Title: Class Begins
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 15th December 2015
Location: Confidential School/Orlando, Florida
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

We fade into a dimly lit hallway with rows of lockers along each side. At the back of the hall three figures approach. We see a man carrying a sack over his shoulder and flanked either side by a short stubby woman wearing a floaty red dress. To his right, a short middle aged man wears a tailored suit with ‘UTA Rep”’ printed on the front pocket and carrying a briefcase in hand.

The three stop outside a door with a clear screen towards the top. The woman presents it to the men. Holding his index finger up at the woman for a second, the central figure turns his attention to the rep;

Kendrix: Alllrrriigghhttt Maaattteee!

The brash tones of none other than Jesse Fredericks Kendrix, momentarily shock the old woman as they echo loudly along the hall. His hair tied back in a man bun, wearing jeans and Timberland boots he shows off his latest t-shirt, a picture of JFK pinning Chris Hopper at International Affair with the words “Get Over It” splashed across it. Placing his hand upon the back of the rep, he whispers in his ear;

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! JFK can’t be arsed with this Christmas school visit stuff…He’s got his Prodigy Title match at Seasons Beatings to prepare for, innit?!

Removing his hand he turns momentarily to face the woman with an acknowledging smile. Turning back to the rep, his expression becomes stern. However, the rep is not to be intimidated;

UTA Rep: Jesse, for the tenth time today, may I remind you of your duties as a UTA contracted employee. Every year you are required, like the rest of the roster, to visit a local school over the Christmas period giving out gifts to children. If you don’t do this you will be in breach of contract and you will be disciplined appropriately.

Kendrix turns away in a huff, his hand on his hips. Closing his eyes to compose himself he faces the official and takes a deep breath;

Kendrix: OK, let’s get this over and done with, JFK hates kids, especially seven and eight year olds…in and out, innit…wait, not like that;

The two men look at each other oddly before the rep gestures politely towards the woman to open the door. To Kendrix’s surprise, a stunning blonde teacher is revealed sat at her desk wearing a knee length skirt and buttoned up blouse. His demeanor instantly changes as he throws her a wink upon entering the room. However, his attention on her is wiped away upon hearing the collective gasp in awe of 25 screaming eight year old children;


The high pitched screeching sets JFK back a step or two as they clamber out of their seats towards him. The teacher stands up attempting to bring some order to her overly excited class while JFK grabs hold of the rep and holds him in front of him as a makeweight human shield;

Hot Teacher: Everyone sit back down at your desks immediately, otherwise Mr Kendrix will have to leave!

Winking at Kendrix the teacher walks towards her children and ushers them back into their seats. Kendrix takes a seat at the teacher’s desk, placing his sack of gifts down hard on the ground;

Kendrix: Yeah, settle down you little shi…

Noticing the worried look on the teacher’s face; he quickly corrects himself;

Kendrix: Uh, JFK means, settle down…little ones. Today is your lucky day. Today you will each receive a very special gift from your favourite UTA hero…

As he pauses, preparing to give out his renowned abbreviation, one overly excited child, looking out in the direction of the doorway, interrupts;

Child: Oh Boy, you mean Chris Hopper’s coming?

Kendrix narrows his eyes toward the kid, shocked at the interruption and distinct lack of respect, as well as his stupidity;

Kendrix: Listen yeah…what’s your name kid?

The child turns his attention toward Kendrix;

Child: Todd.

Kendrix rolls his eyes upon hearing the name;

Kendrix: Listen, yeah…Todd! JFK doesn’t know how to put this…oh wait, yes he does! JFK knows that you kids come from really poor families who can’t afford to watch UTA Pay Per Views…but since you ask…JFK single handedly defeated Chris Hopper at International Affair and retired his ars…uh, bottom, front of the world!

He nods his head with a huge grin;

Kendrix: So you’ll never, ever, EVER…see Chris Hopper again! All thanks to your new hero…Jay…Eff…Kay! Now, please, JFK is focusing on his huge five way Prodigy Title match at Seasons Beatings on Monday hopefully you can all move on from Chris Hopper questions, yeah?! Get Over It!

Pointing his thumbs at his t-shirt he rests his feet up on the teacher’s desk. Looking over to the rep with his arms outstretched, he taps his watch and mouths clearly and silently “can we go now?” The rep’s eyes narrow at the request before addressing the class;

UTA Rep: Children, before we hand out gifts who would like to ask Kendrix a questions about his exciting upcoming match?

The children’s hands are outstretched in the air, almost climbing over each other to be noticed. Kendrix, annoyed at still being here, simply points at the child nearest him without looking;

Kendrix: OK little bruv, what’s your name?

The child, wearing a Lew Smith t-shirt, looks shocked at being chosen but excitedly answers;

Child: Mackenzie!

Kendrix, confused, finally looks at the child;

Kendrix: Okay...what’s your first name?

Mackenzie, looking slightly confused herself;

Mackenzie: Mackenzie...!

Kendrix glances over at the teacher for clarification who nods back, her eyes widen as she begins to lose patience with JFK.

Kendrix: And what’s your question for your new hero…Mackenzal?

She stands up, prepared;

Mackenzie: Lew Smith is the best wrestler in the world and is the UTA Prodigy Champion, do you like him too?

Kendrix removes his feet from the desk and stands up, grimacing and puffing his cheeks out. He turns to leave but the official taps his watch twice, signalling time is not quite up. Resignedly facing the class, Kendrix strokes his beard, regaining composure;

Kendrix: Listen yeah…Mckenzal…that’s a great question. Now, how can JFK put this…so even the pathetic, hopeless youth of America, can understand?

Scratching his head in an exaggerated act of thought, his lightbulb moment hits as his eyes light up.


Huge gasps are heard, some kids laugh, others put their hands over their ears upon hearing the Kendrix’s colourful language. The teacher, left dumbfounded, has her mouth wide open in shock. The rep shuffles over to Kendrix with the palms of his hands held out apologetically towards the classroom before whispering in Kendrix’s ear;

UTA Rep: What the hell are you doing Jesse? Anymore of that and you’re in big trouble!

Kendrix pats the rep on the back, shoving him away as he steps forward and addresses the class with his arms held out wide;

Kendrix: That’s right kids, you heard JFK! FUCK…LEW…SMITH…INNIT!

Smirking towards the rep and winking at the teacher he turns his attention back to the children, most of whom are staring up at him with their mouths wide open in shock as Kendrix points both thumbs towards his t-shirt slogan;

Kendrix: Get over it! You’ve all heard the bad words before…LEW SMITH, there, JFK said it again. JFK is guessing everyone in this room thinks Lew Smith is the greatest, is he right?

The children cheer! Kendrix helps himself to a dismissive chuckle at the stupidity of the children;

Kendrix: WRONG! Don’t worry, it’s not your fault…you’re all stupid and have no futures. Let’s face it, your parents are all good for nothing low lives and don’t know any better, that’s why they sent you to this “school.”

Some children look at each other, confusingly, others have a vague idea and start sobbing;

Kendrix: But the real bad people ain’t your parents…it’s the UTA. People like JFK’s mean old friend here with the briefcase;

He points at the rep, now seated at the teacher’s desk with his hands over his face, knowing full well he is unable to stop Kendrix in full tirade mode;

Kendrix: That’s right. The UTA are exploiting their future customers, cos that’s what you all are kids…dollar signs!

He rubs two fingers together with his thumb;

Kendrix: The UTA want you to buy into the fact that Lew Smith is the perfect man to hold the Prodigy Title. Why? Because you are all so easy to manipulate and exploit. Write that down so you don’t forget, yeah…knowledge is power!

The children start to write in their pads, some however have poor attention spans and just doodle instead;

Kendrix: You’re excited by a man who, taking nothing away from him, is an incredible athlete, one of the very best in the UTA. The moves he pulls off in the ring are perfected by very few in this industry, let alone the UTA. A high-flyer, who gets the fans off of their lazy bums, out of their seats…and into the stores to buy his shoddy merchandise!

He points at Mackenzie’s t-shirt;

Kendrix: You see kids, the UTA have fooled you into believing that Lew Smith is what the Prodigy champion should be. Now if you can all, for one second, stop and think for yourselves…JFK knows that’s difficult for you…

Looking around the room for an acknowledging chuckle (that doesn’t come) to match his own he rubs his beard;

Kendrix: We all know…that if you constantly award an undeserving man who’s been the UTA’s whipping boy for so very long…check out his loss records if you don’t believe JFK…

He smugly raises an eyebrow;

Kendrix: With title shot after title shot…eventually, he will win something. After all, if you throw enough shit, some of it will eventually stick.

He wags his finger towards his young audience;

Kendrix: Let’s not forget, Lew Smith is the man who FAILED…to win the UTA World Title from JFK’s good bruv, Eduardo. Instead of pushing on with his career after another undeserved opportunity…he fell into total obscurity. His reward for doing nothing? A shot at the Prodigy Title a few weeks ago!

The rep tries to distract Kendrix by tapping his watch in an attempt to halt the controversial tirade against the company;

UTA Rep: Oh, look at the time, unfortunately that’s all we’ve got time for toda…

Holding his arm out at the official Kendrix cuts him off;

Kendrix: Yet on Monday Night, at Seasons Beatings...the UTA still ain’t seen sense and awarded JFK, the only man whose maiden year in this business, literally defines what a Prodigy should be. A man who's worked his way from the bottom to the top. A man whom the greatest group in the history of the industry, asked HIM, the hottest property in this business…to join THEM...

Looking smug in front of his audience he throws his hands through his hair;

Kendrix: The man who SINGLE HANDEDLY...beat Sean Jackson...RETIRED Chris Hopper...and ENDED...Dynasty! The UTA don't award this man his rightful one on one shot at the Prodigy Title?

Shaking his head in disbelief his eyes are more focused than they've ever been;

Kendrix: No, that would make too much sense and actually be good business! Instead, they put JFK in a five way match against the Lew Smith. The former champ, Amy Harrison. The Jamaican Inspiration, Lisil Jackson...and the hardcore newcomer, Jarvis Valentine. All four are talented, hungry and dangerous...but none of them have had the year JFK has had…not even close!

Holding his index finger and thumb close together he smiles courageously and returns to his cocky old self;

Kendrix: Yet, they are each awarded an UNDESERVING...shot, like it’s going out of business...and JFK doesn’t have to be pinned or submitted to lose the match. But there's a lesson for you here's not fair. So you keep proving everyone wrong and do WHATEVER IT TAKES…until you get what you want. Make no mistake about it, come Seasons Beatings, JFK will cap off HIS YEAR...with UTA gold around his waist.

The rep grabs the sack and hands it over to Kendrix;

UTA Rep: Unfortunately we really must go now children;

Kendrix bends his arm, exaggeratingly swinging it in front of his stomach while the children groan at the realisation that Kendrix will be leaving them soon, more so at not being able to hear any more of his colourful language rather than anything else;

Kendrix: That is a shame little bruvs. Unfortunately JFK does have to go and get on with his fantastic life and leave you wallowing in yours. However, before he goes, he’d like to leave you with the best gift a kid could ask for this Christmas;

He proceeds to remove numerous packaged t-shirts of his latest design out of the sack, chucking them at the children. Bored with chucking, he tips the remaining contents of the sack out on the floor in front of him creating absolute chaos as the children fight each other for their gifts, despite there being enough for everyone. Kendrix walks over to the teacher and places a cheque in her hand;

Kendrix: No need to thank JFK, just get your little savages to watch Seasons Beatings on Monday for the most influential lesson they will ever see. Cos he will be teaching your class, that pure talent isn’t enough to get ahead in this world...without using this.

He points to the side of his head;

Kendrix: With this you can become an inspiration and make more of yourself. What you see before you is what will happen at Seasons Beatings. Four talented bellends…fighting senselessly like children for their shiny piece of metal…

He holds his thumb out at the children, still fighting each other for the gifts behind them, before pointing at his brow again;

Kendrix: While JFK will, as always...fight with this…capping off his inspirational 2015. Seasons Beatings will be his crowning glory...when JFK...not only becomes the greatest Prodigy champion of alllllllll tiiiiimmmeeee...but inspires a proud new era for the belt...forever!

Kissing her on top of her hand he slips her his number before leaving the classroom as the scene fades out...


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