jamaican Inspiration himself Lisil Jackson jogging on the beach. He is dressed in a black long sleeve shirt, and a pair of black track pants. He stops in front of the camera taking a deep breath. 

"UTA! I told ya dat believin in yaself can accomplish some amazin feats! Dat was dee case when I went out dere against Yoshii! Dee biggest win o' ma career!" 

Lisil smiles boldly as he looks out to the sea taking in the beach's beauty. 

"But I can't stop here mon! Cuz now dat I knocked off a forma UTA World Champ, people are now lookin at Lisil Jackson in a different light... Dey now know dat dee Jamaican Inspiration ain't some sorta joke like dey be lettin on up until now!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration takes a drink from his water bottle in his hand before he continues. 

"Now dis week I go up against an individual named Carny Sinclair... I'm goin ta be honest... I really don't know who dis brudda is... Howeva I want ya ta open ya ears fo dese are dee words o' Lisil Jackson!" 

Lisil Jackson clears his throat. 

"Facin off against someone like Carny Sinclair is dee perfect opportunity ta teach dis lesson... Ya see I may not know who Carny Sinclair is but I can not underestimate dis brudda! Ya see Sinclair may be a very established combatant... And he has a great opportunity sittin in front o' him in tryin ta beat me!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior nods his head before he continues. 

"But see I can't tell ya in dee art o' combat how many times someone has lost all cuz he didn't respect his opponent's ability... Carny I want ya ta make dee most o' dis opportunity! I want ya ta show dee UTA what ya can do! Cuz mon I don't plan on holdin back!" 

Lisil Jackson laughs a little before taking a combat stance. 

"I have trained too hard and have climbed too high ta stop now! First Carny Sinclair... And den I be fightin fo gold! And finally I will be able ta bring glory back ta dee islands! JAMAICA STRONG!" 

And with those words said Lisil Jackson continues to jog down the beach as the scene fades to black. 

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