Title: The Prodigy Title Awakens
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 17th December 2015
Location: In a galaxy far far...oh wait, Orlando somewhere
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

We open to a black screen, hearing heavy footsteps echo loudly and slowly. A short screech is heard as if a chair has been dragged across the floor. All of a sudden a long, thin tube of green light appears with a “BB-ZSHOOO” sound. The light partially reveals a figure sitting on an arm chair, dressed in a brown cloak with a huge hood hanging over his head, covering his face completely. One hand rests on one of the arms, the other holds up a force FX Lightsaber still by his side. The calm “VVVVVVVVVVV” humming of the Lightsaber vibrates a few moments until accompanied by an all too familiar brash welcome;

“Alllrriiiigghhhttt Maaattteee!!”

Leaning toward the fixed camera before him, bringing his hood back slightly, the Lightsaber’s shimmering green glow brings none other than Kendrix into view;

Kendrix: It’s finally here people. JFK hopes you’ve all got your tickets. After all, you’ve all waited so very long for this!

Placing the Lightsaber into a fixed holder by the foot of his chair, he frees his hands. Leaning back into the chair with his arms placed out flat on the arm rests. The Lightsaber’s glow reveals more of his cloak, as well as a partial part of the UTA backdrop behind him;

Kendrix: The anticipation for this show has been hot for a year.

Holding his arms out wide by his side, the cloaks sleeves hang off of his wrist;

Kendrix: That’s right…the wait is finally over…The time has come, to crown you’re new hero, the man who rid the UTA of boring Chris Hopper matches and monologues…the man who along with his bestest bruv…in the world…Mikey Unlikely, did what the entire UTA roster failed to do in forever…and ended Dynasty…

Kendrix: It’s time to crown…Jesse Fredericks Kendrix…the greatest of alllll tiiimmmeee when he becomes your neeeeewwwwww Prodigy Champion, on the 50th Episode of Wrestlshow…at Seasons Beatings.

Wagging his index finger towards the lens he accompanies it with a dismissive scoff;

Kendrix: What, did you think JFK was going to tell you about “why?” he did what he did at Wrestleshow 49?

Leaning towards the lens he brings his clenched fists together and gently rests them on his chin…mimicking a feeble American accent;

Kendrix: Oh why did you do it JFK? Why did you break CBR’s miniature balls and hit him with your bellend?! For the love of God tell me why?!!!

Sitting up straight he shakes his head and dismissively laughs off the question before he catches the glow of the Lightsabre by his side. Looking at his clothes he looks up at the lens and shifts his eyes to the side;

Kendrix: Oh…and there’s some sort of well-known sci-fi film out today too?

He looks up in thought, trying to think of the name of the film but gives up shaking his head;

Kendrix: Anyhoo…Listen, yeah?! All that stuff can wait. Cos’ right now, the entire world is talking about one thing…Monday Night at the United Center in Chicago…The Windy City itself. Right now, it’s all about THE FUTURE…JFK…walking out of Seasons Beatings as Prodigy Champion.

Looking up he closes his eyes, taking in the magnitude of it all for a moment before reopening them and facing the lens with an acknowledging nod and his trademark smirk;

Kendrix: Right now, All of JFK’s energies and focus are solely invested in this match. A five way encounter between Jarvis Valentine, Amy Harrison, Lisil Jackson, the champ Lew Smith...

He points his thumbs back at himself;

Kendrix: And the future of the UTA himself…JFK.

Crossing his leg atop of the other he clasps his hands together, elbows lying on the arm rests;

Kendrix: Now, after the year JFK has had a lot of people are questioning, why on earth is JFK going after the Prodigy title?

Piercing his lips together he exaggeratingly strokes his beard in apparent thought;

Kendrix: Why, after slaying the likes of Sean Jackson and Chris Hopper, whom, in case you forgot because JFK doesn’t mention it very often due to his humble nature, JFK RETIRED at International Affair…

Throwing a nonchalant wink towards the camera he holds his hands out wide;

Kendrix: Why would JFK demand a shot at the Prodigy Title, to represent the division?

Wagging his finger towards the camera with his cheeky grin he leans forward slightly;

Kendrix: Good question, why? In order to do that question justice…JFK needs to give out a short history lesson on the belt itself.

Rubbing his hands at the thought he sits up straight and exaggeratingly clears his throat;

Kendrix: Since JFK arrived in the UTA, way back in January of this year. He has seen the Prodigy title butchered to death, whored out to all and sundry. Contender after contender, champion after champion.

He twists his wrist around, his hand turning in a circular motion;

Kendrix: Everyone’s had a go at the belt this year. Not only is Lew Smith the current whore, let’s face it, he does look like a woman…JFK has seen the previous “champions…”

He signifies the quotation mark with his fingers;

Kendrix: …and believe JFK, he uses that word loosely…

Widening his eyes, raising his eyebrows he continues his lesson;

Kendrix: …include a man who wears a skirt, a woman who couldn’t wrestle and now has a broken arm, a woman who is better known for the size of her tits rather than her wrestling ability…

He rolls his eyes;

Kendrix: They even gave it to a washed up hall of famer!

Shifting to the edge of his seat he gestures with his index finger for the camera to zoom in;

Kendrix: The result? The belt was retired. To be honest, JFK can’t blame the UTA for making that decision…

Facing the camera his expression becomes stern, eyes focused intently on the lens;

Kendrix: The belt had been poorly represented by its “champions”. JFK doesn’t know why it wasn’t retired sooner bruv! It had lost all interest from outside the company let alone from inside.

Removing his hood completely from his head he throws his hands through his hair;

Kendrix: Then it was brought back at International Affair. A fresh start for the belt…a lifeline...that was the plan right?

Nodding along, he points his index finger at the lens;

Kendrix: Coming out of retirement should have signalled a new era for the belt. To make it mean something, just like the Legacy, Wildfire and World Title belts. But less than two weeks into its return…we already have TWO CHAMPIONS...and, including this Monday night, two scramble matches in the space of 4 weeks!

He slaps the palm of his hand upon the top of his head. Puffing his cheeks out for a moment, he takes a deep breath to compose himself, nodding purposefully at the lens;

Kendrix: So the reason, JFK threw his name into the hat is because he believes that not only will he WIN...the Prodigy Title, but he will take it to the next level…HIS LEVEL!

Pressing his hands flat on his chest, he holds them there;

Kendrix: JFK guarantees to make that belt great...IMPORTANT...again. JFK will make everyone want it! Unfortunately its current status means it’s still surrounded in chaos. Where it cannot progress and find a home…or indeed…a future.

He modestly holds the palm of his hand across his chest upon his heart as he sits up straight. Throwing his hand through his hair, he puts his hood back atop of his head, the glow of the Lightsaber keeping his face lit;

Kendrix: But sometimes, you have to go through the toughest odds in order to create a legacy. On Monday Night, JFK doesn’t have to be pinned or even… forced to submit…

Hanging his head back he chuckles for a moment;

Kendrix: …Yeah, like that’s gonna happen bruv?

Facing the camera again, laughing a little less, he wipes away a tear from his eye;

Kendrix: In order to lose this match…and for the title to remain a joke.

Suddenly the camera zooms out as a replica Star Wars BB-8 Droid rolls into view by the Lightsaber. Meanwhile, Kendrix remains focused on the lens;

Kendrix: Take a moment to imagine Jarvis Valentine as your Prodigy Champion...

The BB-8 Droid comes to life as it emits blue light from its tiny camera placed at the front of its head. The light emits a recording onto the backdrop behind the seat. We see footage of Jarvis Valentine’s recent victories on Proving Grounds and After Hours;

Kendrix: A man who came into this company with three wins on the bounce. So impressive, he made the step up from proving grounds and after hours to the JFK show...oops, JFK means Wrestleshow…and honestly, he’s a relative unknown to JFK, the dark-horse...

Sticking his lower lip out he looks disappointingly towards the lens;

Kendrix: Unfortunately, Jarvis, it’s all well and good proving you can beat a bunch of talent-less bellends in a hardcore match with weapons at your disposal. It’s another thing to win a WRESTLING match, like when you lost your first WRESTLING match against Ron Hall.

Shaking his head he rolls his eyes;

Kendrix: How did you say it? He’d run his last race? Piss poor planning is not gonna get you far in the UTA, Jarvis. This championship match has come too soon for you.

The feed from the droid cuts and comes alive again, this time revealing highlights of Amy Harrison, winning the Prodigy Title at International Affair;

Kendrix: Then there’s former Prodigy Champion herself, Amy Harrison. JFK is going to be honest with you Amy, he’s going to put it all out there...YOU ARE FIT!!!

He pouts at the lens and puckers up his lips;

Kendrix: But in all seriousness, since coming to the UTA, JFK truly believes no other person on the roster has improved throughout the course of the year than yourself. Let’s be honest, you came in as eye candy for the fat virgins in the stands and watching at home. Remember when you were spinning a wheel for an entire show? That was good TV...but you weren’t taken seriously.

Shaking his head and wagging his finger at the lens he continues;

Kendrix: However, at International Affair...the whole world took notice of Amy. You proved to everyone you had what it takes to succeed in this business and won everybody’s respect after surviving that ladder drop…and becoming Prodigy Champion….

He holds two fingers up at the camera in the rudest way possible as the Droid’s highlights switch to Amy losing her title to Lew Smith;

Kendrix: For two of the shortest championship reigns in history. You shocked the world so much by winning couldn’t believe it yourself! You couldn’t cope with the pressure that the belt and the spotlight brought. It was that or maybe you just saw the title as a shiny new accessory to take out on the town?

Shrugging his shoulders he holds his arms out wide;

Kendrix: Either way Amy, come Monday night, the pressure will all be too much for you again. That is not championship material young lady!

The droid’s stream shifts to Lisil Jackson’s win over Yoshi at this week on Victory;

Kendrix: Then there’s the Jamaican Inspiration...Lisil Jackson. JFK will admit, the man is on a hell of a run right now, a run that can claim to rival that of yours truly. A man who brings a different, unorthodox style of combat to the squared circle. A real danger to JFK’s aspirations, no doubt. This is the man who proved he was “Jamaica Strong” by beating that fat bastard Yoshi last week!

He puffs his cheeks out and moves his arms up and down out wide by his side, mimicking an obese person before putting his game face back on as the droid’s highlights switch to a presentation of Tiki Statues;

Kendrix: Literally and figuratively the biggest win of his career! But there’s always the doubt about what’s going on with you up here Lisil, ain’t there?

Tempting the camera to zoom in with his index finger he taps the side of his head twice;

Kendrix: Voodoo shit, taking inspiration from a piece of wood bruv?

He pulls two of his fingers to his mouth and mimics inhaling and exhaling;

Kendrix: JFK reckons you’ve been taking too many drugs, he personally hopes you get tested for narcotics prior to our match, yeah?! Jamaica Strong? How can you control the future of the belt when you can’t control your head...mon!  

He sticks his tongue out inside the bottom of his mouth;

Kendrix: Your problem Lisil is you always try to be the hero...look where that got you on Monday night. Getting in Mikey’s face cos you took a fancy to MJ got you through a table! You wanted to save her innit? What the hell are you gonna do when I smash Amy Harrison this Monday? The "right thing"? Of course you the cost of the Prodigy Title be it!

Throwing his hood back off of his head he strokes his beard and leans forward pointing at the lens;

Kendrix: You think JFK has had the year he's had by doing the right thing? If the right thing is doing whatever it takes to win then you’re damn right, bruv! The record books show JFK BEAT...Sean Jackson.

His eyes widen as he nods intently at the lens;

Kendrix: You don’t think that’s “right”? The records don't say HOW...they just show FACTS. Unlike you, JFK can adapt to any situation thrown at him. Winning on his own like when he retired Hopper...or not, it simply don’t matter. The record books just show the big “W”.

He puts his thumbs together and stretches out his index fingers, forming a W.

Kendrix: Your failure to adapt means you aren’t ready to be the inspirational champion you think you can be. Keep doing the right thing though, innit bruv!

Winking at the camera the droid finally brings up the Prodigy Champ, Lew Smith’s highlights upon beating Amy Harrison for the title;

Kendrix: And fittingly, there’s the Prodigy Champion, Lew Smith. You may have forgotten but you actually beat JFK in his first ever match in the UTA. Since then a lot has happened. JFK has proven to the world that he is the future of the UTA while you’re the man who took the greatest UTA champion of all time to his limits and almost won the Title...

He wags his finger beside his head;

Kendrix: Almost, that’s the thing Lew. You are afforded opportunity after opportunity but you just don’t have it in you to take the ball and run with it. Like Lisil, you’re more interested in entertaining the masses than focusing on your career. You have a brilliant opportunity to make something of yourself with the Prodigy Title but we all know it won’t be around your waist much longer.

He shakes his head and bites his lip;

Kendrix: JFK gets the impression you’re just happy to be here…is this what a champion should be? Either way, the year goes full circle. It started with Lew beating JFK. It end with JFK taking Lew’s title.

Standing up he removes the Lightsaber and holds it down by his side;

Kendrix: JFK has always said that he is here to be the best and inspire the worthless low lifes of the USA. He will do just that, at Seasons Beatings, when the Prodigy Title Awakens.

He holds his Lightsabre in both hands high above his head;

Kendrix: JFK will win the Prodigy Title...the UTA NEEDS...JFK to win the title...and inspire the very best…to try and take it away from him;

He smashes the Lightsaber down hard on the droid, breaking it’s head off before looking up with his trademark smirk;

Kendrix: The future has spoken...the future is now!

Fade Out

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