Title: Not like the rest of your girls? You have another thing coming.....
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: December 25th, 2015
Location: Montreal
Show: Victory XLIII

It’s Christmas Day in the Van Claudio household as everyone from Marie’s family has come together to celebrate the holiday. It was also the last time Marie would have with her family before Monday’s show. She was making the most of her time, but needed to address some issues that Jeff said a couple of days ago.  Excusing herself from the celebration that was going down, Marie went outside on her parents back deck.


Van Claudio: I know this day is supposed to be about family and spending time without one another, but I need to address some things that I’ve heard from my opponent this week.


She moves the right sleeve on her new blouse that she got for Christmas up her arm before rolling the left one up.


Van Claudio: Jeff, while taking a break from the wrapping of the presents this past week and wrapping one up for you on top of that.


She brings up a soft smile on her face.


Van Claudio: I listened to your story about how you ran a company with women’s wrestlers that showed heart leading to the point where you told me that I wasn’t like one of them….


Marie shook her head. It hit her right in the heart, but it was reminding her of what everyone else does.


Van Claudio: You hit it where it hurts, but it’s a part of life. I cannot get away from the facts of life, but it brought up another thing that I’ve noticed…. It’s been a RECURRING theme when it comes to someone that I happen to go against.


She doesn’t want to smile. She cannot let one now. Not at this present moment.


Van Claudio: You’re JUST like everyone that I went against in the past! You’re just like EVERY single doubter that I’ve faced off!


She stops for a second


Van Claudio: Ok, let me take that back. At least you’ve seen the fact that I make the efforts in improving myself, unlike one particular person in the back that’s bitching.


It was clearly a shot at Amy as she let out a funny smile on her face.


Van Claudio: But nobody seems to take notice of that, do they? It’s always me doing something wrong, Am I right?


Marie goes to take a seat on the deck chair that was folded up for the winter time. Of course, there was no sign of snow and wanted to make it.


Van Claudio: And since you’ve told a story about how you ran a company that had a women’s division and telling me that I wasn’t like any of chicks...


Marie opens the chair that was folded and places it next to her.


Van Claudio: Let me share you a story to make you RETHINK about what you said.


She sits in the chair and hoping nobody is coming out to get her for dinner, even though it was about to be coming up soon.


Van Claudio: I’ve been wrestling more than you think I’ve been doing. I wasn’t told that I wouldn’t be like my older sister, Veronica. In fact, it was the SAME promotion she was fired from that I was hired by one year after she was let go.


Marie takes another look to see if anyone’s coming before back to speaking.


Van Claudio: Unlike her, I was able to prove myself and show everyone that I wasn’t like her.


Marie keeps a straight face as she moves her right arm back and forth.


Van Claudio: Yes, they may have saw a pretty face with a lack of talent come out, but I proved myself that I could wrestle like her and on top of that, put my body on the line.  


She flips her arm around to show the wounds she suffered from in the past.


Van Claudio: So tell me I don’t belong like those girls you once had in your promotion!?


She flips her right arm back around.


Van Claudio: Here’s another thing that you’ve mentioned. You’ve been here for a short while and only have two wins, while I’ve been here for in your words *does air quotations* “Freaking Forever!”.


She stands back up and looks straight ahead.


Van Claudio: I haven’t been in UTA for a full calendar year yet despite having more of a record than you. I don’t care about records or anything.


Marie waves her finger.


Van Claudio: This isn’t sports where you go on and win major championships, but hey, since you mention about my “easy wins” where I defeated Ellis, Blackbeard, and KVT…...let’s talk about how easy you’re wi-.....


She again stops before saying the word “wins”


Van Claudio, waving her hands: No wait that would be low of me to do something like that.


Marie stands back up and goes back to talking as she gets a smile across her face.


Van Claudio, with a smile of positivity on her face: I know I can get that “real” first win, no wait scratch that out, I WILL get that “real” win over you Jeff. I know I can do it, I know I can!


She sees someone coming towards the door to get her as she begins to wrap it up from there.


Van Claudio: Jeff, you said what you say, I had to say what I had to say. Come Victory, you and I WILL put on a match. I’m going to find my first “legit” win in our match, you can count on that!


Marie begins to walk away, but stops for a moment.


Van Claudio: You better be prepared for your first “real” loss in UTA and I mean, an actual legit loss in this company!


She goes back inside to celebrate her family Christmas until she has to leave for the States.

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