Title: Pullin sheep from the herdcore
Featuring: Luke Dibbins
Date: 12/18/2015
Location: The Dibbins Trailer
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The scene opens to the backwoods, the middle of the sticks, where the Dibbins Trailer is seen sitting in the middle of a sparse clearing. Mud and frost-covered dirt is seen everywhere, but even though the air is a bit chilly, Luke Dibbins is seen walking around the inside of the trailer sans shirt.

The view pans inside the trailer to the kitchen area, where two giant piles of dirty dishes are overflowing from the sink and spill out onto the counter. Some of the dishes are covered in a green fuzz, obviously the maid must have been given the year off.

Luke walks past the couch in the living room, where Duke is seen lying down. Luke walks into the kitchen, opens the fridge, and takes out a generic can of beer, cracks it open, and speaks.

Luke: Wal, I'll be a son of a bitch. Dukey, did ya hear thet me an' yer gonna fight aginst a lot of folks fo' th' Herdco'e belt?? ah doesn't believe it, it was bad inough thet they stole our belt, but now we gotta fight a bunch of dummies fo' it back?

Hearing no response, Luke continues speaking, but only after taking a drink of the beer in his dirt-covered hand.

Luke: Ah ain't heard of this hyar guy Tommah Gunner. ah hear thet he's a fan of thet noo movie at th' theater called Top Gun, as enny fool kin plainly see. It has thet yo'ng kid Tom Cruise in it. ah doesn't knows whuffo' Tommah'd like some frilly fancy fella like Tom Cruise, but ah ain't gonna judge nobody. Maw allus told me thet varmints who live in glass houses doesn't haf curtains, o' sumpin like thet. All ah knows is thet we is gonna kick his ass like he owes us money.

Luke drains the beer and tosses it on the dish-covered counter, further adding to the garbage already covering this trailer.

Luke: But as eff'n thet ain't bad inough, thet dadburn fool Sexy Hardon is a-gonna be thar. Remember last time we tangled wif him? He sho'nuff did like touchin' us a lot an' tryin' t'git us t'touch him back. Shet mah mouth! ah knows he kepp tryin' t'scoop slam an' power bomb us an' thet kind of thin'. Agin Dukey, ah ain't one t'judge, but ah reckon I'll let yo' fight him, dawgone it. He gives me th' willies, an' his bug eyes remind me of thet time we caught a Chupacabra in th' possum coop thet one time. Remember thet?

A grin breaks out across Luke's face, causing his shitty mustache to flair slightly. His shoulders lift as he shrugs and continues.

Luke: But th' wo'st part is thet dadburn idiot Chattanooga Hunter. He's nuttier than a possum turd, an' ah even see him try t'eat a light bulb o' sumpin. Thet peekoolyar li'l man needs t'wake up an' find out thet he is now playin' wif th' trimenjus fellas in UTA an' thet th' Dibbins brousins is gonna hit th' top of th' hill mighty soon, as enny fool kin plainly see. ah will wrap mah han's aroun' thet fool's neck an' strangle th' piss outta him, dawgone it. ah cain't wait fo' it.

Luke belches, causing a little bit of spittle to fall from his mouth and drip on his stained white wifebeater. He then puts his hand underneath the shirt, rolls up a fistful and uses the wifebeater to wipe his mouth.

Luke: Dukey, yo' an' ah are gonna kick some ass jest like we allus does. ah cain't wait t'see yo' win thet Herdco'e belt an' brin' it back home t'our castle in th' backwoods. ah have been fightin' like hell t'git us them returd tag belts aroun' our waists an' ah bet we is gonna git right back t'whar we belong, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! Eff'n thet won't does it, then ah say we bust into th' owny's office an' steal them fum thet display case he has in thar. Thet's th' bess way fo' us t'git it done, an' ah ain't kittin' ya! Fry mah hide!

Yer gonna be ready jest like me, right bruhz?

Luke now walks over and looks at his brousin and realizes that the entire time, he's been softly snoring on the couch, fast asleep. Luke smirks and walks back to the bathroom as the scene fades out.

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