Title: It Doesn't Matter Where, Yer Have a Chance
Featuring: Cormick O Conner
Date: 12/18/2015
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

America's past time to the now. Historical village to historical city. The difference between a village in North Dakota to city in Illinois, Chicago to be exact, is WAY more people and WAY more buildings and WAY bigger everything.


"Christ, look at all these lads! So many, and at a park even for that matter."

Millenium Park is a large and beautiful piece of land in the heart of Chicago. Thousands of tourists visit each and every day. Tonight is no different. Cormick walks amongst the people while he enjoys embracing in the the famous city. His knee length coat and his stocking cap try to keep him warm as the temperature continues to drop as we close out the year, 2015.


"Hell, ice skatin'?! I haven't tried that since Oi was a wee boy."

He murmurs to himself as he spots the recently made ice rink within the park.


"It's amazin' how a little drive of three hours can change yer world ever so largely. Lifestyles are night and day in comparison. What one lad may find amusin' and entertainin' in one place can be another persons ultimate depressin' boredom somewhere such little distance even."

Geographics. It's a very interesting and mind boggling thing if you look at it from that perspective. Place to place, all are different worlds in their own ways. Different worlds bring different people. What is a place like Chicago known for?


"Seems ter me dis city is a place known for it's boredom for quite some time. Is dare a city in dis land with a higher rate of murder and crime? No more than what Oi can count on one hand Oi bet. So much scum, so much filth, and for it ter happen around such a beautiful place like dis is a damn shame."

Cormick sighs.


"It's unfortunate that instead of tryin' ter take down trash like cVc that Oi will waste time cuttin' down a weak and vulnerable man in Lance Mikes in a couple days. So many other choices and dirt bags Oi could concentrate on instead of one of de few decent ones. It is what it is though. Oi know Lance will understand, well, Oi hope."

Cormick continues walking along one of the sidewalks through the park. Couples are playing with their dogs, kids running around screaming, and the masterpieces of structural art are breathtaking. A must see when visiting the Windy City the say...


"A few good men left in dis world these days, but when we live in a world full of de greed and hate as we do now...can yer blame de ones who've gone bad?...of course yer can...they had their CHANCE."

Cormick grins.


"Times change. De world changes. People change. Yes. What doesn't change though...that Oi, de Irish Son, will see that he'll do whatever it is that it takes ter follow me path and do right for de good hearted people in dis world. De ones who don't steal what's not theirs, ones who can keep their hands and actions ter themselves, de ones who don't let crap come out of their pieholes on their face, guys who DON'T smash a bottle on someone's skull..."

Cormick brings his hand up and gently rubs the top of his skull. Never again.


"One of de good guys is here, Chicago. Let me show yer what Oi've got. Let me express me concerns for dis world through me actions and witness me passion and determination ter rid it of dis waste of space lowlifes."

Says O'Conner as he bobs his head up and down ever so slightly while the adrenaline builds throughout his body.


"Wrestleshow fifty...from me homelands of Ireland and now onto America, Oi welcome yer ter join me. Join with me in de war, de war against evil. Because in time, in time and just as short of a distance as easy as roundin' a corner...your world can change in a heartbeat. Watch me...and let me show yer that we all do still have a CHANCE."

Cormick continues off into the park as the night...the people...the on. Seasons Greetings Beatings.

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