Title: A MVC Christmas
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: December 23rd, 2015
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Show: Victory XLIII

The scene starts with Marie Van Claudio wrapping some presents up for the Christmas holiday. While putting some colorful wrapping paper on the boxes, she’s currently thinking about what’s on her mind.


Van Claudio, while putting wrapping paper on: You know, I have a lot to be grateful for this holiday season.


She grabs a bow and ties it around the present.


Van Claudio: I’m grateful for another chance in the UTA. It’s one thing that I’ll forever be happy for. I’m gracious for being in big time matches, and not to mention getting respect of peers.


Marie takes one more look at the present before putting that one away. She grabs another present and black wrapping paper.


Van Claudio, while cutting the wrapping paper up. : If there was one thing I wouldn’t be happy about this year, it’s the fact that I’ve dealt with a backstabber that I once called “friend.”


She cuts it up and puts it around the present.


Van Claudio:  Amy could go around saying one thing and then whining about another thing when it was her fault to ruin a friendship. Not to mention developing the biggest ego in the history of this company!


Marie shakes her head and keeps her focus on the present.


Van Claudio: Amy, I would give you this present, but you have a Christmas “present” coming your way! I can guarantee that!


She smirks a bit. Of course, Amy didn’t deserve it. Hell, Amy didn’t deserve ANYTHING in UTA more than Marie does.


Van Claudio: I have to keep my focus on my match this week coming up. Sure, it maybe the Christmas holiday and Season’s Beatings has come and gone, but it’s never over for the ones on Victory.


Marie smiles a bit as she’s getting that “itch” of coming back in the ring.


Van Claudio: I’ve had the “itch” to get back in the ring. Ever  since I had the Prodigy Title snatched out of my hands, I’ve been more determined as ever to start this road to redemption. Sure, I may have a “roadblock” in the way right now, but I have to show that “roadblock” I’m not going to back down from her, no matter how many times I’m knocked down..


She stops her crafting with the presents and puts the stuff in a little pink box.


Van Claudio: This week, I’m going against Jeff Andrews, who happens to be in the same boat I am in right now. But he’s on a winning streak, and I’m not.


She sighs at bit at the comment, but goes back to having a positive smile on her face.


Van Claudio, while being positive: Jeff, we’re in similar positions. We have roadblocks in our way preventing us from doing what we want to accomplish. The Pantheon in your case, Amy in my case. They’ve been doing that so far. Sure, we haven’t been successful, but there is one thing both parties haven’t accomplished yet.


She keeps on smiling while still being positive.


Van Claudio: And that accomplishment is, they haven’t beat us down till we aren’t standing anymore. That’s one thing they haven’t reached yet. As long as we are still breathing, walking and standing, they won’t get far in ending our careers!


She moves her blonde hair back before getting off the table.


Van Claudio: For someone like you, you had two matches that were wins. One against a person that’s….well…about to go out on his sleigh ride and another that came back at the wrong time, only for others to get mad at him.


She shakes her head at the mention of Yoshii. Marie spoke out with him walking out of the company, which made her feel uneasy towards him.


Van Claudio: Your third match happens to be against me. I already said what I said before about who’s been blocking us along the way, but this is another person. I’m not plus sized like any of them nor do I walk out of the company when I don’t get my way!


Marie tries to smile, but she wants to keep some negativity out of the way.


Van Claudio: I’m sure you’ve heard some harsh things about me with the name calling and how I’m not worth being here. Those are the things you’ve might have heard about me, but to be honest, the ones that say that stuff, don’t know how to be positive!  


She goes back to having a smile on her face.


Van Claudio: The Marie Van Claudio that I will gladly be introducing you to is the one that has the talented that people need to be talking about. The Marie Van Claudio you will be seeing is a determined one and gets the job done and most importantly, the Marie Van Claudio that wants to put on an awesome match that makes everyone talk towards for months to come!


She goes back to her table, opens another set of wrapping paper. This time around the color is red and it’s for Jeff.


Van Claudio: Well, I’m sure there are matches people have talked about in the past that I was in, but probably for reasons that are negative.


She shakes her head and goes back to wrapping a present for Jeff.


Van Claudio: Jeff, at Victory, you’re going to get a nice Christmas Present from me and that Christmas present is a match that NOBODY’s going to take away from us by sticking their nose in our business!


Marie shows the present to the cameras.


Van Claudio, while holding the present: That’s my Christmas Present to you, but my Christmas Present to me would be a win.


She smiles at the camera and goes back wrapping the rest of the presents to end the scene from here.


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