Title: Don't Let A Woman Fool You
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: December 18th, 2015
Location: Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

The scene starts in a dark room, lit by a fireplace and a TV playing a promo for the upcoming Wrestleshow event. Shown watching the TV is Amy Harrison with a look of disgust on her face after it goes past her part. She turns off the TV.


Harrison: Why does this match have to be on Wrestleshow? Do I really have to lower myself to appear on that show?


Amy just shakes her head as she walks over to a fireplace.


Harrison: Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than just standing right next to a fire, seeing how it consumes everything that gets thrown in its path.


Amy looks at the fire.


Harrison: Kinda sounds like me, in a way. Sometimes people have been lucky with just feeling the heat, but if I get the chance, I can burn you up.


Amy lets out a big grin.


Harrison: And that’s what I plan to do to these four victims………….I mean my four opponents at this next Wrestleshow, where I will take back MY Prodigy Championship that was stolen from me.


Amy looks up at the mantelpiece and sees four pictures, one of each opponent in the match. She first takes the one with Jarvis Valentine.


Harrison: First we have Jarvis Valentine, I guess you could say he’s the rookie of the group.


Amy shrugs


Harrison: To be fair, he’s building up quite the reputation for someone that just got here, I can give you credit for that. But you haven’t spend that much time in the big shows yet, so you haven’t really been truly tested.


Amy looks at the picture


Harrison: And something tells me that that inexperience is going to bite you in the ass in this match. You haven’t been in any kind of match like this, against the kind of competition that’s in it. And that’s just talking about me.


Harrison: I hope this match doesn’t scare you off too much from competing here. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to send you to school in that ring.


Amy throws the picture into the fire and then picks up the next one in the line.


Harrison: Then we have Lisil Jackson.


Harrison: Alright, am I the only one that can’t decide what this guy is saying half of the time? Maybe I’m not so good understanding his kind of accent.


Amy has a confused look on her face.


Harrison: A piece of advice, Mr Jackson, if you want to try to threaten us with how you’re going to beat us or whatever you’re trying to tell us, first you got to make sure that those that you’re threaten can actually understand a word that you’re saying. Just a tip.


Amy shakes her head but gets back on track.


Harrison: Anyway, we have crossed paths before, but the less said about that, the better. Besides, it doesn’t matter what happens in the past, anyway. What matters is what’s going to happen next.


Harrison: You can try telling me all you want to say, Mr. Jackson, because it will not have any effect on me. Mainly because I won’t have a clue what you’re saying.


Amy throws Lisil’s picture in the fire with Jarvis’ and picks up the one of Kendrix.


Harrison: Next on the list would be Mr. ‘I can’t make my mind up if I should call myself by my surname or my initials’. I’ll just call him Kendrix for now.


Amy rolls her eyes.


Harrison: You talk very highly about yourself, don’t you? You say that you’ve had a better year than everyone else in this match? That’s debatable.


Harrison: But here’s my counter argument for that. I’ve only been here for six months, and my six months here can rival your twelve months easily.


Amy lets out a cocky grin


Harrison: Oh, and another thing. You say that you’ve had a good year, but have you been able to call yourself champion yet? Hm? I didn’t think so.


Amy put the picture in the fire and then looks at the final picture.


Harrison: And then we have the champion himself.


Amy sighs and shakes her head.


Harrison: Lets just face it, Lew Smith is someone that shouldn’t even been in this match, let alone be the champion going in.


Harrison: He is nothing more than a fluke! He hasn’t earned anything here, he’s been given everything! Hell, that title that he holds onto right now was just given to him, because I sure as hell never gave it to him!


Amy shakes her head as she picks it up.


Harrison: You needed help getting the win against me, and don’t you try to deny it! But if there’s any saving grace to this, is that even though I had to defend my title straight away, I didn’t have to defend it first time against four other people. Good luck with that.


Amy throws Lew Smith’s picture in the fire, along with the other competitors pictures burning in the fire.


Harrison: See, here’s the thing. I am someone that doesn’t hold back, in any way, shape or fashion. I’m someone that tells it right to your face how things are, and let's be honest here, I’ve been right about a lot of things here.


Harrison: I said that I would make an impact here, and I have. I’ve said that I would be one of the best that UTA has seen, well I could probably say that I’m the best woman that the UTA has seen in a while, isn’t that right Marie?


Amy laughs a bit as she puts the fire out.


Harrison: I’ve also said that this place wants to screw me over and over and over again. How else can you explain that I have to share my rematch for the title with three other people?


Amy then walks into her bedroom


Harrison: But here’s the thing, I’ve also said that I’m going to prove all of the doubters wrong, and all of the people that held me back wrong. The higher ups tried holding me down by putting me in that ladder match, and I proved them wrong that time.


Harrison: Well, guess what? You can try to screw me over again with this five person match, but it’s going to backfire on you. Lets just say that I have a thing for parties of four or five at a time.


Amy hops onto the bed and shows off her body for a bit before getting to her final statement.


Harrison: Make no mistake about it, at Wrestleshow 50, you’re going to see what it’s like when you have someone like me that isn’t being held back my bad officiating and jealousy, you’re going to see someone that is looking out for revenge, and someone that is looking out to once again be called the UTA Prodigy Champion.


Amy blows a kiss to the camera before shutting it off.


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