Title: Give Me Back My Title!
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: December 17th, 2015
Location: Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

Amy walks into her hotel room to relax after working out. She opens up her laptop and does her usual internet searches, and then opens up the UTA website, to see if there has been any more reaction to what she did at the last Victory. It doesn’t take long to find a new article saying that Quinlan, who had "won" the number one contendership for the Prodigy Championship had quit the company.


Harrison: Ha! Typical UTA BS, it's like they have no clue how to run a promotion.


Amy just shakes her head, knowing the person that got a title shot against her is no longer with the promotion.


Harrison: Talk about taking your ball and running home. How long did that guy last? Two, three weeks?


Harrison: He must not have been that much of a man if he left as quickly as he came in. I mean, come on, I’ve lasted longer than him here. A woman outlasted the man, must be the story of his life.


Amy rolls her eyes.


Harrison: And not only that, he was the number one contender for the Prodigy Championship, a title that I won here. And even with that chance, he still runs off? Well, good! We don’t need people like that around here, anyway.


Amy keeps looking through the website for more news, and finds an article announcing a new Prodigy Championship match at WrestleShow 50.


Harrison: Oh, so they're still going to have one? Have they come to their senses and given me my rematch.


Amy clicks the link and reads on to find out that she's right..........kind of. The report says that she's one of the challengers on a five way title match for the Prodigy Championship. Needless to say, Amy's not happy.


Harrison: Are you kidding me? Do they really have no damn idea what they are doing here?


Amy refreshes the page to make sure the text loaded up right. It didn’t change, and Amy doesn’t know what to think about it.


Harrison: Alright, I’m convinced. UTA pretty much wants me nowhere near a title here. I should have known.


Amy closes her laptop and puts it aside


Harrison: If they want me to just be eye candy and get their ratings up, then they should just tell me. I would be fine with that, I mean come on! Just more proof that I’m better than everyone else.


Amy points to her body, as to show her proof.


Harrison: But nope. They keep putting me in ridiculous situation after ridiculous situation. But then again, I don’t think they thought I was better than they thought.


Harrison: I bet they put me in the ladder match because they just wanted some people to stare at me while everyone else was down and out. That and maybe some upskirt shots, I don’t know. Even if that was the case, I wouldn’t blame you.


Amy shows off again


Harrison: But it kind backfired on them,  I went on to win the title and I was going to prove to everyone that I can back up the smack that I say.


Amy lets out a huge grin.


Harrison: Then they decide to screw me over. Not two weeks after I win the title, they decide to have me defend the title against someone that I beat the previous show. So yeah, explain to me how someone gets another shot at the title when they lost the last title match?


Harrison: It would have helped if he was champion, but he wasn’t. Oh, but that wasn’t even the end of it. They decide to screw me over even more by throwing in that jealous ex-friend of mine as special referee.


Amy lets out a long, loud sigh


Harrison: Do they feel sorry for Marie or something? Why do they keep her around? What has she done around here to even merit her still being on the roster? It’s just stupid!


Harrison: Whatever, the higher-ups got what they wanted and Lew Smith won the title from me. Big whoop-de-freaking-do!


Harrison: Guess what? That was nothing. Lew Smith does NOT deserve to be champion here! The only reason why he beat me for the title was because I was still feeling the effects of nearly being broken in two in that ladder match. And lets for forget who was officiating the match.


Amy tries to keep herself calm


Harrison: I just hope that she doesn’t try anything else during this match to try to screw me over yet again. I’ve already sent her one message, I won’t go so easy on the next one.


Amy takes a deep breath and continues.


Harrison: Back to the topic at hand. UTA had to have known that they had to give me a rematch, and knowing that they don’t really give a damn about my career, they try to throw it away by just putting me in another multi-person title match.


Amy shrugs her shoulders


Harrison: So be it. I’ve already proven to them that I can beat three other people at the same time to win, how different would beating four people at the same time be?


Harrison: That title was taken from me way too soon. I didn’t even get a chance to celebrate with it, being able to probably call myself champion. But at least I know that if I win this match, oh I’m sorry, WHEN i win this match, I’ll be the first ever two time Prodigy Champion, and that NOONE can deny just how good I really am.


Amy then gets up and heads out of her hotel room.

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