Title: Fight
Featuring: CBR
Date: 17th December
Location: Chicago
Show: Wrestleshow #50:Seasons Beatings

We open to the cool wind of the Chicago winter, a street with its Christmas lights brightening up otherwise bland facades of retail branding.  Businessmen walk past in large overcoats, holding briefcases under their arms and sandwiches in their hands.  

The scene turns to the side, showing the figure of one Claude Baptiste Ranier.  The Canadian Star wears a thick navy blue polo neck jumper, his blonde hair hanging loose by the sides of his cheeks.  A pair of jeans and brown shoes complete the attire, the legacy title hanging proudly over his shoulder.  

CBR: Chicago…

The accent tinged words escape against the wind as Ranier tightens his grip on the title.

CBR: A city that means a lot to some of you, to this industry.  A city steeped in history.  A city where, on Monday, history is once again made.  

Claude pats the gold of his title with his cool fingertips.

CBR: This title...the Legacy Title of the UTA...means everything.  It is the belt I created a year ago, the belt that I defended against so many worthy opponents.  In many ways, this belt transcends CBR and transcends what Dynasty was.  Fitting, then, that I now defend it once again in the same fashion that I won it a lone warrior in a sea of Titans.  

Ranier walks slowly along the pavement, his head turned to the camera.  

CBR: I bet a lot of you had to rewatch Wrestleshow Forty Nine, I know I did.  When Jesse did what he did...he not only disgraced himself, but everything that men like Eduardo, James, Sean and I stood for...everything that Dynasty was made to represent.  It may have become something twisted, something rotten...but that is only the result of the egos that sought to twist it.  Mine, unfortunately, included.  

Claude continues to walk, slowly brushing hair from his eyes.  

CBR: But Jesse also disrespected this business.  In an attempt to become noticed, the drowning howls of a man drunk on potential were destroyed by the single actions of a petulant child...disgracing everything this company and this belt, represent.  But Kendrix, my friend, my...pupil...we’ll have another lesson when the time is right.  

Ranier shoots a wry smile at the camera, stopping in front of a large bookstore, turning to face the camera and leaning back against the wall.  

CBR: More importantly, Zhalia, you and I have a date with destiny, and there is no one in this business I would rather face for this than you.  

Claude pushes his hand into his pocket as he relaxes back.  

CBR: You know, people underestimate you in this organisation, I do not.  People look down on you like a stepping stone on the way to greatness, but they forget just who you are and what you've achieved.  And whilst my path may have been different this past eighteen months to yours, I've been watching with keen interest, the developing career of a truly talented athlete.  

Ranier breathes in slowly, his eyes blinking momentarily before continuing.  

CBR: It was you, Zhalia, that won the Prodigy year ago at Seasons Beatings.  You created that belt, before the Alex Beckmans and Ron Halls of the world, it was you.  And last week? Well, I always knew you had it in you but last week you proved to the world just how far you've come from that kid knocking on the gates of the UTA asking for a shot.  

Claude smiles, nodding his head.  

CBR: Yeah, I know you Zhalia, and on Monday it will be an honour.  I'm ready. I'm prepared.  Whilst I don't have my dynasty brethren behind me any more, I never needed them to win this and on Monday, I am putting all my faith in my own ability.  May the best

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