Title: Seasons Beatings, take two.
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 12/07/2015
Location: Pacific Coliseum, after Wrestleshow 49
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

You put faith in that people will do the right thing. No matter how much evil courses through their veins, you know that if the moment comes to shed that veil, they will do the right thing.

Standing here, looking back at my own reflection. The cut across my eye, few stitches holding it together, from just under an hour ago. The Zhalia Fears looking back at me is still the same person she always has been.

Claude. CBR. On the other-hand. He did the right thing. It may not have worked out to benefit either of us in the end but he can sleep well tonight knowing that he finally shed the veil. Now everybody can see the Claude I have seen, past that veil, since day one.

Smiling, I stepped from the mirror and pace’d between the makeup chairs. Looking off to the left to see a few of the crew loading up the remnants of the ring and stage, while down the corridor to the right they are already busy cleaning up the floors of the Pacific Coliseum.

Tonight I finally got my win over Sean Jackson. One that I can truly hold on to and he can not ignore. The first was by disqualification of course but this time, nothing but the one, two, and three. Sure Sean got the better of me afterwards. Sure, why let me enjoy the moment? Sure Sean. I get it.

Question is though. Does he? Does Sean Jackson really think that we are through? We shall see about that but for now my focus is on the man that saved me from being sidelined yet again.

Claude. His prodigy took him down. And while Kendrix had him Mikey finished me off. Tonight Dynasty imploded. Maybe it did weeks ago when La Flama Blanca lost his UTA Championship. CBR held it together however as THE champion. The Legacy champion. They were still just as tough as before, but one less man.

And now we have our match at Seasons Beatings. Wrestleshow’s Fiftieth Episode. Even a half-blinded woman can see through the lies and shitstorm coming our way.

With a smirk I stopped my pacing and looked back at the mirror. I was not blinded. Not even half. But the blood seeped around the corner of my eyelid and dripped down my cheek much like a tear. My own vision somewhat compromised with a blurry red haze. But it would be fine in two weeks.

Come Wrestleshow, I know we are going to be facing each other one on one for the Legacy title. I know that this will see Kendrix and Unlikely get involved. My chance at becoming a Champion again could very well be screwed from the get go. All because of some vendetta that those two have towards Claude.

It is these questionable instances that leave me wondering just what I should be doing. My own friends this time last year had my back. We never split. We never turned on one another. But I still, in a way I suppose, understand what CBR is going through. His mind is on them.

His focus, two way street. One direction you have his former mates, and the other. Well he knows that I want that Legacy Championship I earned my shot for, even if it was as the runner-up to Perfection.

As if on queue I couldn’t help but spit into the trash bin next to the chair.

Perfection. Jamieboy. In two weeks he could very well be at the top again. There is simply nobody else around to challenge Dane nor Perfection. That is how the UTA has shaped since Ring King, basically. That is not to say nobody can step up to the challenge, but rather the horizon is so set in the favor of Dane and his house of stone, that the chance to make it to the top requires allies of ones own. Even Perfection knows this and has saught out Cayle Murray. But that is but another story revolving around Season's Beatings.

CBR or myself. Legacy Championship. This story will be revolving around the championship that will accomplish what is needed and fill the void. The UTA title will again go back into the old days route of hardly being defended. At least Blanca did that right. Dane, nothing. Perfection, hah. Well we all remember how that went last time.

No, it will be about the mid-card championships. The Legacy, the Wildfire, and even the Prodigy championship. All hot in their own ways. It was however at last years Season’s Beating’s that I walked out of the UTA with my first ever championship. Period. The prodigy Championship. It would be quite fitting if history repeated itself, just this time no need to avoid three of the largest males on the roster!

I could not help but laugh. Santa Claus, Bobby Dean, Uncle Rocky… and me. That was none too pleasant.

So while I may be having nightmares every night until Season's Beatings, I will have my eyes open. They will be focused forward. I am not letting another championship slip out of my grasps. I can not. Win or loss.

This time.

At least I know that the right competitor won and will continue to hold the values of Champion up right.

Zhalia Fears.

Or Claude Baptiste Ranier

“May the best win,” I stated with that ever lasting smirk, this time back at my own reflection.

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