Title: Visiting An Old Friend!
Featuring: Lance Mikes
Date: 17/12/2015
Location: Lancashire, England.
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The scenes open with a grey cloudy scene. The trees are bare, with the leaves on the floor in different colours. You can tell it is now Autumn in this small town. It looks dull and it’s raining small drops, but fairly fast. We’re looking out of the window or a car, from the passenger seat. Behind the trees you can see a stone wall, you can tell it’s been raining for a while as it’s slightly changed colours with the raining falling on it. Behind the wall is a cemetry. 

Over the top of the wall you can see the taller headstones. The camera is still looking out of the window as we begin to hear a voice. 

Lance Mikes: I can’t do this! I can’t go in there and do this!

It’s Lance, speaking to himself! The camera turns to face him. You can tell he’s not up for it. He looks really nervous and pale in the face. 

Lance Mikes: I can’t believe he isn’t with us anymore; I just can’t deal with this man! Why did you have to leave us so soon my brother?

He takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, to help calm his nerves. He puts his hands out in front of himself to see if they are still shaking. It’s obvious, even to us, that they are still shaking. It’s the first time, since his best friends funeral, that he’s been to see him. 

It’s taken so long because he’s having trouble coming to terms with the loss of such a close friend, a person he has always been able to rely on. A person he always called a brother, regardless of what people said about them not being from the same family.

Lance Mikes: I wish this was all a dream, I wish I could wake up from this horrible dream.

Lance takes another deep breath, he opens the door to the car and turns to get out. He steps out of the car and stands up next to his car. He looks over at the cemetry and moves back a step to close the door. He walks around the car on to the footpath and begins to slowly walk towards the cemetry gates. 

Lance Mikes: I’ve been putting this off for too long, I have to do this.

He reaches the gates and stops for a few seconds, to him it feels like minutes. He takes one more deep breath as he begins to walk through the gates of the cemetry. He follows the path in and around the corner to his right. He walks up the path for a few minutes until he reaches the top. He turns to his left and sees his friend’s headstone. Instantly, you can see the sadness on his face. You can tell he is holding back the tears, but for how long?

Lance Mikes: Hey bro! I’m sorry I’ve not been to see you before today. This is actually the first time I’ve been here since your funereal and I feel bad about that. The past few months have been the hardest ever for me, without you being here it just seems that everything is becoming too much. It’s too hard to think that you aren’t here with us anymore. I just don’t understand why? Why you? Why now? I guess we’ll never really know the answers to those questions but people lie when they say that time will help heal the sorrow. The further we move forward with life the more it hurts knowing you aren’t here sharing the special moments with me, with your wife, with your beautiful children.

Tears begin to roll out of his eyes slowly, down his cheeks as he kneels down besides the headstone and puts a hand on it. 

Lance Mikes: I promise you, I promise you this brother, I won't let anything happen to your children or your family. I'll always be there for them, I'll always be watching out for them. Your family IS my family. I know you'd be proud of how strong they are, how they've been dealing with your loss. It's amazing to see how many lives you touched here, it's overwhelming. The whole community has come together to support your family. 

You can see the tears starting to flow faster, and faster as he speaks more and more.

Lance Mikes: I did it, I finally joined another wrestling promotion. I'm just upset that you aren't here for our wrestling conversations, the advice you've given me over the years has been invaluable. I don't mean just the wrestling advice, I mean just in general all the advice you've given me. I joined UTA. My debut match is on 21 December 2015. I've got a mix of emotions man! On one side, I think I've still got it. I think I can still perform at the high level I always have but then on the other hand, I have my doubts about my abilities because I've been outta the game for so long. I know you'd be telling me right now that I will never know until I try, and I know that's true but for some reason I have these lingering doubts in my mind.

He wipes away the tears from his eyes, trying to hold them back but it's obvious that isn't going to happen. 

Lance Mikes: You know, I can't believe all this has happened. You're not here with us anymore and to others it might seem I'm doing okay, that I'm dealing with it, but honestly I'm not doing too good man. You know? Since we were kids, since we started primary school, you've always been there for me and had my back. You've always made sure I was okay before yourself, and I was the same with you. We had each others backs since day one, since the day we started playing in the school playground. 

The tears are flowing full force now, you can tell he's crying just by the sound of his voice and the sniffing from his nose running. The rain is hiding the tears a little but not fully.

Lance Mikes: Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens, is out today. I know you use to love Star Wars. Me and you both! It was fitting that we buried you in your Darth Vader onesie. I promise I'll be back soon to see you soon. I will come sooner this time! May The Force Be With You!

He closes his eyes and moves his hand to touch the grass in front of the headstone and then stands up. The camera is behind him, watching him walk down the path back towards the gate. As he gets further and further away, the scene slowly starts to fade out. The last thing we see is Lance Mikes walking through the gates as the scene fades to fully black.

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