Title: Raskoons
Featuring: Duke Dibbins
Date: 12/23/2015
Location: Da Woods
Show: Wrestleshow 51

The soft sounds of Banjos can be heard playing in the background. We are deep in the West Virginia woods. It's nighttime in the land of loving cousins, and Duke Dibbins is out and about! We see his face, only due to the flashlight he points at himself.

Dibbins: Holy Hell its cold out ‘ere! Dammnit!

He shivers in the light a bit. Although it's hard to make out, he is not wearing a shirt, instead is in his normal cut off pants. Over his pants is the UTA Hardcore championship. He pulls it tight.

Dibbins: I’m out ‘ere trying to catch some night critters. Damn Raskoons always dicking through Dibbins trash, and We aint bout dat life! Our trash is ours not dem Raskoons.

He makes raccoon eyes by turning his hands upside down and making a mask out of them.

Dibbins: Well Lisken ‘ere! We da Returd Herdcore ChUMPS once again, and aint a dammnit ting you can do to stop us. I heared dat da Dibbins be in another tag teams match! ell bring em on dey aint never gone win dis one! Dey messin with da champ-ionies!

He picks his nose without shame.

Dibbins: Sabrina the Teenage Baker! I seens your show on the nick at night! You got magical powers, and that's fine, cause da Dibbins got dat BackWoods Flava! You bring your black cat, and your brooms and we see about what we gon do to ya!

He shrugs

Dibbins: Dey got us fighting girls wit our fists like we back in the da traila park! Dont dey know weed got kicked out datderepark?

Moving on…. He looks for Raskoons.

Dibbins: Den ya got Dan Benson, Heard dis dude gots facial sugeny! Well it looks rought lemme tell ya. Duke knows he be a hands ome man! But dis Dan Bensome is one ugly raskoon!

Dirty bastard

Dibbins: So if you tink use gon come into Rasslin show, and put one over on da best damn returd tag team chumps ever…. den I got a few words for ya!

He waits…

Dibbins: Ya Gota B Kittin Me!

the scene fades.

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