Title: RUN!
Featuring: Duke Dibbins
Date: 12/17/15
Location: DA TRAILA
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

Banjos can be heard playing softly in the background.

We open on the Dibbins streamlined Bus trailer deep in the backwoods of West Virginia. Duke sits on the porch, napping in a lawn chair. Still in just a wife beater and jeans, enjoying this balmy winter weather.

An insatiable bark can be heard which slowly awakes Duke from his slumber. He sits up and stretches and kicks at some empty beer cans on the ground.

Duke: Shaddap stupit dog!

He rubs his eyes, as they adjust to the light. Finally we can see why the dog is barking. Luke Dibbins is walking back to the trailer from the woods. He drags a small pine tree behind him. The bigger of Dibbins looks to not be struggling in the slightest.

Luke: Ey’ I got one Dukey!

Duke looks over to his brother and half waves. The dog still barks nonstop in the distance.

Luke: Dis one percfect, Already trimmed up for us!

Duke: Whats da hell is wrong wit dat mangy mutt!?

His brother is near enough to respond.

Luke: I dun know, prolly hungray!

Duke nods, He stands up and walks into the trailer for a second before coming out with some off brand dog food. He rolls the bag up, and heads down the driveway towards the dog. That's when they realize what it was barking at.

A police cruiser pulls up and stops just short of Duke.

Duke: LUKE RUN!!!!!

The two take off in two different directions. The officer hops out of his car, and chases after Luke, the obviously slower of the two.
The scene fades out with the men running, before fading back in. Now the Dibbins are both in handcuffs and sitting beside the police car looking up at the officer.

Officer: Boys, Everytime I show up here, you both go running! If that's not an admission to guilt, I don't know what is!?

Luke: I don cared how much ammunition of guilt you got! We didn't do nuffin!

Duke nods his head.

Duke: ‘Ell I was just nappin on da porch, and bout to feed ma pup when you pulled-er in!

The officer shrugs.

Officer: Then why did you run?

Duke sighs loudly.

Duke: Errrtime you come up ‘ere, you putted us in da cuffs! I am sicked of it!

Luke spits in the general direction of the officer, who side steps the flying flem.

Officer: Now Boys, We had a report of someone walking onto Callahan's Christmas Tree farm and cutting down a tree, and walking off without paying.

Luke’s eyes immediately move to the tree he was dragging, and the cops gaze follows.

Officer: Oh is that it right there?

The policeman walks over to the tree on the ground, before dropping to one knee to study it closer. He shakes his head before speaking into the walkie on his shoulder, he calls for backup and another cruiser.

He starts to walk back to the Dibbins.

Officer: Well guys, looks like thats our tree, and its on your property. Any idea how it got there?

A suddenly furious Luke Dibbins goes off!

Luke: What da hell is a Christmas treed farm? Dey dont have fields, dey don’t have animals, dey aint got nothing, there's just trees in da woods. Who says I kant go’ed in dere and cut down a tree for our Christmas!?

The officer frowns.

Officer: I know you boy always trying to have fun, but you keep gittin yourself in trouble. You got this place far from everybody else, just stay off other property and this wouldnt happen. Now we gotta take ya down town, fill out some paperwork, and let you cool off. Unless you wanna pay for this here tree?

Now Duke loses it.

Duke: Pay? Pay for what? Pay for a tree? Damn dey can just come ‘ere an cut down one of ours trees and weed call its evens stevens!

Shaking his head once again. Suddenly a car flies up the driveway before slamming to a stop right behind the police cruiser, it's a miracle they did not collide. The 1991 Cadillac Brougham rumbles as it sits still. Finally the engine dies, and the door opens. Out comes El Trebol jr. from the driver's seat.

He marches up to the police officer, who looks on confused and wide eyed.

Trebol: Hello Officer, What seems to be the issue here?

The cop looks him up and down before responding.

Officer: Sir, this is none of your concern…

Trebol holds up one finger.

Trebol: As a matter of fact officer, it is my concern. You see, you have my security team in handcuffs here, and as a professional athlete, I need to have them by my side at all times.

The cop smirks

Officer: Your Security? You hired these sad sacks? We pick them up once a month for somethin round here. This time they cut down this Christmas tree, and left without paying for it.

Trebol: Ah! No worries!

El Trebol Jr runs back to the vehicle and comes back.

Trebol: Here you are sir, I feel as if this will cover the expenses of the tree, and please give any extra to the tree farm for their troubles. I sincerely apologize, and will personally make sure this incident does not reoccur.

The cop stares at the three $100 bills in the hand of El Trebol Jr. He thinks before finally taking the cash, and calling off the backup in his walkie.

The Dibbinses smile wide as they are released from the handcuffs.

Duke: Thanks Elk Trouble! You’s a good friend!

El Trebol steps to Duke and puts a finger in his face, before wagging it Lukes way as well.

Trebol: Listen you two! You need to stop getting into so much trouble, and start getting serious!

Duke: We is serious! Seriously excitem bout Christmas!

Luke: Heyyyyoooooooooooooo

The two brothers dance a little.

Trebol: LISTEN! I need you guys to stay out of trouble if you want to get those Tag Titles!

That caught the attention of the Dibbins Boys.

Trebol: NOW! You two both have a match on Wrestleshow, you guys have a chance to win back the Hardcore Tag titles you lost a few weeks ago! Now sack up, saddle down, and get back to training!

El Trebol slaps both boys in the face before the scene fades away.

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