Title: Protecting My Prodigy Pt. 2
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 17/12/15
Location: Atrium Mall, Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The cold wind breezes through Chicago streets as Lew and Jordan head toward Atrium Mall. Lew wears an unzipped hoodie with a huge baggy hood, blowing in the wind, Lew holds the hood for the duration of the walk. Following close behind, shivering, equipped with a giant Russian-esque coat is Jordan, clutching himself with his arms.

Jordan: Lew...slow down, it's freezing!

Lew, stopping to turn around amongst the waves of people and the loud brushes of air behind his ears, shouts at him.

Lew: Jordan! Stopping will only make us colder! Let's just get inside and grab a hot drink.

J: We're like ten minutes away!

Lew shuffles and waves Jordan to hurry up before turning and continue to walk. 

L: We're not THAT far, come on.

Jordan runs for a bit before catching up, walking in line with Lew.

J: This was not a good idea. We could've gone to the gym or stayed at the hotel to discuss this.

L: There's nothing wrong with going out and going through this. We need something new, something different to prepare myself for my title defence upcoming Monday. 

J: I know, I know. But why outdoors?

L: We'll be indoors soon, look, we're here, get in.

Lew and Jordan weave through the people and brush themselves off from the cold.

J: Oh, sweet sweet Dunkin' Donuts!

Jordan rushes over to the queue whilst Lew still gathers his warm. After gathering himself he join Jordan.

L: Tea?

J: Better!

L: Hot chocolate?

Jordan nods.

J: Aw, yeah! Boy!

Jordan rubs his hands together as Lew chuckles. He turns to see the grotto display in the mall and thinks back to the discussion yesterday. He shakes his head and smiles, looking up toward the front of the queue, it's quite busy.

L: You sure you don't wanna just get something when it's not busy?

J: No it's fine, if we get it now we can find a place to sit and enjoy our drinks. If we chill now and suffer then get a drink, it may be busier than this.

L: It's still quite early, we could risk it?

J: No it's fine. We'll do it this way.

Lew nods and looks around.

L: Well, it looks like it's going to be a while till we get our stuff and a seat so why not start the discussion here?

J: In the line? That's unprofessional.

L: It's all we have to work with for now, I wanted to go out for a hot drink, chill and discuss my title defence over a table and then head back to relax, then gym it. Alright. Can we please start the rest of the preview?

Jordan shrugs and hangs his head.

J: Eurgh, fine. So, we covered Lisil and Jarvis already. Two very incredible candidates for title holders but I have a feeling that they won't suffice. Jarvis, being a skilled yet quiet lad shows promise and challenge but no match at the end of the day. Lisil brings words of wisdom through actions of strength. He is one of your toughest opponents on Monday. Be incredibly cautious.

Lew nods.

L: Of course. I never underestimated Lisil and expect nothing less from him, Jarvis the same. So, we covered half of the match up. What about the other two?

The line moves considerably. The guys waddle along.

J: Well, depends. Choose one: someone who's up for revenge or someone who's up for disgust.

L: Clearly, revenge first.

The line moves again and Jordan is greeted by an employee. He turns to move aswell as answer Lew and order at the same time, caught up in conflict between the two.

J: Yeah, hi. Can I get a cup of Amy Harrison.

The employee gives a blank look.

J: Damn it. Can I have a hot chocolate?

Lew leans over his shoulder and pats it softly as to comfort his embarassment.

L: Make that two?

The employee nods and turns to make the order.

L: Thanks!

After Jordan pays, they walk off briefly out of the way so others behind them can order.

L: Amy Harrison, eh? No surprise. The condition I had won the title was rather...psychologically advantageous. Clashing with Amy's hot-head attitude though...I can fairly say that she pretty much threw it away before she had a chance. Giving her an opportunity to get it back is completely fair.

J: Yeah, she exploited her own recklessness. You used that against her. Strange move by UTA to guest ref Claudio, but how can we argue? If you were the ref and gave Claudio that chance I'm sure the outcome would've been the exact same. Fair, maybe. She did take that nasty fall.

L: And won. She's mysteriously resilient. An incredible feat. Maybe one of the reasons she was Prodigy Champ.

J: Perhaps, but she lost it due to her ego.

The employee calls out to Jordan, handing him two hot chocolates. He smiles and raises the cups as thanks.

J: Right, quick! Over there, I've been eyeing up that table this whole conversation.

Jordan rushes over carefully, looking like a complete nonse trying not to spill the drinks but also trying to reach "his" space quickly. Lew follows slowly and eventually comes to an out-of-breath Jordan slumped over a table. Not even looking up, Jordan signals for Lew to sit.

L: Nice find.

J: Cheers.

L: So, about Amy.

Jordan props himself up and passes Lew his hot chocolare, taking a quick sip of his own.

J: She has the fire of revenge y'know.

L: Yeah, she'll be determined to get her title back. She'll no longer be distracted by Hall or Claudio from our original encounter. She now has Lisil, Jarvis, the other guy we've yet to discuss and myself to deal with. Huge ranges of skills to dilute herself across to win the title. She'll be heavily worked, but there's a chance she'll win it back, purely through ego-driven determination.

J: To which she'll lose it a week later being a bit careless.

Lew smiles and sips his hot chocolate.

L: So, who's the last wrestler? Best till last, no?

Lew takes a slow sip.

J: Kendrix.

Upon hearing that name, Lew's sip turns into an accidental tiny gulp and is taken aback by the burning sensation. He covers his mouth with his fist and coughs lightly.

J: Hot?

L: Hot...

Jordan leans back and sighs.

L: Kendrix. My my my, I thought I was done with Dynasty and it's influence for now, but nope, it still looms around.

J: It doesn't help that you guys were at each other's throats at a previous moment in time.

L: Technically still are. We never really settled it. We scuffed it up a few times backstage and in the ring when it was more of an active thing. Oh, man.

J: By far, the biggest threat.

Lew places his cup on the table and rubs his forehead, leaning on the table crossing his arms.

L: He's going to be the hardest opponent that match. Top notch training from the Dynasty lot.

J: Beating the likes of Sean Jackson.

L: Retiring one of the strongest rebels against Dynasty, Chris Hopper.

The two sit in silence for a moment before Lew takes another sip and a short breath.

L: Alright. Let's gather our thoughts on Kendrix.

Jordan nods and pulls out his laptop.

L: How's he been doing?

J: Last five matches have been all win, bro

L: And current standings between us specfically?

J: You're currently even. You won at his debut and he won alongside Blanca against you and Hopper.

Lew shakes his head but with a strange smile.

L: Funny how I can take him out in singles but he needs Blanca to babysit him into victory.

J: So...what's the plan?

L: I have a fear that Kendriz is going to be my main attacker at Seasons Beatings. Amy will try, try, try. But the other two will be occupying her. Kendrix will be after me and my title, bringing more gold back to Dynasty. #

J: What's left of it anyway. He'll most likely do what Dynasty usually does and brings out other members for "morale". Without them he's nothing. Lew, you've nothing to worry about.

L: I sure hope you're right. I can't have him come into this chance so easy. I'll make it my duty to prevent him from winning it. Even if it means me losing it to one of the others.

J: I can agree with that.

Lew shoots a smile and has a quick sip as his drink has slightly cooled. Jordan does the same.

J: So! Overview. Biggest threat to smallest threat. In order, go.

Lew looks up and hums.

L: Jarvis. I'm least worried about him as he's still a newcomer, impressive but still new. Needs more work if he wants this title. Lisil. Although I feel so strongly of our bond, he's gunna need to save some of that inspiration for himself, man! He's given it all to me! Ha! Amy. Her fight in her will be either the win back or the very close, heavy beat down for second place. Whilst she kinda does deserve it, she needs to learn to keep it within her or she'll lose it faster and faster. Kendrix. He's the top contender here. He works with the best in the company and by far he's going to be the hardest to conquer as I've not tangled with him in a while.

Lew gives jordan a blank stare.

L: Maaaaaate.

Jordan uncontrollably chuckles.

J: Innit.

Both men are laughing cheerfully as the Christmas display continues in the background.

J: You'll do bloody brilliant in the ring at Seasons Beatings. You've been good so far so why stop here!? You entered this year beating Kendrix, you're gunna exit this year beating Kendrix! And with a title to boot!

Jordan rises and sips his drink again.

J: Shall we get back and get ready for prep day?

Lew stands too and stares off at the grotto.

L: Absolutely. Come Wrestleshow...I'll enter the ring champion and I'll exit the ring...



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