Title: The Words Of Lisil: Kindness
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 12/18/2015
Location: Water Tower Place, Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The scene opens inside the Water Tower Place mall. The camera pans around and shows the various store displays with whatever products they have for sale. The camera finally stops at Lisil Jackson who is standing in front of the mall's waterfall. He is dressed in a pair of black sweat pants, a black hooded sweatshirt with the Jamaican flag on it, and a Santa hat. Sitting beside him is a very large black bag with the Jamaican flag on it. Lisil Jackson looks into the camera and smiles. 

"Eyyyyyy mon! Don't ya just love dee atmosphere in dee air right now!  Dee smell o' cinnamon and nutmeg from dee holiday pastries... Dee bright lights and dee bright smiles! It tis dee greatest time o' year!" 

Lisil Jackson says as he reaches into the sack and pulls out a present wrapped up in colorful tropical themed wrapping paper. He walks over to a woman and smiles. 

"Here ya go! I want ya ta take dat present and give it ta someone ya don't know. A complete stranga! Keep spreadin dee kindness!" 

The woman looks at Lisil dumbfounded but takes the gift with a smile. 

"Thank you sir... I most certainly will!" 

The woman says before Jackson looks back into the camera. 

"Ya see dat? Dat is what dis time o' year is bout! Givin! Tinkin bout othas befo ya tink bout yaself!" 

He says before he takes a deep breath. 

"Howeva dee time come at Season Beatin dat I step inta dat ring fo a shot at dee Prodigy Championship!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration reaches into the bag and pulls out another gift handing it to another shopper passing. 

"Keep spreadin dee word o' inspiration! Make tomorrow a betta day!" 

He says before he turns back clearing his throat. 

"Dee opposite ting dat Kendrix be doin... I heard bout what he did at dat school and I am sick mon! Kendrix ya sit dere and act like I don't deserve ta be where I'm at and ya trow all dese delusional statements round like dey be facts!" 

Lisil shakes his head clearly disgusted. 

"Listen brudda! Ya wanna know why I earn dee right ta be in dis match? Dis is what I be fightin fo! I scratched and clawed ma way up dee ranks since dee very first day I set foot in dee UTA! I came in as an unknown just from dee island o' Jamaica!" 

A tone of emotion appears in Lisil's voice. 

"Just a lone mon wantin ta bring glory back ta his home country! A mon dat no one believed in... But Lisil Jackson believed in himself! Even when dey put me down! Dey say Oh Black Guy Jackson won't last a week!"

Jackson closes his eyes shaking his head. 

"Dey neva took Lisil Jackson seriously... Dey just looked at me and laughed at me accent! But dee ting is... I neva back down! I neva stop fightin! And not only ma people but people from all ova look at Lisil Jackson as an inspiration..." 

The Jamaican Inspiration smiles boldly. 

"Kendrix.... Ya not be an inspiration... Not even to ya own people o' dee UK! In fact I tink dat dey would be quite disgusted wit what ya do!" 

He says before he pulls out another gift and hands it to another shopper passing by. 

"Make someone's day a betta day!" 

Jackson says before he goes back to the camera. 

"Ya see Kendrix kindness can go a long way... Respect fo ya opponent... Respect fo othas... But most o' all respect fo yaself... Ya can't respect yaself if ya don't respect othas Kendrix..." 

The Jamaican Inspiration lets out a long sigh. 

"Ya be nothin but a bully... Ya be no betta den dat bumbiclot Mikey Unlikely who cares bout nothin but dee spot light! Dose kids wanted ta see ya and ya did nothin but smash dey hearts!"

Lisil Jackson says more disgusted than ever shown. 

"Lemme guess brudda ya prolly charge money fo an autograph too huh? Don't make me sick mon... Dis comin from a guy who's greatest claim ta fame is retirin Chris Hoppa... Ya mon ya beat a brudda who already was feelin dejected and was at a low point in his career! Bet ya feel real proud o' yaself!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior says before he pulls out another gift and crouches down handing it to a young child. 

"Here ya go... Make someone smile... It be dee time fo givin afta all!" 

The kid smiles from ear to ear before he runs off. Lisil Jackson lets out a happy sigh just enjoying spreading the kindness.

"Kendrix dis will be a harsh lesson dat ya will learn! And I just hope dee words o' Lisil will sink in!" 

Lisil says taking a deep breath and pulling out another gift. He walks over and hands it to a young woman. 

"Pass it on! Kindness is dee in ting dis time o' year!" 

The woman smiles as Lisil before she walks over and hands it to another shopper. Lisil smiles seeing this. 

"Now I can go on fo eva bout Kendrix but he not be dee only person in dis match! Ya got Lew Smith in dis match as well..."

Jackson ponders for a few seconds before he takes a deep breath. 

"Lew I have a tip fo ya brudda. Don't take Lisil Jackson lightly! I know ya be dee champ and ya be wantin ta keep dat belt. But mon dis is dee match I be waitin fo all me life! I am not gonna let dis oppatunity go ta waste!" 

Lisil Jackson raises a fist in the air. 

"And brudda ya best be ready fo dee fury o' dee storm dat be comin ta take dat belt! Lew ma people are dependin on me bringin dat belt back ta Jamaica. Ta bring a new day o' glory back ta dee islands!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration's face turns much more serious as he points to the camera. 

"Brudda I can make a promise dat I will be dee biggest treat ta take ya belt! And it all be cuz I have dee greatest desire ta take dat belt home! I love ya like a brudda Lew but dis be ma time!"

Lisil Jackson reaches into the bottom of the sack and sets the last gift on the ground in front of him. 

"And den we got Amy Harrison who can't accept losin dee belt ta Lew Smith! Amy dis should be ya chance ta betta yaself and ta learn from ya mistake! But ya be runnin round blamin Marie Van Claudio on everting..." 

He shakes his head sighing. 

"I know ya be betta den dat Amy! But till ya realize ya own mistake, ya won't get ya belt back!" 

Lisil Jackson smiles from ear to ear before he slings the empty sack over his shoulder. 

"UTA... When I bring dat belt home I will do ma best ta hona it! I will uphold what bein a champ truly is bout! Dat is what I call JAMAICA STRONG!" 

And with those words said Lisil Jackson casually walks off. The camera zooms in on the gift laying on the ground as the scene fades to black

From: The Jamaican Inspiration
To: Someone In Need

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