Title: Time ter Heal Wounds
Featuring: Cormick O Conner
Date: 12/17/2015
Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

Some would say it's the most boring state in the United States of America. Many call it home though. Many suffer through the fierce winters. The bitter cold never seems to go anywhere but here.

Fargo, North Dakota. You probably would never know of it if it wasn't for the big screen. At least that's the case for someone from a whole other country.


"Hah, Oi would've thought dare'd be more snow dis time of year. Must be de damn global warming Oi tell ya. Either that, or that damn movie 'Fargo' is a complete utter lie."

O'Conner mumbles to himself as he walks through the tourist village of Bonanzaville. Bonanzaville is a must see historical society that has historical museums of Native Americans amongst many other attractions such as a throwback Pioneer Village. What else would you expect in the Dakota's even as an American?


"Not a bad place. It's a wee homey. Not too shabby though. Worth a pit stop on de way ter Chicago."

Cormick walks amongst the a small crowd going through a walk through tour of the Pioneer Village and exploring Americas history. The breath from his mouth grays the air as he listens to himself. Cormick falls behind as he thinks.


"It's definitely not me homelands but Oi can get used ter dis. De UTA has brought a whole new world ter me universe. Oi'm looking forward ter me path. De path that Oi have chosen ter take care of business. Ter take care of fraud. Ter take care of de trash that smothers our air everywhere."

A flashback runs through Cormick's head. He sees Chance Von Crank's face and then a quick smash of a bottle coming over his eyes and skull. He closes his eyes, trying to endure and brush back the pain.


"Yer see just how easy it is. How simple yer can bait scum out of it's shell. All it takes is a wee bit of truth...scum can't handle de truth. They live a life of lies."

Naming yourself a badass is such manly might as well go pleasure yourself to your reflection in a mirror while your at it. Why is it the so many think their crap doesn't stink and smothering it on others will leave no marks? Because they only think for themselves...and that's about to change.


"Chance me dear boy...thank yer. Thank yer for answering me question of just what will be at de end of dis first path Oi take. Yer are me first project, Chance. Not so lucky for yer, Oi deliver on me projects."

"Welcome to the UTA, bitch!"...Chance's words echo inside Cormick's head yet. Not the most comforting welcome to anyone...but the message was clear and acknowledged. How welcoming can Cormick be?


"When yer step into de Lions Den, yer can't go in not expecting ter get cuts and slashes here and dare. Oi hope Lance Mike will be as ready as Oi was and still am. De boy can't play with danger if his head isn't on right. He isn't seeing clearly. Pain and suffering can be de hardest brain chemical ter over come. Loss comes ter all at some point in our lives. Oi'm sorry for your loss man, but Oi kick all stones out of me path, Mr. Mikes. Yer are in me path."

It's never easy to kick someone while their down, but in a dog eat dog world, you can't be that light hearted. The Irish Son is no feather.


"Mr. Mikes, it'll be an honor ter battle yer on de foreign soil of Chicago, Illinois. It makes no difference if we're from de same neck of de woods me friend. What happens dis Monday is pure business. Oi will not go easy on a swollen heart. Oi will not take pleasure in what happens between us. As Oi walk through dis fine village Oi see truth. De truth of de American folk tale. Oi see truth of de American way. Oi see truth that outside dis village that everything heals over time. Native Americans had their lands taken away and their wounds have healed. It's time ter let your wounds heal as well, and at WrestleShow Oi will give yer a kick-start ter that healing. When yer hit rock bottom."

Cormick comes to his senses and sees his group a ways a head. Might be best to catch-up now?


"Oi do see annoying lies here though as well. Mainly, that damn Fargo movie is a joke!"

He jogs to catch up to the group and continue his tour of American history while glancing around the snowless sky.

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