Title: The Words Of Lisil: A Time For Giving
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 12/17/2015
Location: Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The scene opens inside of a toy store. The camera pans around showing the many aisles of toys ranging from baby toys, to board games, to action figures. In one of the aisles Lisil Jackson stands looking over the action figures. He is dressed in a black sweatshirt with the Jamaican flag on the back of it, and some black sweat pants. He turns and looks into the camera and smiles. 

"Eyyyy mon! It be dat time o' year again! Many people don't realize it but Christmas is actually a very special time o' year in Jamaica! Ya mon I smell dee curry goat, dee jerk chicken, and even dee Jamaican rum punch as we speak!" 

A bold smile comes across Lisil's face he thinks about the holidays. 

"But most o' all... It be dat time o' year fo givin!"

Jackson says before turning back to the action figures where he spots some UTA figures. 

"O' course ya got family, friends, and otha loves ones ta tink bout... But dee ones dat few people tink bout are dee ones who don't have anyting fo Christmas... And dat is what I'm doin in dis store right now..."

Lisil Jackson pulls some figures off the hooks not even caring who the figure is portraying. 

"One o' dee philosiphies dat I live by is ya do good ta get good... And I be hopin dat I will do enough good ta bring home dee gold!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration smiles as he plops the toys in the cart in front of him. 

"Ya dis be a big match wit some very tough competition... Amy Harrison, Jarvis Valentine, Kendrix, And most o' all we can't foget dee champion himself Lew Smith!" 

He reaches into the cart and pulls out a figurine of Amy Harrison. 

"Guess I'll start wit Ms. Harrison first. We faced off once befo but I seen dee talent blossom in Amy since den! In fact I seen dee heart dat she had in dat ladda match! Even afta taken one o' dee most horrific falls I eva seen in dis sport!" 

Lisil cringes just thinking about it. 

"I wanna make one ting crystal clear wit ya Amy! When we faced off dee last time I was tryin ta hold back and be nice cuz it be dee right ting ta do. But ya know what I realized dat be a mistake considerin how ya blind sided me afta dee match! Don't tink I fogot bout dat now!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior smiles a sly smile. 

"Dis match? I won't hold back on ya at all! Especially wit what be at stake here!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration continues to push the cart down the aisle grabbing a toy here and there off the shelf and putting it in the cart as he talks. 

"I look at ya Amy and ya wanna know what I see? I see someone who be too occupied ta win dis match. I see someone who be too focused on whateva personal issue ya got wit Marie Van Claudio! And dat will be ya ultimate downfall Amy!" 

He says before he reaches in and pulls out the action figure of David Hightower and shrugs. 

"Aight I know dat Jarvis Valentine don't have a toy so dis one will have ta do as a place holda! Just use ya magination!"

Jackson says with a small laugh. 

"Now Jarvis Valentine be someone I don't know too much bout. But what I do know is he has potential! And I know he will bring it dis match... Not only cuz he be hungry... But he be out fo redemption afta he got beat by Ron Hall!" 

Jackson says as he heads to another aisle looking at some stuffed animals and teddy bears. He grabs a few and puts them in the cart. 

"Jarvis dis is ya opportunity brudda. I want ya ta bring dat fury! I wanna see what ya truly got! I know ya got dee talent mon! Don't blow it!" 

Jackson says before he reaches into the cart and pulls out a Barby Doll in a pink dress. 

"Whoops dat be a figure o' Mikey Unlikely...." 

Lisil Jackson lets out a bold laugh before he pulls out a figure of Kendrix. The look on his face suddenly turns serious as he sets down the figure and lets out a sigh. 

"Kendrix... I gotta admit mon... I consida ya dee biggest treat in dis match! Ya got dee momentum on ya side brudda... Ya took down dee one mon who has dee briefcase as well as bein a forma UTA World Champion!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior stands there and ponders for a few seconds. 

"But did ya really mon? I know in ya head ya be celebratin and actin like dat was dee biggest win o' ya career... But I know dee truth! La Flama Blanca came out and his Sean Jackson wit dat kick behind dee referee's back! Dee reality is ya neva beat Sean Jackson... Ya did nothin!" 

Jackson shakes his head disgusted looking back at the match. 

"Ya see Kendrix dee difference between us is dat I don't need someone's interference ta get dee biggest win o' ma career! I went toe ta toe gainst dat behemoth Yoshii and I walked out wit dee win unda ma own two feet!" 

Lisil continues down the aisle and places another toy into the cart before he continues speaking. 

"Ya see Kendrix ya had ta surround yaself wit otha people ta make it as far as ya have! Associatin yaself wit dee Dynasty which dat in itself is disgustin dee way it is! But even den ya still be friends wit a coward like Mikey Unlikely!" 

Lisil Jackson holds up a figure of Katherine Velmont Thomas. 

"I tink dis might be Mikey... I not be sure... Hard ta keep track wit all dese toys haha! But seriously Kendrix ya will neva ne ya own person unless ya finally break free from dee restraints and walk unda ya own guidance!" 

Jackson reaches into the cart and pulls out the two pack of The Second Coming and Lew Smith. 

"And last but not least we got dee current Prodigy champ being Lew Smith. I like ya Lew... Ya have a good head on ya shouldas... But ya know what ya problem be mon? Ya let opportunity slip way from ya!" 

Jackson says pointing to the figure of Lew in the pack. 

"Brudda ya beat dee UTA World Champion and ya got screwed outta dat belt. What did ya do afta such injustice? Ya just sat dere and let it go... Brudda ya shoulda stood up and screamed at dee top o' ya lungs bout such wrong doing!" 

Lisil says as he sets the figure pack back in the cart. 

"Ya shoulda screamed so loud dat dey woulda heard ya from dee mountain tops! I know ya got dee ability Lew... But ya don't have dee heart... I respect ya Lew but dis is ma chance ta bring gold back ta Jamaica!" 

Lisil Jackson says raising up the action figure of himself. 

"Ta dee competitors in dis match and ta dee UTA in general... Ya will learn dat Lisil Jackson can be a champ! And ya will learn what it means ta be JAMAICA STRONG!" 

Lisil Jackson says before he pulls the cart up to the check out. The clerk looks at all the toys as she rings them up. 

"Wow sir that's a lot of toys you bought. The kids must love you during the holidays!" 

A golden smile cracks across Lisil's face. 

"Ya can say dat!" 

He says handing the clerk his card. After signing the slip Lisil Jackson walks out to the front of the store and one by one he dumps the contents of the bags into the Toys For Tots can set up. The scene fades to black as The Jamaican Inspiration walks out of the store leaving behind what can best be described as the best Christmas that many unfortunate children can ever have. 

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