Title: Driving along in my automobile!
Featuring: Lance Mikes
Date: 25/12/2015
Location: Some road leading to Cleveland, Ohio
Show: Wrestleshow 51

We open up with Lance Mikes sat in a car driving to Cleveland, Ohio for WrestleShow 51. We can see out of the window and also see Lance's face. He turns to glance towards us and then back to the road as he begins to speak.

Lance Mikes: So my first match, my debut in UTA didn't go exactly how I wanted it to go. Heck, I even said I would get beat and shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone really. On that night the better man won. That is all there is to it. That is the only thing I wil say about my first match against Connor. 

The car begins to slow down until it comes to a halt at the red lights. 

Lance Mikes: Now, moving on to WrestleShow 51. I get the chance to redeem myself. I have a match against Kraven Kennedy. Who? Exactly what I was thinking. Heck that is probably what people in UTA are thinking about me. You see, Double K, K2, whatever you want to be called. You have been put in an arkward position. You have been given your debut match against someone coming off a loss for his debut match. You see where I am getting at here? You debut, you lose, you move on! That is exactly what is going to happen at WrestleShow 51 when we face off. 

The lights turn green as the car begins to move forward slowly, picking up speed as it goes on. Lance carries on speaking as he also concentrates on driving and making it to WrestleShow 51 in one piece.

Lance Mikes: You see, my whole life I have to overcome the odds. I have always had to go up against it all. You see this happened back in UWF. I was given the chance to face the UWF World Champion. Heck I was going in to the match with out a shadow of a doubt that I would come out as the new champion but the management, the owners they didn't want Lance Mikes as the world champion. They didn't want me to become the champion of THEIR federation because they didn't like the way I did business. Yeah I was an asshole and I'm stil that same old asshole right now. If I could, I would do it all again. Now, you would think I would have learnt my lesson after losing the match. I eventually left the place only to return again years later. Alow, and behold the same situation arised. I was once again given the chance to face the champ and surprise surprise I was screwed again by the management, and the owners. 

You can sense the intensity building up, his face has gone from a happy smile to a somewhat pissed off look.

Lance Mikes: So I'm not stranger to having deal with adversity in my life. Heck I don't care what you put in front of me, Like I said before, you stack 'em up and I'll keep knockin' em down! WHY?! JUST LOOK AT ME!

Lance carries on driving, the speed is definitely over the limit as the camera takes a glance at the speed-o-meter. I don't think Lance really cares at this point how fast he is doing. The adrenaline is pumping through him more and more.

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