Title: Tell Him
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 12/16/15
Location: n/a
Show: Victory XLIII


Haynes: “Jed, it’s real simple.”

Haynes is looking a bit rough around the edges. Bags underneath his sunken eyes, a three day beard. Even his fade is uncharacteristically unkempt. Some might think he was on a bender but he isn’t.

He’s aggravated. He’s not sleeping well. He’s hurtin’. Imagine getting jumped a few shows in a row and not taking any pain medication for those bumps and bruises. That Triple Powerbomb, that stuff doesn’t exactly tickle.

Haynes: “Your boy had somethin’ that I want, n’ I wanna know how I can get it.”

Haynes clenches his two fists and taps them together lightly, realizing that he can’t just pull out a cigarette. He bites down hard on his lip, trying to curb the craving.

Haynes: “The UTA World Title. I mean that’s what this whole thing is all about.”

Haynes motions with his hands as if a storyboard was in front of him. Maybe pieces of string connecting his whole collection of thoughts on the current Pantheon problem in the UTA.

Haynes: “Jed, tell Yoshii that right now he’s just standin’ in my way. Tell him that I respect what he’s done in the past, the way he stormed int’ this company, n’ just took what he wanted. What he earned.”

“Tell him I respect the way he can still, after all this time, send a chill down the back a’ Perfection’s neck.”

Haynes nods his head, his eyes roll to the side for a brief second. The events of last Victory still on his mind. Beating the Number One Contender would’ve went a long way into getting himself a title shot.

Haynes: “But make sure you tell him t’ step aside.”

“He can step aside n’ let me tackle Eric Dane, let me break even with Bobby Dean, let me send Madman back t’ the retirement he deserves. OR, Jed. OR.”

Haynes holds a finger up. There’s always another way out.

Haynes: “OR, Jed, Yoshii can rise up. He can show up t’ this one n’ make like he actually cares t’ be back. You can only blame ring rust for so long, Jed. You know the truth, deep down. You know that Yoshii doesn’t like t’ lose, doesn’t like being here for losing streaks at all.

“He’d rather eat himself silly over in Japan, win a few sumo matches, collect money in droves, n’ tell us t’ beat it. So when one turns t’ two, n’ two begins t’ morph int’ three, he checks out. He’s probably gonna wanna face me, like he wants t’ face a twelve gauge t’ the side a’ the head but life is unfair.”

“Believe me, Jed, I should know.”

Haynes smirks briefly.

Haynes: “Either way, those are the options, Jed. Yoshii and you can step aside, n’ let me get t’ work - or you can actually manage your client int’ caring. Cause I ain’t seen it once out in that ring that his heart is still in this, n’ that simply won’t stand with me. Not anymore.”

“If I’m out there gettin’ beat down routinely, if I’m not out there grindin’ n’ sacrificin’ n’ gettin’ slapped down because a’ it, I feel like I get a little leeway int’ callin’ a spade, a spade. N’ Jed, I expected better from you.”

Haynes jabs a finger towards the camera.

Haynes: “Jed, you’re the MANAGER TO THE STARS, the best Manager of All Time. You should’a had Yoshii dialed in the second he stepped foot back in the UTA. You shouldn’t have t’ be bringin’ him along like this cause ya should’a already had your boy prepared. Now what, I gotta go soft on him. I can’t put him through the paces. I’ve seen what you’re feedin’ him, so I know he can’t be in tip top shape.”

Haynes brings a closed fist a bit hard into his chest, stuffing his chest out.

Haynes: “This, this right here. It’s a temple now. Ask around. I ain’t on that Xtra Hot Cheetos diet no more. Hell I’ve straightened things out all around, Jed. No more boozin’, or whorin’. Not even smokin’ the Chronic anymore. Lot’s changed since the last time you clowns came t’ town.”

“But guess what Jed, there’s one key thing that has stayed the same.”

He holds up a single digit.

Haynes: “I’m better than him, Jed. Make sure you tell him that. That I’m better than he ever was. That as much as I respect what he’s done in his career, I’m the better wrestler at the end a’ the day. N’ really, who’s he got t’ thank for that Jed, but you.”

“Tell him that last part if you want.”

There’s nothing more.

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