Title: Shuuurt
Featuring: Duke Dibbins
Date: 12/19/15
Location: Shuurt
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

Banjos can be heard playing in the background.

The scene opens to the angry face of Duke Dibbins. Duke is not in the woods, he's not at the trailer, and he's not drinking a beer….

Nope just standing in front a camera like a fucking boss. The UTA Background is behind him.

Duke: ‘Ell Lookie here! Ones again da Dibbinses be in a match for da Herdcore Tag Team Titles!

He puts a finger in the air for good measure.

Duke: Da Dibbins are ready! We gon come down to that ring, we gon stand on da ring ape-ron, we gon fight dirty, and we gon walk away da best damn two times tag team Herdcore Champions da U.T.8. ever did see!

The Dibbins brousin puts up two fingers now!

Duke: Dey didnt sees enough da first time we beat that Skyman Montana! Dey didnt beleive in da Dibbins boys when we beat Jax Humper! Dey didnt believe in us against dem Duck Dynasty boys eifer! Well lemme put all the rumors to bread!

He pauses for dramatic effect.

Duke: Da Dibbins been getting traininged by dat little green guy! Elk Trouble! He’s been preachin us the ropes! Showin us all dem rasslin moves! We learned how da use dis ring to our ackvantage!

He lifts an arm, and smells his armpit before getting a disgusted look on his face. He turns back to the camera.

Duke: So before turday! You been gettin in da ring with two umptrained Dibbins Brousins! Not now!

Waving a finger in front of the camera. Before running his other hand through that lucious mullet of his.

Duke: Nows we not only some fighting Dibbins boys, Nows we some rasslin Dibbins! Now we fight with our fists, and Rassle with our brains! So lemme tells ya why were gon win dis tag term match!

Dibbins rolls his head on his neck, loosening up.


His shout can be heard from halls away.

Duke: Are ya stupit boy! Ya Gota be Kitin me!

He cannot believe what he is seein!

Duke: Hows dey gunna make dis match Da Dibbins Brousins ver-says Jax Humper and Sexy Hardon! Deyz not even a real tag term! Da Dibbins Brousins got three things im common!

Of course his fingers are used for counting.

Duke: Firss, We Brousins, we family, we boff from da backwoods! We blood fool!

Holding two fingers up again.

Duke: And third, Weed both Herdcore! We like to brawl! We likes to use em Weapons! We likes to hurts everybody.

He clutches his head and squeezes it. Looking confused, or constipated, or something….

Duke: Den dere is dat dude Maverick Gummer! Dis guy dont even knows hes gotta bring a tag term pertner! Ya gota be Kitin me!

Pointing to his head.

Duke: Dis match gun be ugly, and its gun be quick! Da Dibbins Brousins will be da U.T.8 Tag Term Champins! Den wees gone get paid more money again! Cause Champions make da big bucks!

Duke Dibbins makes and angry face and walks off.


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