Title: Chi City
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 12/21/15
Location: Chi Town
Show: Victory XLIII

Haynes: "Jed, I gotta know. Did ya tell 'em?"

Will Haynes is in a dimly lit hallway, walking. Destination unknown. Somethings in his hand, can't make it out as the camera follows him.

Haynes: "Did ya tell your boy what I said? Did ya tell him that I want him t' step it up? That I wanna see more?"

Haynes stops, he raises what was in his hand. He takes a bite. His eyes close as he savours his food.

Haynes: "Gotta hand it t' ya Chicago, your pizza is pretty damn good."

Haynes keeps walking, a logo for the United Center in Chicago right beside him as he makes his way further into the arena for tonight's Wrestle...sorry Othershow.

Haynes: "Jed, I got some business here tonight."

"No offense, like I told ya you n' your boy ain't exactly the top a' my priority list, now. I just wanna make sure you let him know everythin' I said."

"I don't want you leavin' nothin' out. I want you t' tell it t' him, all, just like it is."

Haynes nods his head, as if he means it.

Haynes: "But why do I gotta feelin' you ain't gonna do that, Jed? Why do I got a feelin' you're gonna lie t' 'em, huh? Get him all worked up so you can go out n' earn a payday off someone else's back?"


"Is that what you're gonna do, Jed? You're gonna continue t' lie to him."

Haynes shakes his head in disgust.

Haynes: "That's what managers do, right? Call it - "managaging the talent."

Haynes breaks out the air quotes.

Haynes: "All managers do is get ya in trouble. They open their mouth n' they expect YOU - t' go out there n' answer for 'em." 

"I mean did ya see who I was palin' around with before Mikey went n' laid him up in the hospital?"

"Coleslaw Jenkins. He ain't exactly the most loveable guy in the world."

Haynes stops walking, he leans his back against a wall behind him. He's lost in a moment of nostalgia over Slaw.

Haynes: "Managers, Jed, don't bring nothin' but trouble. Plus them lousy pieces a' human garbage went ten percent. Pshhh, get the hell outta here with that."

"What have YOU done, Jed Dye t' earn your ten percent? You think Yoshii wouldn't have won that World Title without you? You think he ain't got the talent? We both know that ain't the case."

"He can do it all without you, he just don't realize it. Not yet. But if fate allows it, Jed, maybe one day that big fella he'll wake up n' realize what a crumb you are."

Haynes shrugs, he's unsure of the future of anything or anyone currently. The wings of changing are blowing, they always do at the end of the year.

Haynes: "But ya know what, Jed? I bet I won't even get t' see it. I bet that before that big guy can snap on you, you find yourself lookin' for another circus to sling your lil' sideshow act at."

"You're dated, Jed. And it's your fault. Not Yoshii's. In the UTA, where nostalgia seems enough most of the time you couldn't find him a spot at the table that's growing larger by the second."

Haynes takes a breath here before continuing.

Haynes: "We are performin' at a high level, Jed. N' if you can't get on board with that, you're gonna get left in the past. Probably for good. You can only wear out your welcome so many times, ya know what I'm sayin?"

Haynes nods his head, some motions from off camera that it's time to wrap this thing up. A producer needs Haynes for something. Possibly television related if you catch drifts.

Haynes: "Jed, tell him. Tell him about the respect I got for him, for what he's done, but make sure ya also tell him about the lack a' respect I have for managers, like you."

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