Title: Merry Christmas, Nick! / Protecting My Prodigy Pt. 1
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 16/12/15
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

Lew sits with his head in his hands. His eyes being engulfed in tired bags. He sighs and breathes in and out slowly, uncomfortably relaxing. The door opens and Jordan enters.

Jordan: Lew? You awake?

Slumped in the sofa, Lew looks up and returns to his tired state.

Lew: Mmm hmm.

Jordan shuts the door and takes his jacket off, hanging it up on the wall.

J: You've been rather slumped since your win against Santa. Something bothering you?

L: Yeah, yeah I guess so. It's silly but...I feel bad for wailing on Claus a few days ago.

J: feel bad? For winning?

L: Well, it's not just that. It's what it meant by beating him. Yeah, it feels good to be even with him. He won last year, I won this year. It'll be an annual extravaganza. But it's what "Santa" means and I kinda destroyed that. Kids were watching, man.

J: You do realise...he's not rea-

Lew looks up and holds his hand up, halting Jordan. Lew twirls his finger to signal to Jordan to word it differently.

J: do realise that that guy masquerading around as "Santa" isn't the real deal?

Lew returns his hand and gives him a thumbs up.

L: I know, why would Santa, the guy spreading joy and cheer to children and families around the globe be wrestling? But even so. It felt like I was...ruining Christmas.

Jordan walks over to Lew, looks over him and waits. Lew looks up.


Jordan knocks Lews arm off the chair and his head drops from the missing support.

L: What!?

J: Snap out of it. You did not "ruin" Christmas by beating a guy who dresses like Santa and looks like the depictations of Santa by huge money grabbing corporations. You beat a guy who wrestles under the name Santa Claus. That's it.

L: But-

J: And no, it doesn't feel like you went to a shopping center and ran through the crowds of screaming children to drop kick the Father Christmas that sits at the throne of the Grotto. It did NOT feel like that. Get a grip, dude.

Lew shakes his head and smiles, trying not to laugh at the imagery of rugby tackling children to fold into submission the innocent man in red at the end of the line.

L: Alright, fine! I feel a bit better thinking it like that way.

J: Thought so. Now, let's focus on something that's coming up REAL SOON.

Jordan pulls out his laptop from his bag and opens it up on the table.

J: Alright, so. Upcoming Wrestleshow. Fifity. Seasons Beatings supershow! Every title on the line. Including yours, Prodigy Champ.

Lew smiles briefly as he looks over at his title hanging over the other sofas head rest.

L: Yeah, it's been a while since I was able to actually break a sweat in terms of potential loss. Every match is a potential tally to my loss numbers. However, being a champ means you have what that title ensues. Prodigy means that I specifically have exceptional qualities or abilities. Now, when a champion loses their title, it means they no longer have that and have to regain that in order to be worthy of that title again.

J: Speaking of which, a number of your opponents have apparently showed that they have what it takes to overthrow you for your title.

L: Oh, yeah? Who are the opponents I am facing?

J: Well, there's four of them.

L: Four of them? Hmm.

J: Yeah. You have to remember though, what we said specifically. Having more opponents is misleadingly means it'll be harder for you. Well, you specifically now as you're target, being champion and all...but, these guys all have the rest of them to worry about. Everyone's got more to deal with so it'll be surprisingly stress relieving.

L: But no rest for the wicked eh? I gotta be on that twenty- four seven.

J: Indeed! Alright, so...looking at this list...there's two who are new to the scene for you and two who are known. Who do you want to cover first?

L: Let's keep it a mystery. Start with the new faces.

J: First off. It's Jarvis Valentine.

L: A newcomer?

J: Showing great promise so far. A man worthy of the Prodigy title it seems. With three wins and one loss already, this guy knows how to keep his head above the water.

L: Excellent, it's always nice when the unknown favourite gets a swift turn. Who'd he lose to?

J: None other than the Hall of Famer, Ron Hall.

L: Really? Then I already know his skill level. He's good enough to take on set wrestlers like himself, but come across a Hall of Famer, no chance. Coming against a champion with years of experience, like a Hall of Famer, but with strong will to defend? He'll come close but hopefully it'll bring him closer into the UTA circles to give him better chances of reaching higher points.

Lew gets up out of his chair and heads over to get a drink.

L: Who next?

J: Next, is Lisil Jackson.

Lew perks up and turns around.

L: Oh? The friendly Jamaican that Zhalia introduced me to on his debut? Shortly after my title match for the UTA World Championship against Blanca! Oh, awesome! I was wondering when I got to see his friendly being again. He had said to me to approach him when I needed a word of inspiration...maybe I lost my way so much that I completely forgot to seek his wisdom. It was a real blast meeting him. I have a personal heart-warming feeling that he'll be the one to take the title...if I were to lose it of course...ha! He's here to spread the word of inspiration, now if he were to be Prodigy Champion, he'd be the most worthy of having exceptional qualities.

Lew returns to his drink and pours it.

J: He's been doing really well. Named Superstar of the Week...THREE TIMES! Last three matches, wins. Against: Brother Judas, Yoshii and Carny Sinclair.

Lew raises his eyebrows and starts sipping his drink.

L: He beat Yoshii? Wow, he's come a LONG way! Brother Judas too! Lisil's become such a force! An inspirational force. He's one tough candidate for the Prodigy title, IF I am to lose it at'll glady be to him.

Jordan nods and Lew smiles and raises his glass. He finishes his drink and puts it down.

L: Feel like calling it a day? We can cover the other two mystery opponents tomorrow.

J: Well, they're not really mysterious. People know who they are. Just, you don't.

L: Don't ruin it for me, Jordan. It's good fun building it up for my first Prodigy Championship title defence! Gives me giddy confidence. Pack up and we'll get some rest.

Lew points Jordan out and gets up to go to bed. Before climbing in he looks out the window.

L: Sorry, Santa. Nothing personal.

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